Movie Dialogue mashup

This next assignment is a movie dialogue mash up.  The purpose of this assignment is to use two selected movies of choice and extract the dialogues scenes of actors form each, then re-edit them to create a story as if the characters from different movies were in the same conversation.

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The two movies that I choose were;

Her (2013)                                       The Matrix (1999)



The concept of this assignment was great!  However, it was very tedious and I spent quite some time trying to find the two movies to use for this.  Originally I wanted to use the movie “300” and “kick ass”.  As these were my favorite movies and it would seem like a great idea to work with movies that I have seen numerous times already and remembered the dialogue very well.  But even those two didn’t work out very good as many scenes did not match what I was looking for.

This is the dialogue between the two movies;

Matrix: “This is the construct”

Matrix:  “We can load anything from clothing to equipment.

Matrix: “Anything we need.”

Her: “We who?”

Matrix: “Is it really so hard to believe?”

Her: “Where are you going?”

Matrix: “To the world as it was at the end of the 20th century.”

Her: “What’s going on?”

Matrix: “Your hair has changed, your appearance now is what we call a residual self image, it is a mental projection of your digital self.”

I used audacity to work on the editing for these two clips, as I am very familiar with the it and find it easier to use than adobe audition.  I personally think audition is more complex then audacity.  The amount of editing that can be done of audition greatly exceeds audacity, but audacity is simpler.

These videos helped me with my editing:

Shorty Stuck in South Central Matrix

This project is based on the DS106 audio bank assignment Dialogue Mashup. This assignment asked us to take two different movies and extract the dialogues from scenes and re-edit them to create a story.

Here try this other video since that original one was removed:

I chose to use the clips above from two very popular movies I remember as a teenager growing up. The first scene is from The Matrix which came out in 1999, and was really popular when it introduced the ‘bullet time’ effect with slow motion and camera movement. This caused a lot of copycat scenes in other movies with the whole bullet effect. The other movie that was funny at the time was Scary Movie, which was the Wayans brothers first comedy spoof to the Scream series that was so ridiculously funny at that time. Overall I watched these two movies numerous times, till I was sick of them.

There are various approaches I thought of before deciding on how exactly I was going to do the mashup for two movies. I liked this mashup of a bunch of movies edited together to sound as though it was one dialogue from one film. Then I also liked this other movie mashup, but this one was less complicated in that it used clips from one movie which was Toy Story 3 and used the dialouge from the trailer for Fight Club. These were great edits, however they both relied heavily on the visuals to really carry the story. However I wanted the dialogue to be able to carry the story without having visuals, and it was also the reason I chose two well known movies in pop culture. So that upon hearing the two dialogues, listeners could remember the two films and then try to visualize from what they heard, the two movies blending together for the mashup.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.15.45 AMMulti-Track edit for Morpheus and Shorty

To edit the two clips I used Audacity. I used the multi-track editing since it was two audio tracks I used and it really came down to editing for specific voice dialogues. Since the original two clips I used are from movies they had other people speaking besides the main individual characters I wanted to hear from each. To start I placed both audio clips on separate tracks and began to cut out all other dialogue from the clip and kept the main characters voice. Since the dialogue for Morpheus was much longer, I decided to use his speech as the lead character and to have Shorty follow in between Morpheus’ speech. Lastly I had to place the alternating clips to be in synch one after the other and then I also had to alter the gain where necessary to avoid the audio from one track over powering the audio from the next. Then after all that editing, I had to mixdown both tracks into one file and I exported it as a WAV file, since both clips were downloaded as mp3s to avoid further compression of two already compressed files.

My idea for the dialogue re-edit was to take the dialogue that originally had Morpheus talking to Neo in the Matrix. Then to edit it with the dialouge of Shorty from Scary Movie, so as to create a scene as though Shorty being a pot head was doing what he does best in getting high. Then Morpheus would be the voice of reason trying to explain the reality of the current Earth situation to Shorty. In reality Morpheus isn’t real and is more of a hallucination in Shorty’s head but appears real to us.