Big Hard Sun Cover

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This assignment is called being a music producer.  In this assignment i made two recordings, the first was with my acoustic guitar, and the second was vocals.  The vocals sound rough at the beginning.  Like a previous assignment that i have done, i tried to match up the vocals with the instrumental.  The song that i was singing was a song by Eddie Vedder called “Big Hard Sun”. I also did some editing in audacity with both recordings.

This video helped me a ton on doing the small edits on audacity.  The program that i used to do the recordings, was WavePad Sound Editor.  This is also the same program that i used in an earlier blog post assignment


Magic Magic Cover – ColdPlay

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This assignment, called Row Row Polyphony, is two melodies sung at the same time but at at different points.  I did a recording cover of the song “Magic” by Coldplay over a karaoke instrumental of the song.  The audio is a little rough towards the middle and my computer gets really loud, i need a cooler, plus I’m really not the singer type hehe. After two tries i was able to get it right.

Working with a Voice Recording program

There are plenty of free voice recording programs on the web, so i went ahead and downloaded one of them.  I downloaded a voice editor program called WavePad Sound Editor, it didn’t include much as it was just a trial version.  So i was not able to filter out any noise or add any special effects to the audio etc.  A problem i had during recording was with the microphone and it’s location on my laptop, my previous recordings were to loud and the noise spiked here and there, so i had to sing a bit low.  I also noticed after listening to the final recording that my singing isn’t completely in sync with the background instrumental, and it brings the melody a little off.  Nonetheless i thought it wasn’t a big deal, and i didn’t want to have to restart the whole recording, as my computer tends to get real loud.

Editing with Audacity


Now it was difficult at first trying to match the singing with the instrumentals, like i said previously the vocals were not completely in sync with the instrumental.  However after numerous attempts i finally got it close enough.  I didn’t have to work to much in audacity just did some small deletes here and there and exported the file as an mp3.

Interview Music Mash up

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So this next assignment was an interview music mash up.  The idea here was to add a response to interview questions with snippets of songs.  I found this fun to work on, but had to make the audio clip short due to upload capacity.

I decided to use Jimmy Kimmel as the interviewer and the videos above are what i used as well.  I pretty much just converted the youtube videos above into mp3 format and did some small editing in audacity.  I didn’t really have an objective for this assignment, as to what i wanted to get from it or what i was going for.  It was a hassle in itself looking for the right interviewer for this.  In most of the interview videos i could find the interviewee would cut in before the interviewer was done with their question, this caused problems and would ruin the effect.  I also tried lowering the volume of the snippets before adding them to the track but this was more work and wasn’t necessary.

In my own critique and summary the audio came out great, however another problem that i had was trying to leave some space in between the interviewers questions before the snippet cut in.  For the sake of avoiding the entire clip sounded cluttered.  This may be noticed at the beginning of the audio, however it does turn out sounding great.

The songs in order are:

Chief Keef “I don’t like”

Drake “I got money to blow”

Jay z “Money Ain’t a Thing”

Pharrell “I’m Happy”

Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello”

Fitness and Workout.

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So this next assignment i choose is called sound effects story.  The purpose of this assignment is the create a story using only sound effects. This took some time for me to complete as i had to do some editing here and there using audacity.  I chose audacity because it is my favorite program opposed to adobe audition mixx, etc.  To begin i wanted to create a story of how a typical day going to the gym would be like with sound only.  Listening to the sound effects from the audio you may get an idea of what is going on. alarm_bed

Waking up to an alarm clock, then taking a quick shower and having some breakfast.


Well, steak isn’t really the type of food many people would want to eat for breakfast right before going to the gym, but it isn’t too bad  if topped with some good fast carbs like potato or white rice.  The body needs to absorb energy quick and fast carbs are a great source of energy.

After leaving the house and arriving at the gym, that’s where the fun begins.  Hitting the weights for an hour at most, 45 minutes at least,  it feels great.  Then after a long work out and returning home from the gym, the food that you decide to eat next is what determines a lot in your fitness regime.  Anyway the sound effects story that i created ends right after arrival at the gym.  Some of the audio effects i choose were higher then the rest and this was difficult to balance and correct as i am still learning some of the functions that audacity has to offer.  For the most, i edited mostly the length of some of the clips, as they were unnecessarily long.

This video was very helpful in some aspects of this assignment.  I found this website to be extremely useful and recommend it to anyone looking for a site with great sound effects.  Registering on the site doesn’t take to much time in addition.

During editing some of the effects i came across a video that was helpful.



Movie Dialogue mashup

This next assignment is a movie dialogue mash up.  The purpose of this assignment is to use two selected movies of choice and extract the dialogues scenes of actors form each, then re-edit them to create a story as if the characters from different movies were in the same conversation.

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The two movies that I choose were;

Her (2013)                                       The Matrix (1999)



The concept of this assignment was great!  However, it was very tedious and I spent quite some time trying to find the two movies to use for this.  Originally I wanted to use the movie “300” and “kick ass”.  As these were my favorite movies and it would seem like a great idea to work with movies that I have seen numerous times already and remembered the dialogue very well.  But even those two didn’t work out very good as many scenes did not match what I was looking for.

This is the dialogue between the two movies;

Matrix: “This is the construct”

Matrix:  “We can load anything from clothing to equipment.

Matrix: “Anything we need.”

Her: “We who?”

Matrix: “Is it really so hard to believe?”

Her: “Where are you going?”

Matrix: “To the world as it was at the end of the 20th century.”

Her: “What’s going on?”

Matrix: “Your hair has changed, your appearance now is what we call a residual self image, it is a mental projection of your digital self.”

I used audacity to work on the editing for these two clips, as I am very familiar with the it and find it easier to use than adobe audition.  I personally think audition is more complex then audacity.  The amount of editing that can be done of audition greatly exceeds audacity, but audacity is simpler.

These videos helped me with my editing:

Family guy: The Twilight Zone

So the assignment chosen for this blog is called “Teezee Reference” and the goal here is to find an audio clip of a show or movie outside of the twilight zone. I choose an episode of family guy called “Wasted Talent” focusing on the last scene was the key, it was a parody based on an episode of the twilight zone called “Time enough at last”.


From the original episode of the twilight zone the story summed up is about a quote-unquote  man who seeks salvation in the rubble of a ruined world and tells of Henry Bemis, played by Burgess Meredith, who loves books yet is surrounded by those who would prevent him from reading them.  Family guy does a parody of this episode where quote-unquote “Peter is so drunk that he cannot even find the piano. Lois has to turn him around to face the piano, then move him over a couple of inches to play in the correct key. Peter and Lois win first place, but Lois frets that she may have harmed his health for her own selfish need to win. Peter defensively tells her all of his brain cells are intact. There is one left, and it realizes that it is the only cell in the brain. He can finally read all of his books; he then bends down and breaks his glasses, exclaiming “That’s not fair! It’s not fair! There was time now!”” source: wikipedia

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Here is How You Rock out Till to Tomorrow

For this assignment we were asked to create a story using audio snippets form songs for the DS106 assignment named Music Tag. This assignment placed more emphasis on the lyrics of each song used and the requirement was that the last word of each clip used had to be the first word of the next clip. I also took on the other challenge in using different genres and decades.

The songs I used for the story with corresponding lyrics are as follows:

Rock That Body – Black Eyed Peas (2010)

I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
Now, now, rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock right now
I want I wanna rock

Rock and Roll is Here to Stay – Sha Na Na cover (1968)

Rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby – rock (rock)
Oh baby – rock (rock) – oh baby
Rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay, it will never die
It was meant to be that way, though I don’t know why
I don’t care what people say, rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay

Stay – Rihanna (2013)

I want you to stay.                                                                                                             Ooh, ooh, ooh, the reason I hold on
Ooh, ooh, ooh, ’cause I need this hole gone

Gone – Switchfoot (2003)

Gone, like yesterday is gone
Like history is gone
Just try and prove me wrong and
pretend like you’re immortal.                                                                                           She said, he said, live like no tomorrow

Annie – Tomorrow (1977)

Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away                                                                                          Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya tomorrow
You’re always a day away …

The challenge for me was not knowing the songs since I knew all the songs I used, I just couldn’t remember all of them be name, but choruses and hooks from songs are usually the most remembered parts of songs.
This project also reminded me of creating mix-tapes on cassettes back in the 1990s. This small documentary is of rapper Nas talking about creating mix-tapes by listening to the radio and having to record the songs you want and also to make sure you didn’t re-record over the portion of tape you recorded the songs on, in addition to getting full versions of the songs you wanted in the order you wanted. In these times if you wanted to have the songs you heard at a show or on the radio you would listen for when it was in rotation on the stations playing hip hop or rap.
This short clip more or less sums up how what was known as mix-tapes in the past were created compared to how in this current day a mix-tape is simply done by dragging and dropping songs on a computer into a playlist.
I used a similar approach to making the sound story without using a vinyl cassette. I used Audition for this project and I used the multi-track editing for this project. For each song I first researched the lyrics for each song so that my editing would make sense. Then after I had the lyrics, I was able to source the position of the audio clip in relation to the selected lyrics and using the the selection and cut tools in Audition, I was then able to select and cut the portions of the song I needed. I then was able to line up each audio clip in 5 tracks below each other and line up the end of each track with the beginning of the corresponding clip so the clip could be continuous. I also altered the gain on clips where needed, so that I didn’t have some clips being louder or quieter in than the next and the volume wouldn’t be jumping from song to song greatly.


When Beyonce and DJ Mustard Combine its Na Na Naughty Boy!

This remix project was in  accordance to DS106 audio assignment Music Mashup, which asked us to create an audio mashup aka a remix of two songs. I didn’t used Audacity as the assignment asked, but that is because I didn’t have to used Audacity.

Instead I used Mixxx which a free DJ Software. I have used previous DJ software such as Virtual DJ (which I’m certain many people I know used already,  Serato and Taktor. What was such a bother about these program besides the obvious cost, was that they were never easy to use up front, seemed intimidating and there was always some underlying catch if you really wanted to practice some pro work. Serato for example, its program being free but the hardware to go with it costing more than the most computer did. That is for another forum however.

I chose to use the below audio clips :

The instrumental is from the the Trey Songz single Na Na produced by DJ Mustard. While the A capella I found is from Beyonce’s single Naughty Girl.

From the beginning when I chose to do this project I decided it would be best to use songs which were close in bpms (beats per minute). This was so that the manipulation of the songs wouldn’t differ greatly and sound over edited from the original version. Those are problems which I encountered before trying to match a slow song with an instrumental that was much much faster or slower than that acapella was.

I am new to Mixxx and decided to find a tutorial on YouTube, after I downloaded the program and began to play with it for a bit. This clip over viewed using the cross-fader, the pitch bar which not only increases or decreases the pitch but also alters the bpms correspondingly so the higher the pitch the higher the bpms. Next was the individual volume adjust for each audio track and filters with can either cut or adjust the high, mid and low frequencies of each track. Loop controls which I was familiar from other software which allows for placing marks at specific points of a song, but I didn’t need it in this case. Generally I can agree this software is good for non-professionals, but you can also practice a lot a being that is free.

I also read this article from Beyond Beatmatching, which was essentially on creating your own mashups. This article spoke on how its best not to be too complex, and to match songs of the same or similar key. For me this can be the biggest challenge, in finding songs that are close enough in key and have a similar bpm. This article also featured an interview with DJ Prince, who is a DJ and producer from Norway who has been around since the 1980’s. He goes on talk about how he had to do research back then by going to the library and reading about music theory, and discovering the root key of pop songs back then and applying them to his turntables to work. He also goes on to say how back then without affordable software he had to rely on musician friends to find the key in a song, which really shows me how far technology has come where we have free and available software that lessons our work load but obviously requires us to understand what exactly we are doing.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 11.16.59 AMScreenshot of songs adjusted and playing together.

As I was using Mixxx and used two songs which were close enough in bpm I left the Instrumental track as it was. However I lowered the pitch of the A capella track since it was slightly faster than than the instrumentals and changing the pitch also changes the bpm or speed of the track. It was difficult to find the correct pitch of the A capella that would seem legitimate enough to match the instrumental. My final project is as close as I believe I could work the A capella which does not begin as sounding as good as it finishes.

Shorty Stuck in South Central Matrix

This project is based on the DS106 audio bank assignment Dialogue Mashup. This assignment asked us to take two different movies and extract the dialogues from scenes and re-edit them to create a story.

Here try this other video since that original one was removed:

I chose to use the clips above from two very popular movies I remember as a teenager growing up. The first scene is from The Matrix which came out in 1999, and was really popular when it introduced the ‘bullet time’ effect with slow motion and camera movement. This caused a lot of copycat scenes in other movies with the whole bullet effect. The other movie that was funny at the time was Scary Movie, which was the Wayans brothers first comedy spoof to the Scream series that was so ridiculously funny at that time. Overall I watched these two movies numerous times, till I was sick of them.

There are various approaches I thought of before deciding on how exactly I was going to do the mashup for two movies. I liked this mashup of a bunch of movies edited together to sound as though it was one dialogue from one film. Then I also liked this other movie mashup, but this one was less complicated in that it used clips from one movie which was Toy Story 3 and used the dialouge from the trailer for Fight Club. These were great edits, however they both relied heavily on the visuals to really carry the story. However I wanted the dialogue to be able to carry the story without having visuals, and it was also the reason I chose two well known movies in pop culture. So that upon hearing the two dialogues, listeners could remember the two films and then try to visualize from what they heard, the two movies blending together for the mashup.

Screen Shot 2014-04-17 at 10.15.45 AMMulti-Track edit for Morpheus and Shorty

To edit the two clips I used Audacity. I used the multi-track editing since it was two audio tracks I used and it really came down to editing for specific voice dialogues. Since the original two clips I used are from movies they had other people speaking besides the main individual characters I wanted to hear from each. To start I placed both audio clips on separate tracks and began to cut out all other dialogue from the clip and kept the main characters voice. Since the dialogue for Morpheus was much longer, I decided to use his speech as the lead character and to have Shorty follow in between Morpheus’ speech. Lastly I had to place the alternating clips to be in synch one after the other and then I also had to alter the gain where necessary to avoid the audio from one track over powering the audio from the next. Then after all that editing, I had to mixdown both tracks into one file and I exported it as a WAV file, since both clips were downloaded as mp3s to avoid further compression of two already compressed files.

My idea for the dialogue re-edit was to take the dialogue that originally had Morpheus talking to Neo in the Matrix. Then to edit it with the dialouge of Shorty from Scary Movie, so as to create a scene as though Shorty being a pot head was doing what he does best in getting high. Then Morpheus would be the voice of reason trying to explain the reality of the current Earth situation to Shorty. In reality Morpheus isn’t real and is more of a hallucination in Shorty’s head but appears real to us.

Bladder was full!

This assignment is from the DS106 assignment bank, it is called Sound Effect Story. You have to tell a story using only sound effects, no verbal communication.

I saw a couple other classmates that did this project and I thought it was very interesting. If you have already listened to the audio track above you can hear that there are sound effects of someone drinking a beverage, satisfaction, putting the cup down, walking, opening door, toilet seat being put up, urinating and toilet being flush.I got all the sound effects from Overall, I had fun putting these sound effects together and I think it is Hilarious! Hope you guys enjoy it.