5 song music mashup (Girl)

I did the ds106 assignment for the 5 song music mashup but I made sure that I had a theme behind my mashup which was the word ” Girl ” .That word means so many things for so many people. Women change like the seasons ( no offense ladies ) but each song I put in the mashup expresses that very statement because each song gives a different mood. here are the songs I used in my mashup





The mashup process was fairly easy because I had already done so much on past projects. In order to put everything together smoothly I adjusted each oncoming track to the fade-in option under settings in the top right corner of my audacity page .

Phenomenal Women – Over Dramatic Reading

I got this idea when I saw Alley’s post and thought to myself ” hmm okay this is an interesting approach to a project “. It pulled me in right away. The aim was to read a famous poem but in kind of a different way to make it yours . Then suddenly a lightbulb popped up and I automatically thought of maya Angelou and her influence throughout the years on not only the literary world but pop culture as a whole  . One of her most famous pieces “Phenomenal Woman ” was embraced by the nation as she described the true attributes and reasons you should appreciate a woman . The obvious twist is that a man but yet as a human being I can’t help but embrace every word and bring it to you guys .



Phenomenal Woman


Pretty women wonder where my secret lies.
I’m not cute or built to suit a fashion model’s size
But when I start to tell them,
They think I’m telling lies.
I say,
It’s in the reach of my arms,
The span of my hips,
The stride of my step,
The curl of my lips.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
I walk into a room
Just as cool as you please,
And to a man,
The fellows stand or
Fall down on their knees.
Then they swarm around me,
A hive of honey bees.
I say,
It’s the fire in my eyes,
And the flash of my teeth,
The swing in my waist,
And the joy in my feet.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Men themselves have wondered
What they see in me.
They try so much
But they can’t touch
My inner mystery.
When I try to show them,
They say they still can’t see.
I say,
It’s in the arch of my back,
The sun of my smile,
The ride of my breasts,
The grace of my style.
I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.
Now you understand
Just why my head’s not bowed.
I don’t shout or jump about
Or have to talk real loud.
When you see me passing,
It ought to make you proud.
I say,
It’s in the click of my heels,
The bend of my hair,
the palm of my hand,
The need for my care.
’Cause I’m a woman
Phenomenal woman,
That’s me.

Maya Angelou


Once again I used the zoom h2n handy recorder for this assignment which balanced out my vocals well .  The playback button ( right side of device )  was so helpful because I had to run it back a few times in order to put enough emotion in voice to fully get into the words . One common mistake is putting it to close to your mouth which will result in the recording coming out bad so definitely try to distance yourself from the device when recording .



I am doing my critique on khalil’s ”Luncheon noise” . Overall Khalil’s project was very informative because his post told me a lot that I wanted to know . it was very direct and to the point . The only thing I suggest for a post like this would be to break up the information you have put forth into a paragraph structure rather than putting everything together. another Thing I noticed is that you didn’t really evaluate on how to use the recording device . Sometimes when i post I like to put down any problems I might have which in turn enlightens my classmates on devices and how they can learn from my mistakes. A simple sound cloud link or even some pictures of the recorder and its pieces would have sufficed .


Pictures like this can really inform the viewer on what the components and buttons on their device can really do. i know because it has helped me once before . The sound however was very descriptive of a lunch room surrounding as you explained . I heard the sound of the inhabitants as well as the man making the food . Good Job Overall

now Stephanie went with a different approach and went outdoors for her sounds .

Her recorder ( the Zoom h2n Handy recorder ) has a built in mic which is why she didn’t have to use an external piece. Both her and khalil’s recording sound pretty similar in recording which is a fact i’m not disputing but the presentation of the blog is what I wanted to compare . The blog started with an open soundcloud link as well as a intricate description of 3 things :

1. her recorder



2. The components of the device



3. And her approach as far as sample rate and format .

As I said before both parties did a great job as far as sound and what they were trying to show but the overall post differed in description and understanding . great job to both of you and these are steps that i even consider when I view any of my classmates post . Keep up the great work .

Interview & Music Mashup


I picked this assignment from the DS106 bank and it was actually an assignment I recently did for the last grading period. To be honest the last time i did this assignment I didn’t do so well and I know why its because I didn’t take the time to learn about audacity and implement those features into my sound editing . I had to re-adjust my whole approach and utilize what was in front of me in order to carry out the task. The first step was the assignment which I had originally always liked from the beginning I just did a mediocre job the last time. You should always start with an assignment you find interest in because then everything else becomes fun . Next I researched some interviews regarding the theme which is Positivity in hip Hop . The first interview I edited was when Kid Cudi visited the Arsenio hall show this month .

The next interview was conducted with artist Tupac shakur during his time in jail based on his approach and views on how bad the message in music has gotten and whats resulting from it .

The third interview was conducted in Australia while the legendary rapper Speech from the group Arrested development was on tour there .

The editing process was a bit tedious at first the easiest edit was Kid cudi’s audio . in order to put Tupac’s audio in i had to alter the amplifications on his voice Im guessing because this video audio was taken back in the 90’s when the technology wasn’t as good as it is now so i could tell the levels where off by clicking my zoom tab on the far upper left of the screen and actually seeing the peaks in the wave patterns . I spaced the responses out the let each one sit in the listeners head along with the smooth bed of music i have playing in the background .

With Speech’s response I adjusted some amplifications by going to effects on the middle region of the audacity tool bar . This did wonders for me because a lot of time background music can consume the audio of whatever you put on top of it. At the end of my mashup you can hear a child laughing I downloaded this sound off of freesound.org as professor Smith has shown us in a previous class . This sound was put forth in order to give more a feel good mood to the track showing that these responses where all based on the well fare of hip Hop’s most loyal crowd ..THE YOUTH .


Thanks for listening


Knocking on Death’s Door

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/140872150″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


First sound is glass chattering :

gunshot sound:

fall sound:

woman screaming sound :

ambulance sound:

I’ve always seen it happen on Television, but I have never seen a crime committed in real life.

In this project, I decided to remake a certain situation based on the chronological order of events. These chronological events are of a situation where someone breaks into a store. The sound I used to illustrate someone breaking into the store was used with the sound effect of shattering glasses. As the criminal forcefully trespasses into the property of the store owner. He raises his gun and points it to the clerk. With a tug of his index finger, he pulls the trigger. And the loud sound of the bullet exiting it’s barrel and traveling across the air follows. The sound that happens next, is the sound of a fallen victim. The victim falls with a ‘Thhump’. Just then, a bystander sees that a man has been shot. She widens her eyes in shock, as her jaw open. She lets out a high frightful scream as she stared at the fallen man. She screams once more, this time her scream is filtered from shock to fear. Minutes later, the arrival of an ambulance could be heard as it makes its way into the scene.

Picture of an ambulance

We hear the sound of the ambulance everyday, so what does the sound mean? In this article webpage, the three setting of the siren is explained.

For this project, the main objective is to tell a story with five different sound. These sound will include no verbal communication, the only sounds that can be used are sound effects. The sounds are all stripped from Youtube. The method to how I stripped the video is with a website called, Youtube to MP3. After I converted all the video’s in mp3 format. I uploaded it to Audacity. Rather than fixing and tweaking the effects of each of the audio , I copied and paste the audios to the main.

The assignment is configured with mp3 files that are later saved into a WAV file. The bit rate is 1411.

Reflection: This is my second time using Audacity. And with every use I became more acquainted with the program. In my first project of remixing the sounds, I did not know how to sequence my tracks. And to accommodate this aspect, I tried to cut parts in some songs to let the audio and sound in the other songs be more prominent. In the end, the experiment with the sound remix story telling was rather chaotic. With this next project I tried another concept. I imported all the sounds in order, one after another. Then I moved to the top right hand corner of the computer. There, I saw the copy and paste tool. I began to shade in the part of the audio that I wanted to have in my main track, afterwards I used the copy tool to copy. After I copied the strip of audio I wanted, I moved up to my main track and paste the track I have copied. After I was done with loading all my track into my main, I deleted all the other tracks under it. The tracks under it must be deleted or Audacity would mix all the sounds together. This may have been done in sequence you did not plan.

Minutes of Infatuation

[soundcloud url=”http://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/139044506″ iframe=”true” /]



This is my blog post for the DS106 Assignment, Which is SongTag Style. This is my first time doing a audio project from the DS 106 Bank. When I first saw the project I thought it would be a very interesting project to partake in. There was much you can do, and create with this project. This is also my first time using audacity, from which the project has been exported from. The file is uploaded as a 16 bit, WAV file from Audactiy.

Main Objectivity:

1.Tell a Story using five songs.

2. Radio and it’s relation to Sound

3. The Esoteric meaning of Songs

Introducing the  technical aspects first, I downloaded the songs from youtube. This action was done in the website Youtube-MP3 converter.  This is a program where you insert the link of your video from youtube and then you load it into the space of the site. You convert your video,and once that video is converted into mp3 format. You may now download it into you computer. I saved all five of my songs into my desktop for easy access. When you successfully load five of your songs, you open your Audacity program. Once your audacity program is opened in your screen, you start to import the audio’s into your program.

The genre and theme on the song I used were songs that I felt relate much to being infatuated with a person. Through the usage of sound ( from the songs) you are able to tell a story. The story being told in the song is a cut out of lyrics, and the emotions injected inside are manipulated by the bass and chorus of the different songs.

The purpose for this tag is more esoteric then it has to do with technical. I feel that music is one of the more powerful things that sound is able to produce. It connects people together emotionally through the usage of bass, rythym and chorus. Song are made from muscicians and had integrated through a long history. Special microphones are used by singers to enhance the music and voice of their recordings. Before the internet was popular from the music uploaded into it, songs were first introduced in the radio. Below is an article that explains the technical aspect of the works on the radio. The radio was the beginning of the large trending music industry.

AM Antenna Mods for IBOC Operation

And since the main idea of this tag is to tell a story through the integrated songs above, My story is a 5 minute story about Infatuation. Each song represents the evolution of Infatuation.

The story being told.

The blossoming of a new relationship is fresh, strong, and full of optimism. People tend to dive into it head first, believing with all their heart that everything is beautiful as long as there is two of you. The first song I used to denote this aspect is, ‘Us against the world’ By Christina Millian. The song held a clean, and crisp build into the first verse.

The second part of the song, signals a certain change, where that fresh glow of love washes, and uncertainty comes in. The song calls for more assurance, as the line in the song is repeated throughout. The line that is being repeated is “I wanted you”, which is also the title of the song. In the background of the song there are chimes, that played delicately. This signifies faith, along with the triangle that played along with the chime.

The song was roughly interupted by the third song, when the song is then cut in by “Change Me”. In this part of the song, the loud transition was made by a disagreement between the two. The clashing songs over ride each other causing chaos and confusion. And it transcends into the story as well, two strong personalities are fighting for a voice. In this part you would only hear snippets of each part, for this is what happens in arguments, that words and emotions are being tossed about. As both seeks to get thier feelings across, it turns into more confusion. This confusion will lead one to despair.

The fourth song is a reflection of the chaos, a interpretation of the confusion. The song used in this part is, ” If Pain could talk”. The lyrics take a 180 degree turn from the very first song. The story is no longer “Us Against the World” where the character wishes to take on the world with the infatuated behalf. Instead in “If pain could talk” the girl is accusing the other person as the one who has inflicted pain on her. It also puts a pause to faith, as the lyric continues ‘If hope could walk, it would just run away…’

The fifth song is the ending of the story. The song that wraps up the story is “Love suicide”, this is the two character’s last testimony.