Astrology 101

This is a project that is proposed for the Radio show, and may be incorporated into the commercial section of it. This is the complete clip of our project. The Astrology Idea is a concept that has been discussed between Alicia ( ally4eva) , Stephanie ( Stephanie3393) and I for a past few weeks. We thought it would be interesting to talk about the twelve star signs. So we decided to write a script and record this project through a ZoomH2n. Overall we enjoyed doing this project, and felt that is was something very unique to do. Unlike all of our other projects where we need to find the sources of our projects. This project is purely original. The writer for this script is Laywah, and the two editor is Stephanie and Alicia.

This project is a very breif intro of all the twelve star signs, We did it in a very casual way. We recorded ourselves within a certain time frame, and was able to complete the project after 15 minutes. In preparation to our recording, we had praticed two times before hand. The setting we used for the recording was within the padded room. Though we had the door closed, and selected a setting ( 4 channel ) the volume of the noise outside was too high. Prior to the edit, the sound recorded had alot of background noises. There was no way for me to delete or mute the background noises from the background so I decided to incorporate a slow song instead.

With the slow song,the melody of it first chorus captures the audiences’ attention. And the audience may slowly tune into our voices, which I amplified to have it stand out from the music. The music was also auto duck, to have it compete less with our voices. After the levels of both the music video and our recording was adjusted. I decided to add a interesting twist to our music, This was to add on the WahWah effect.

I thought the Wahwah effect putted a very interesting twist to our recording. It was catchy and played along well with our time limited recording.

We hope that the piece of recording was fresh and enjoyable to all.

Disclaimer: Anything that is spoken of and broadcasted is purely for entertainment purposes, we are in no way assosiated with any occult organization.

D’Just the Basics

For this assignment I chose to do a short field trip to my close relative. The main focus of this trip was to explore his DJ equipment. The equipment he possesses are a Vestax VCI 400 dj board and it uses the Serato DJ program. As provided by the Vestax website outline “the VCI-400 is the hardware solution for DJs who have been seeking an instrument that perfectly adapts to their style of performance. Shifting focus from integrity with bundled DJ software to any DJ software has made the VCI-400 the most versatile and intuitive DJ controller in its league. Along with it’s excellent potential for customizing control assignments, the VCI-400 and its ergonomic 4-channel lay out provides perfect control for standard DJ software operation such as cueing, pitch control, looping, FX control, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and scratching.”VCI-400

The VCI 400 comes with multiple mic connections, XLR jack, headphone jacks, all the essentials for DJ applications.


The speaker which we were using was a Electro Voice (EV) 15 LoudSpeaker. The sound clarity that it produces is top of the line. The dj program that was used at stated in the video above is called Serato. This purpose of this assignment was to explore some of the sound effect features that come with the VCI 400. There are numerous variations and features available for this dj system so I only showed a small amount of what it can do. One thing that I got out from this class is understanding specifications of audio engineering and equipment and how to use that knowledge. While I observed my relatives use of the VCI 400 I noticed that he didn’t understand the terminology behind some of the features or control on the VCI 400. For example I had to explain to him exactly what was actually happening when he would toggle between the LPF or HPF (low pass/high pass filer). This class gave me more knowledge into the dynamic world of audio and music. The video shows a miniature demonstration of the Serato program and VCI 400.




Magic Magic Cover – ColdPlay

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

This assignment, called Row Row Polyphony, is two melodies sung at the same time but at at different points.  I did a recording cover of the song “Magic” by Coldplay over a karaoke instrumental of the song.  The audio is a little rough towards the middle and my computer gets really loud, i need a cooler, plus I’m really not the singer type hehe. After two tries i was able to get it right.

Working with a Voice Recording program

There are plenty of free voice recording programs on the web, so i went ahead and downloaded one of them.  I downloaded a voice editor program called WavePad Sound Editor, it didn’t include much as it was just a trial version.  So i was not able to filter out any noise or add any special effects to the audio etc.  A problem i had during recording was with the microphone and it’s location on my laptop, my previous recordings were to loud and the noise spiked here and there, so i had to sing a bit low.  I also noticed after listening to the final recording that my singing isn’t completely in sync with the background instrumental, and it brings the melody a little off.  Nonetheless i thought it wasn’t a big deal, and i didn’t want to have to restart the whole recording, as my computer tends to get real loud.

Editing with Audacity


Now it was difficult at first trying to match the singing with the instrumentals, like i said previously the vocals were not completely in sync with the instrumental.  However after numerous attempts i finally got it close enough.  I didn’t have to work to much in audacity just did some small deletes here and there and exported the file as an mp3.

Interview Music Mash up

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

So this next assignment was an interview music mash up.  The idea here was to add a response to interview questions with snippets of songs.  I found this fun to work on, but had to make the audio clip short due to upload capacity.

I decided to use Jimmy Kimmel as the interviewer and the videos above are what i used as well.  I pretty much just converted the youtube videos above into mp3 format and did some small editing in audacity.  I didn’t really have an objective for this assignment, as to what i wanted to get from it or what i was going for.  It was a hassle in itself looking for the right interviewer for this.  In most of the interview videos i could find the interviewee would cut in before the interviewer was done with their question, this caused problems and would ruin the effect.  I also tried lowering the volume of the snippets before adding them to the track but this was more work and wasn’t necessary.

In my own critique and summary the audio came out great, however another problem that i had was trying to leave some space in between the interviewers questions before the snippet cut in.  For the sake of avoiding the entire clip sounded cluttered.  This may be noticed at the beginning of the audio, however it does turn out sounding great.

The songs in order are:

Chief Keef “I don’t like”

Drake “I got money to blow”

Jay z “Money Ain’t a Thing”

Pharrell “I’m Happy”

Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello”

Museum of SEX

**So before you continue to read any further**, please just know that this post is very graphic in its content, obviously because of the place being reviewed here.  So if aspects of sex and body parts make you uncomfortable, then ignore this post please.  However, i would suggest having an open mind and read it anyway.


Anyway, I’ve always heard about the museum of sex, so i thought to myself, wow a museum dedicated to sex, that must be interesting.  Well about a year ago i took a psychology course and my professor brought it up and suggested that we should check it out whenever we have some free time.

When you first walk in it’s just a shop with a series of sex toys and souvenirs related to sex.  It didn’t look like a museum at all at first, after purchasing tickets, which were about $17.$17.50, but if anyone plans on going, make sure to take advantage of the $3 off coupon on the website.


So after proceeding downstairs, the host told me they have a few drinks down at the bar on the lower level.  After seeing the menu i was thrown off, they had teas with descriptions that didn’t even sound appealing and little diner sliced cakes that looked like they have been sitting there since the place first opened, and a few rum choices. The bar was also very dark and had red couches shaped like lips (photo above).

The photo below is very graphic, just giving a heads up.  Heading towards the first part of the attraction has a  long wall that has different sex phrases and there’s a picture to show you what the phrase looks like and there were over a hundred of them.  As i arrived at the next part of the exhibit i found a lot of displays to be meaningless and i didn’t quite understand.  I personally thought  this whole section looked very empty and unfinished as if it was being renovated and could use more displays.  the only thing slightly interesting was the “Sex Diaries” section.  You get to listen in on people recite their secret “sexcapades” on an actual phone


This next section was all about dolls, whips, costumes, dildos, etc.  I was actually shocked by the dolls showed below and slightly scared however.  I found them to be a little creepy, their body parts were so realistic looking.  It was also frightening to know that people spend a lot of money on these dolls to “have a good time”.  They also had a smaller portion of the dolls where you can touch the actual body parts and i must say i was highly disappointed.  All the parts felt like pure silicone and did not feel like real skin at all.


My overall opinion, if you decide to go definitely take advantage of the $3 coupon on the website, doesn’t sound like much but this place is not worth $17 so you might as well get it for less if it’s possible. It’s not that long either, i spent quite awhile here only for the sake of getting a decent amount of pics for my blog.  For a place that opened a little over 10 years ago they should definitely have more stuff in there, way too many empty spaces and slightly boring at times.

The Phenomenal Ka-Boom

It is that time again to judge two people on how they do and what they need to do to get better or if they need to get better. I know I am supposed to judge on people post but oh well. The two people that is going to get judged by Moi is   and  .

Judge Time

The first person I think I am going to start with is (drum rolls please) melswimsgood. The post I decided to do a critique on Phenomenal Women. For this assignment you did Over-Dramatic Reading where you have to find a song, poem, short story or anything and read it aloud and be over dramatic with it. You chose to do Maya Angelou and I think that is great because she is a great inspiration. The poem you chose was excellent because everybody should know that: it is one of the greatest poem. I listened to your audio and it was great. I know the assignment said be creative,make it your own and I am guessing your creative way was rapping the poem in your own way and do not get me wrong it was nice but it was not over dramatic the way I thought it would be and if it was I think it would have been better. Also, I like how you put the words from the poem on your post for people to follow it. In general, it was really good.

Maya Angelou

I have to laugh at this next person because I find his work interesting. So put your hand together for the next person jaybiz. The post I decided to do is: It’s ALLIVVEE it’s aliiivvee the poem is alive!. For this assignment you did Onomatopoeias! where you have to tell a joke or create a longer comedy skit with sound effects. I checked out the website you provide for where you got the poem and it is fascinating. What you said in your post about finding the sounds would be a challenge to find but it don’t look like it was because the sounds you provided went well with the poem. The only thing I would say is you could have sound a little more energetic.


I like both the post. It was nice hearing the audio as well. I can not wait to see what else y’all have in store for the rest of the remaining time.

Fitness and Workout.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

So this next assignment i choose is called sound effects story.  The purpose of this assignment is the create a story using only sound effects. This took some time for me to complete as i had to do some editing here and there using audacity.  I chose audacity because it is my favorite program opposed to adobe audition mixx, etc.  To begin i wanted to create a story of how a typical day going to the gym would be like with sound only.  Listening to the sound effects from the audio you may get an idea of what is going on. alarm_bed

Waking up to an alarm clock, then taking a quick shower and having some breakfast.


Well, steak isn’t really the type of food many people would want to eat for breakfast right before going to the gym, but it isn’t too bad  if topped with some good fast carbs like potato or white rice.  The body needs to absorb energy quick and fast carbs are a great source of energy.

After leaving the house and arriving at the gym, that’s where the fun begins.  Hitting the weights for an hour at most, 45 minutes at least,  it feels great.  Then after a long work out and returning home from the gym, the food that you decide to eat next is what determines a lot in your fitness regime.  Anyway the sound effects story that i created ends right after arrival at the gym.  Some of the audio effects i choose were higher then the rest and this was difficult to balance and correct as i am still learning some of the functions that audacity has to offer.  For the most, i edited mostly the length of some of the clips, as they were unnecessarily long.

This video was very helpful in some aspects of this assignment.  I found this website to be extremely useful and recommend it to anyone looking for a site with great sound effects.  Registering on the site doesn’t take to much time in addition.

During editing some of the effects i came across a video that was helpful.




You ever get one of those unwanted messages and you look at it and say WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I DON’T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS..

For this assignment, I decided to do TAKING BACK SPAM because I thought it was interesting and some of the spam I see in the email I just want to mock them. The point of this assignment is to find some spam: could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.



I found this in my yahoo spam and it caught my attention because people always want to find something for their body weather its their hair, legs, ears, and of course their eyes. So since this product is about eyes why not have fun about it? I try to make the product sound like it is something important but at the same make it sound like every products is the same. If this was an important email then why did it end up in a spam? I did so many recording for this one spam and when I thought it was good I still re-recorded. I used the Zoom H2N for recording and Audacity to edit the audio, I use reverb to change it up a bit.

I decided to put up a youtube video of  a commercial of Hydrolyze and can I be honest? The video did not seem that interesting, it was not persuasive as I thought but like I said every products is the same.

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

Poetry is beauty

This post is a critique, I wanted to talk about a few things about the similar blog post of both affinitysoup and ally4eva.

As far as the Beauty is Life post by affinitysoup I thought it was really interesting when I heard it and I like how you deepen the meaning of beauty, that was very creative.  Also, the poem is great in itself and seems to have a deep meaning to it, moreover I liked how this poem reaches out and shows how beauty is not what is solely on the outside of an individual and about how this woman realizes the theme of her beauty.  However, I felt more could have been added to the audio content, perhaps an in depth reason why beauty is all that you say it is and what not, maybe elaborate on this subject a bit more. In addition, the summary shortly after the poem caught my attention and as I read the poem I felt a connection. connection was as if I could feel for the woman and how she perceives beauty based on how society shaped it.  Overall this was a great post and was very creative.

Finally, ally4eva, I really liked your Let her go – Passenger blog and I love the song that you choose, “Let her go by passenger” is one of my favorite tunes.  A great job was done, reading the lyrics, however, I do see what you mean by it being difficult to pull of a happy singing tone of voice with this song.  This song’s lyrical content and instrumental is sad, but the artist doesn’t really sound too sad himself, I  guess the beat and lyrics to the song give it a sad feel.  This may also be a reason why trying to sound happy wasn’t working to well for you.  Anyone who knows this song would understand that.  Nonetheless, this was a very creative blog post.  Both blogs were very poetic in content and similar .


WCBS News Radio 880!


So I was excited for visiting the WCBS news radio station in New York City.  The station’s studios are located in the CBS radio facility in the Hudson Square section of Manhattan.  As for the transmitter, it’s located on High Islands in the Bronx New York.  The trip there was very exciting, minus the public transportation hehe.  But the ride there wasn’t too bad, took me roughly 30 minutes to arrive minus the 10 minute walk. I took the 85 bus to Jamaica avenue, then the J train thankfully the subway wasn’t packed on Saturday and this was a reason I made sure I left a bit earlier. But anyway, I’ve always wanted to visit this radio station for a while now and since the weather is starting to get nice, I figured, now’s my chance!  I just never really knew my way around the city so it took some time for me to plan this trip.  Well, it turned out great, plus I got to meet some famous anchormen.

Here is how the inside of the radio station looks,

This radio station has history, that traces back to 1924, since then WCBS has been known for announcing the time constantly every three minutes!  This was due to not all listeners of the station having reliable time devices and instead relied on syncing their clocks up with the radio station every day.  In addition, WCBS radio now announces the time on the hour.


WCBS Radio also has many sister stations including WFAN and WLNY-TV.  Some of the sister stations were not to far away from the WCBS station.

An interesting fact of this station is that WCBS has served as the radio flagship for the New York Yankees baseball team and has carried the team for some time in the past. (Site link below!)