Poetry is beauty

This post is a critique, I wanted to talk about a few things about the similar blog post of both affinitysoup and ally4eva.

As far as the Beauty is Life post by affinitysoup I thought it was really interesting when I heard it and I like how you deepen the meaning of beauty, that was very creative.  Also, the poem is great in itself and seems to have a deep meaning to it, moreover I liked how this poem reaches out and shows how beauty is not what is solely on the outside of an individual and about how this woman realizes the theme of her beauty.  However, I felt more could have been added to the audio content, perhaps an in depth reason why beauty is all that you say it is and what not, maybe elaborate on this subject a bit more. In addition, the summary shortly after the poem caught my attention and as I read the poem I felt a connection. connection was as if I could feel for the woman and how she perceives beauty based on how society shaped it.  Overall this was a great post and was very creative.

Finally, ally4eva, I really liked your Let her go – Passenger blog and I love the song that you choose, “Let her go by passenger” is one of my favorite tunes.  A great job was done, reading the lyrics, however, I do see what you mean by it being difficult to pull of a happy singing tone of voice with this song.  This song’s lyrical content and instrumental is sad, but the artist doesn’t really sound too sad himself, I  guess the beat and lyrics to the song give it a sad feel.  This may also be a reason why trying to sound happy wasn’t working to well for you.  Anyone who knows this song would understand that.  Nonetheless, this was a very creative blog post.  Both blogs were very poetic in content and similar .


WCBS News Radio 880!


So I was excited for visiting the WCBS news radio station in New York City.  The station’s studios are located in the CBS radio facility in the Hudson Square section of Manhattan.  As for the transmitter, it’s located on High Islands in the Bronx New York.  The trip there was very exciting, minus the public transportation hehe.  But the ride there wasn’t too bad, took me roughly 30 minutes to arrive minus the 10 minute walk. I took the 85 bus to Jamaica avenue, then the J train thankfully the subway wasn’t packed on Saturday and this was a reason I made sure I left a bit earlier. But anyway, I’ve always wanted to visit this radio station for a while now and since the weather is starting to get nice, I figured, now’s my chance!  I just never really knew my way around the city so it took some time for me to plan this trip.  Well, it turned out great, plus I got to meet some famous anchormen.

Here is how the inside of the radio station looks,

This radio station has history, that traces back to 1924, since then WCBS has been known for announcing the time constantly every three minutes!  This was due to not all listeners of the station having reliable time devices and instead relied on syncing their clocks up with the radio station every day.  In addition, WCBS radio now announces the time on the hour.


WCBS Radio also has many sister stations including WFAN and WLNY-TV.  Some of the sister stations were not to far away from the WCBS station.

An interesting fact of this station is that WCBS has served as the radio flagship for the New York Yankees baseball team and has carried the team for some time in the past. (Site link below!)



Rocking the music until tomorrow!

This critique is on an assignment that I found interesting by jaybiz and tshauna92.

First of all I really like the assignment Here is How You Rock out Till to Tomorrow done by jaybiz, and I came across it in the assignment bank.  I like the black eyed peas song that you included in the mash up as it’s one of my favorites. I attempted this assignment earlier before but did not succeed with it as I could not find the right tracks to use.   As you said in your blog post “the challenge for me was not knowing the song” well, this was the problem for me. I noticed that two of the songs you choose to use were very old school.  Also the transition from the “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay” into the “Stay by Rihanna” did not go right.  But I like the songs you choose, they where interesting, however,  I believe choosing from songs that where more recent and popular would have made the assignment better.  Moreover, more people viewing your blog may relate and enjoy the content if the songs were more recent.  But this may have also made the assignment much more challenging.  In addition, I think you did a great job with the mix up, it sounds great and the songs that you have chosen blend in perfectly.

As for tshauna92, I thought you did a great job on your Lyrical Tag blog post and i liked the songs that you have chosen.  One thing I noticed different from jaybiz’s post was that your songs were relatively more recent. Another thing I noticed was the transition from the first to second song seemed out of proportion, the first song was cut off a little too short.  overall both of the assignments were done very well :D!!


It’s ALLIVVEE it’s aliiivvee the poem is alive!

This project which I’m doing is once again from the DS106 assignment bank. This Onomatopoeia assignment asked us to tell a joke, or a skit or anything similar that included as much onomatopoeias as possible so that we could add sound effects to the sound words. Words such as “boom”, “blast”, or “thud.”

So as I looking around for material to use I came across a site named Funny Poems For Free. Here I was able to find some good poems and the one I decided to use is by Denise Rodgers, who has been reading and writing poetry since she was 14.

The poem is a short poem entitled “Kaboom” from Rodgers’ book Great Lakes Rhythm and Rhyme. I chose it for it’s size and the action words it contained. I believed that it would give enough of a challenge to find the sounds that were appropriate enough to match the words.

I was lucky enough to find this great tutorial above here on how to record a voice over using Audition. As simple as it sounds, it is really easy to forget that you have to include things such as both input and output for audio, and overall his tutorial really simplified the basics of recording with Audition. I again used the MXL USB .008 Condenser Microphone. I decided to use this microphone again out of control I could have in recording directly into the computer and I honestly wanted to try recording on it again for a voice over since I last used it in the How to Catch The Busiest Cat in Action post. So here are the lyrics, from the poem:

Way in the past
the miners mined for ore.
They searched for copper, iron and salt,
for that and much, much more.

The bite
of dynamite
cut deep inside the earth.
The charge explodes revealing lodes
of minerals of worth.

The dust,
the air so mussed
went swirling through the sky.
It was a sight, the dynamite
that made the mountains fly.

The earth
was filled with mirth
so tickled by the boom.
The miner’s pleasure,
each newfound treasure
that followed each

by Denise Rodgers
I also hope that hearing the sound effects makes it seem as if you were in some sort of mine, even though that is hard to imagine if you have never seen or been in a real one before. However I encourage you to close your eyes and use your imagination more when listening to the project.

Sleep Tight!

(listen to the entire track)

WARNING! For those who are squeamish I suggest you do not listen!!!




This project is a compilation of scary movie clips along with sound effects. We are usually use to watching scary movies and being frighten by them because of what we see.  My goal was to create a track of all the scary sounds we would hear in these horror movies while maintaining the scary effect.

I decided to Use Audition to do my editing. I took most of the sounds from YouTube and some from Freesound.org. I ended up using about seven different sound clips to create the entire track. It was a little challenging for me to find the right sounds that made sense while mixing because I wanted to keep the same theme all throughout the track. So, I decided to use one main track under the other tracks through out the entire session. Also, another challenge was making sure certain tracks were not louder than others. For example, I turned down the main track so the interview with Jeffery Dahmer could be heard clearer. Since I’ve used Audition before I am familiar with settings that I needed to complete my project. The one thing I forgot was how to export my session out. I quickly hopped on YouTube to refresh my mind on this and I came across a video that actually was very informing.

Check it out!

To sum up everything, the project overall was fun to edit and also made me relive all those scary movies that made me have bad dreams at night.


Museum Mics and the muse of a Playful Piano in the Movie Theatre

Abstract of “The Great Train Robbery”

This is about another visit I paid to the Museum of the Moving Image. This is my fifth time having gone there. Three of which were related to an assignment in this major. However with the video I that I recorded, with a Cisco FlipCam, which can feel kind of unique since Cisco has closing down its Flip business with all the support systems, which it only bought out in 2009.

flip cam 2     flip cam custom

l-r: Flipcam front view, flipcam rear view

It was very convenient for me size and time wise to capture two elements of the museum, which I could relate to this sound class. First we have the mics which I wish had better lighting, but it was a Friday afternoon and I wanted to get my info before they closed. The first part of the video was to showcase some of the old microphones they had on display.

However what I wanted to show, which I didn’t see anyone talk about on their visit there is the aspect of the movie theater. Yes there was a time when we didn’t have vocal audio and sound effects added to moving pictures. Instead a musical score was written and in most cases it was a piano player who provided all the live audio for the film. This really added another dimension to the movies of these times which were usually complete silent films.

I don’t know if there was a bench placed in the booth where the film is shown to give that authentic feel to as if we were in a 1900s theater where patrons actually say on benches, as opposed to individual seats as we are accustomed to, as I showed in the video.

Silent era films have always almost featured live music and the first choice of instrument was usually the piano. One of the first films to have his element of piano accompaniment was by the Lumière brothers in 1895. From the screening of their first film Workers Leaving The Lumière Factory in Lyon in Paris, which was one of ten short film screenings, piano music accompaniment has been a presence in the silent movie era.

Workers Leaving the Lumière Factory with piano music

From the time it was added to films music was recognized as important in contributing to the atmosphere of the film and also to give the audience vital emotional cues.

What made The Great Train Robbery significant at its time however, was not necessarily the sound that accompanies it, but rather that included composite editing (which is editing two separate pieces of film together), camera movement and on location shooting.

Abstract of old microphones at The Museum of The Moving Image

This video was just meant to showcase some of the earlier microphones used in the early 20th century. I know the video moves a little quickly and it is hard to read everything in the clip so I decided to list all the microphones in the video as follows:

1. Western Electric Type 1-B

2. Western Electric “Cathedral-Style” Desk Model, 7A, 1928

3. Siemens & Halske Ribbon Style #25, 1929

4. Western Electric Model 618A, 1931

5. Western Electric “Eight Ball”, Model 630A, 1935

6. RCA Unidirectional Model MI-3025, Type 77A, 1936

7. Shure Cardioid Model 555-556, 1940

Overall there is so much you can learn about from this place and what is great is that it is open all year around to not only get a basic look at the history of film, television and radio but you can really find some unique things related to media and pop culture there.





And the Verdict Is?

Here’s my second critique blog post. This time around we have two new posts to critique. First one up is…(drum roll)…jaybiz with “How to Get Goulding Singing to Good Ole Soca”. To start things off I thought it was a good job that you took a second approach at doing the assignment, the Music Mashup. Improvement is the cousin of practice. I listened to the the finished result and it was for a lack of better words very very impressive. When it comes to mixing music I have prior experience with some DJ equipment and I must say the project was very clean and edited well. The tempo of Goulding’s voice went along with the pace of the soca beat. I found no problem with the finished project. Adding the pictures during the explanation was a good job too.Hotcue shot1As for the blog post composition, it also met the standards of the level three post. You gave ample explanation behind the process of doing your project. I had a clear understanding of what you did. What amazes me is how it took you 28 attempts. HOW IN THE WORLD does it take you 28 attempts? That must have been very frustrating. Overall, the verdict is two thumbs up great project man.

Now onto the second assignment which belongs to melswimsgood, “Phenomenal Women… Over Dramatic Reading”. We’ll begin by looking at the final project. The recording of your voice was pretty clear. I felt like it wasn’t that much of over dramatic. In fact, your voice sounded more like a rapper’s voice. Maybe it’s because of your accent but I was waiting for you to start spitting instead of reading the lyrics. Maya Angelou

For the post itself I believe you could’ve added a few more things to meet the requirements of the level one blod post. You didn’t include the hyperlink to the assignment. As for the recording there could’ve been a little more explanation behind what program you used to complete the project and if you did any editing to the voice recording. Overall there’s room for improvement but good job choosing a Maya Angelou. She’s a very influential woman, a Phenomenal Woman. And the verdict is…good job on the recording. Both assignments were good and I look forward to more song mixes and readings. Keep up the good work!



Just checking out HER, THE MATRIX, and a sound TAG

This post is going to be a critique of two audio projects. On done by danny36 and the other by tshauna92. I chose to evaluate these two projects since I did similar projects.

First I will talk about the movie dialogue mashup by danny36. I liked the assignment which you chose, kudos on using the Matrix, and also on using Her. I haven’t seen Her as yet but I hear its good. Also the title could have been a little more creative as well. Anyways I believe I get the idea of the conversation you were trying to illustrate by putting them together, these two different movie dialogues. However I feel as though it was a bit abrupt, since after Morpheus tells Theodore (from Her) that  “Your hair has changed, your appearance now is what we call a residual self image, it is a mental projection of your digital self.” To me it feels like there could have or rather should have been a reply from Theodore to Morpheus. Also I’m not sure you needed to necessarily needed to write out the dialogues from the movies, since they are both pretty clear audibly and you have a “To” written for Morpheus which I didn’t hear in the audio as well. Other than that I liked that you tried to use Audacity a little further and it came out good, it didn’t sound rush, and pushed together. There is enough breathing room and it  sounds as though they could actually be in the same room, whereas one clip didn’t drown out the next. I wish you could have worked with “300” and “Kick Ass”, I like those movies, and now you have me thinking.

Now on to tshauna92, I firstly like the layout of your post and I’m actually a little jealous of the layout with the pictures compared to mine, I could have used those. I think it was a great idea to not only show the lyrics but to highlight them as you did. First I think its good that you attempted this project also, it isn’t always easy finding songs that you can match like this. For your audio I think it was a good lyrical connection to create a story, by listening and reading the lyrics, and it makes sense to me along with your description of each artist or group you chose. What was the first thing I saw was the difference in peaks in your sound wave before I listened to. So it was kind of difficult to listen closely between the first and the second song, shifting from one song that is louder to one that is relatively quieter, so I couldn’t really hear the lyrics well enough until about the 5th time that I listened to it. The reverse happens again between the second and third song where you placed a song with a lower volume before a song with a louder volume. So this transition is so sudden in that it also has the instrumentals accompanying it as well. The first and third song could have had their gain lowered to compensate for the second song, so that you can hear the transition. The transition from the third to fourth song is a little more tolerable since it is understandable and you have some breathing room in between the songs. The transition between the fourth and fifth songs is workable although part of the Mario lyrics get that thrown in with the N’Sync lyrics. The ending als would have been better in my opinion if you had let that harmony of the song play out without cutting it short, or getting the following lyrics from the song in the audio clip.

5 song music mashup (Girl)

I did the ds106 assignment for the 5 song music mashup but I made sure that I had a theme behind my mashup which was the word ” Girl ” .That word means so many things for so many people. Women change like the seasons ( no offense ladies ) but each song I put in the mashup expresses that very statement because each song gives a different mood. here are the songs I used in my mashup





The mashup process was fairly easy because I had already done so much on past projects. In order to put everything together smoothly I adjusted each oncoming track to the fade-in option under settings in the top right corner of my audacity page .

Critique #1

After looking through many of the audio assignments, one of the audio assignments that i found really interesting was the Mix it, Cut it ,Fix it, Audition it by KC90. While looking through the post i learned a lot about Adobe Audition because it was a program that i didn’t have any experience with.One of the things i loved about the post was how the writer described using the program step by step and how to change the audio. They also described how the user would select a file and how to mix different tracks on the same program.

Another audio blog post that i found really interesting was by the writer Stephanie3393 and her blog post titled “A bed of clouds” The audio assignment looked as if she had a lot of fun and it also thought me more about the ZoomH2N recorder which i went on to used for different audio assignments. I also loved the poem and how she linked to it,which allows the reader to read more different poems from the reader.I also loved the meaning behind the poem.

These two writers thought me a lot about different programs and recorders and how i could improvise them into my upcoming projects. One of the things i loved about KC90’s blog post was the step by step process of how the program was used. The only thing i would change about this blog post is putting a sample audio of how they actually used it or a small mix of a song they used with Adobe Audition. I really enjoyed Stephanie’s project because i learned about a recorder and how to used it  for my different projects and i also loved how she gave a sample audio of herself recording a poem on the recorder which was he ZoomH2N Recorder. The only thing i would advise her to change in her post is the recording because she sounded a little mono toned, which she knows  and said she will improve in her next recordings.! Both presentations were great and i look forward to reading more posts from these two writers!!


adau   Adobe Auditiondevice  H2N Recorder