Sleep Tight!

(listen to the entire track)

WARNING! For those who are squeamish I suggest you do not listen!!!




This project is a compilation of scary movie clips along with sound effects. We are usually use to watching scary movies and being frighten by them because of what we see.  My goal was to create a track of all the scary sounds we would hear in these horror movies while maintaining the scary effect.

I decided to Use Audition to do my editing. I took most of the sounds from YouTube and some from I ended up using about seven different sound clips to create the entire track. It was a little challenging for me to find the right sounds that made sense while mixing because I wanted to keep the same theme all throughout the track. So, I decided to use one main track under the other tracks through out the entire session. Also, another challenge was making sure certain tracks were not louder than others. For example, I turned down the main track so the interview with Jeffery Dahmer could be heard clearer. Since I’ve used Audition before I am familiar with settings that I needed to complete my project. The one thing I forgot was how to export my session out. I quickly hopped on YouTube to refresh my mind on this and I came across a video that actually was very informing.

Check it out!

To sum up everything, the project overall was fun to edit and also made me relive all those scary movies that made me have bad dreams at night.