Fitness and Workout.

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So this next assignment i choose is called sound effects story.  The purpose of this assignment is the create a story using only sound effects. This took some time for me to complete as i had to do some editing here and there using audacity.  I chose audacity because it is my favorite program opposed to adobe audition mixx, etc.  To begin i wanted to create a story of how a typical day going to the gym would be like with sound only.  Listening to the sound effects from the audio you may get an idea of what is going on. alarm_bed

Waking up to an alarm clock, then taking a quick shower and having some breakfast.


Well, steak isn’t really the type of food many people would want to eat for breakfast right before going to the gym, but it isn’t too bad  if topped with some good fast carbs like potato or white rice.  The body needs to absorb energy quick and fast carbs are a great source of energy.

After leaving the house and arriving at the gym, that’s where the fun begins.  Hitting the weights for an hour at most, 45 minutes at least,  it feels great.  Then after a long work out and returning home from the gym, the food that you decide to eat next is what determines a lot in your fitness regime.  Anyway the sound effects story that i created ends right after arrival at the gym.  Some of the audio effects i choose were higher then the rest and this was difficult to balance and correct as i am still learning some of the functions that audacity has to offer.  For the most, i edited mostly the length of some of the clips, as they were unnecessarily long.

This video was very helpful in some aspects of this assignment.  I found this website to be extremely useful and recommend it to anyone looking for a site with great sound effects.  Registering on the site doesn’t take to much time in addition.

During editing some of the effects i came across a video that was helpful.



Bladder was full!

This assignment is from the DS106 assignment bank, it is called Sound Effect Story. You have to tell a story using only sound effects, no verbal communication.

I saw a couple other classmates that did this project and I thought it was very interesting. If you have already listened to the audio track above you can hear that there are sound effects of someone drinking a beverage, satisfaction, putting the cup down, walking, opening door, toilet seat being put up, urinating and toilet being flush.I got all the sound effects from Overall, I had fun putting these sound effects together and I think it is Hilarious! Hope you guys enjoy it.

What a day at the office sounds like for Snake

Top to Bottom: Audio Project, Metal Gear Solid trailer, Metal Gear Solid 5 trailer

For this project we had to create a story using at least 5 sound effects found online, and no verbal communication, no longer than 90 secs. I didn’t take long to come with an idea of how I would play this story with sounds. I decided to use Solid Snake as my character from the game Metal Gear Solid.

Solid Snake                                                                                      Solid Snake

Solid Snake is spy, a mercenary and a special operations soldier who is part of fictional US Army Special Ops Unit FOX-HOUND, which carries out top secret operations usually in “unauthorized” combat zones to cope with local revolutions, regional complications, and global terrorist activities and all that cool stuff. Snake is also a bit of a loner with the life he leads and he is a chain smoker.

Metal Gear                                                             Metal Gear weapon as in Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patroits

The Metal Gear which is actually a nuclear-tank weapon that is able to walk, and launch a nuclear warhead anywhere on the planet. Snake’s mission in this game series is to disarm and destroy the Metal Gear weapon. Metal Gear is also the name of the game series which spans nearly 5 and a half decades from the Cold War to the near future, and his early missions occur in Alaska.

I enjoyed playing these Role Playing single shooter games when I was younger such as Goldeneye 007, which was a part of the James Bond game series which were based on the movie series. So my goal was to create a short audio scene, based on my memories  what a mission would sound like from the main character Snake’s point of view.

The next task was to find sound effects that I liked and I managed to get what I needed between sounds found on and on YouTube. The 5 effects I found were of Wind Blowing, Footsteps, Faster footsteps, Sniper Shot, Gun lock and load, Lighting and smoking a cigarette, and a Distant explosion. The only sound effect which I used from YouTube was one from a movie scene where a body is being dragged, and this worked for what I wanted since I wanted to not sound too obvious being too loud, which is usually the case with Snake in his missions.

I used Audacity for this project where I imported all the sound effects as separate tracks. My first track was the wind blowing and I wanted this to be constant for the entirety of the project. I then was able to align and edit the footsteps by adjusting the amplitude on the track and trimming the length of the clip to what I needed. I did this same process with all the other effects on different tracks, trimming and adjusting the amplitude and/or gain where needed. At the end my objective was to make sure that the appropriate sounds could be heard at the appropriate time, and that there was no over powering of one effect. Then I select all the tracks and mix and render them into one track. Finally for export I decided to use the .wav format since most of the effects were originally mp3s and I didn’t want to add another layer of compression to files that initially had compression.