Critique #2

For this blog post, I decided to critique Jaybiz’s (Jayson) post How to Get Goulding Singing to Good Ole Soca and Melswimsgood (Melvin) post 5 Song Music Mashup (Girl).

For Jayson’s post, I liked the fact that he used two songs from two different genres and tried to mash them up, rather than using two songs from the same genre, which is more typical. The two songs that he used was Too Real and I Need Your Love. I liked the fact that he used Too Real, because as a soca lover, it was surprising to me that he mashed that song with I Need Your Love, which is a more slower beat. His mashup was very unique. At first when I listened to the audio, I was thinking that it sounded a little weird, but after reading his post, I finally understood his reason behind what he was doing. It was very creative of him. I loved the fact that he included very precise details about his project and the different steps he took when doing it.

For Melvin’s post, I liked how he decided to do a mashup of the word “Girl” rather than doing a mash up of two or more songs together, which is what most students did. It was a very creative idea. I liked that he included links to all the songs that he used so that the viewer know’s the names of the song, and could listen to each song so that they know exactly what parts of the songs he decided to use in his audio assignment. However, the only thing that I would have liked to see was his steps that he took in completing the project. I felt as though his post could have been a little more detailed, just so that the reader has a better understanding of all the hard work he had to do to complete his project.

Both Melvin and Jayson did an excellent job on their assignments! They both did mashups, that’s why I decided to critique the two and compare them. While Jayson wanted to just mash two different genre’s together, Melvin just simply mashed one word from different genres of song together. Even though Jayson used Mixxx and Melvin used Audacity, both assignments came out to be a success! Great Job Guys!

Tiempo para comparar!

The two audio assignments i choosed to do a critique on is Merlo Service by tshauna92 and it’s alive, it aliveee the poem is alive by jaybiz. I found both of these post really interesting because they both mad many similarities as well as many differences.

Merlo Service by tshauna92 was really interesting because it was extremely detailed. The author not only included clips for their time working on it by they also gave step by step on how they completed this project. It allowed me as the reader to understand how they are learning about this information. I also learned alot about Audacity with this blog post because for my projects i use ProTools over Audacity just because they gave a lot of information about the mixing board and its capabilities. This post also allowed me to find out more information of some things that I’m more interested in because the author hyper linked a lot of information that a reader like myself wouldn’t know about. Over all i loved this blog posts because it included pictured, videos and it gave a very detailed outline of how their project went.

It’s alive, it’s aliveee the poem is alivee by jaybiz was really interesting as well as unusual. The title was the first thing that caught my attention and made me want to read more about it. The poem over all was a great choice for this assignment because it allowed the user to play around more with it.When listening to it the author should have stopped recording a little earlier because there was a slight pause at the end. Over all i enjoyed this blog post because it was fun to listen to and the author also provided a video on how to use Audacity which will help alot of readers like myself

*** Both of these posts were really interesting as well as different. They both had many similarities such as they both used Audacity and they both hyper linked to different sites which allowed the reader to get more information. They were also different because both assignments were on different things. tshauna92 assignment was a service learning and jaybiz assignment was an audio assignment.They were different because tshauna included more details because it was somewhat as a field trip where you learn tons of information rather than jaybiz where the author got a chance to experiment with a different form of a program. Both of these blog post were unusual and similar in their own ways. Great job to both of these authors!!!***

Best Radio Show Ever!!

For the last day of class, mostly the entire class decided to do a  live radio show and other students contributed in different ways. The one thing i loved about this was the fact that when we started out the class the beginning of the semester, we were all complete strangers and the only thing we had in common was the fact that we all needed this class, but overtime we all grew into close friends who all learned from one another. Our radio show had the greatest hosts like Maya, Lisa, Klutch and Melvin who all did amazing! Two of my other classmates Stephanie and Laywah along with me contributed an astrology piece talking about all of the different signs, we also had a song verse where our DJ jaybiz would play

get-attachment (1)  get-attachment get-attachment (2)

the song and someone would tell what the song means to them.We also had a part of the radio show called “Turn down for what” where Melvin picked what was going on in the news and talked about it which was of course about Beyonce and JayZ, and what happened with the elevator incident.We also had Melvin and Klutch rap their own personal verses that they made. It was amazing to see so much talent in one room. Everything beforehand was hectic especially getting everything together but overall it worked out great. The radio show was something we all talked about and it was great to see it all come together especially for the last day of classes



What’s Your Sign?!

For this project, I had a blast! Laywah, Alicia and I all came together and decided to record a little information about each one of the Zodiac Signs. We would always have conversations about each sign and how they each behaved differently. Professor Smith then came up with a great idea that our class should all come together and create a radio show. Everyone was eagerly excited.

Everyone started discussing what they wanted to contribute towards the radio show and talked about who were going to be in charge. While discussing, Laywah came up with a great idea that we should do a segment on the Zodiac Signs, since we’re always talking about it anyways. Alicia and I, without hesitating, agreed to be a part of the idea. So Laywah quickly jotted down a little bit of what she knew about each signs and we decided to pre-record it, rather than going live on the radio show.

We used the Zoom Handy Recorder to record our information. After a few takes, we were finally satisfied with our recording. Laywah decided that she was going to edit the final piece and then we were good to go!


One thing that I would have done differently would be that we should have recorded a little more closer to the recorder because it sounded a bit far when listening back to it. The music in the background was too loud so it made it a little harder to hear us. Besides our editing settings being changed, I think we did a pretty good job. We each were fully dedicated and determined and we work well together! I’m glad to have been a part of this assignment. 🙂

Just Checking out Sun Productions and the Astrology break down

So for my last critique I decided to look at two projects. One done by danny36 and the other by affinitysoup which was a group project done with two other members as a commercial for our radio show.

First let me say to danny36, are you holding back some talent on us man. Who would have guessed we had a real musician in our sound class, I wonder who else is hiding talent. I feel as though your post could have been a level two and be more in depth. I appreciate that you did two separate recordings and honestly I wouldn’t have known you did two separate recordings if you didn’t state that. I think it would be great to know what microphone you used to for the recordings. Was it the same for the voice and the guitar, what settings did you use ? For me I’m hearing a better reproduction of the guitar than the voice, and you said you did some editing in Audacity but I don’t know what you did exactly. But what ever you did it came out great. Good job on the project.

Now to affinitysoup. I want to congratulate you guys for coming together and actually deciding to complete a project. You guys sound good relaxed and rehearsed which is good. However the background music that you used was clever to try to mask the outside noise from the recording but it was very distracting. I like that you experimented and used the wah wah effect, but I don’t think it necessarily helped in this case, because it then sounds like the music is going from one ear to the next which then becomes more annoying with the flanging. But I liked that you guys each had a part in the recording and it came out as though there wasn’t a script, besides hearing the turning of the paper, there were no unnecessary pauses. Overall I think you guys did a good job on coming together.

It’s a Cole World

So i went to a J. Cole concert this semester. The concert was amazing!!! J. Cole is a great performer. He performed a number of songs. These songs ranged from fans who recently started listening to him to fan who have been listening to him for years. The songs he performed were Power Trip, trouble, Blow Up, Runaway, She Knows, Lights Please, Kenny Lofton, Lit, Land of the Snakes, Trouble, Forbidden Fruit, Let Nas Down, New York Times, Crooked Smile, Work Out, In the Morning, Can’t Get Enough, and Nobody’s Perfect.he had a couple other artist come out and perform. Those artist were Bas, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z.


















One thing i noticed during the concert was how the live performances sounded better that the recorded track. This came from how he had a DJ on the turntables, two back up singers, a drummer, a guitarist, and a couple violinist. One track that was noticeably different was the track called “Power Trip.” The recorded track and the live performace is below:

The difference in the tracks is in the live performance the violins can clearly be heard while they are not in the recorded track.


Overall I thought of it as a great experience from not just seeing my favorite artist but also hearingthe differences in the songs. In my opinion, live performances are more unique because of how much more effort go into the beat.

An average morning in the life of JoDan


This a little ditty I’ve been meaning to do. I wanted to tell a story of waking up and getting ready without  any (or at least as few as possible) words. I added a ds106 assignment   so if anyone is interested in taking a crack at it be my guest.

I used a Marantz 660 pmp and a uni directional mic to record. I wrapped the cords around me set up my pathway to make this recording. Had my door opened, any all props places where they should me to make my mobile audio set-up not interfere with the actual recording. My initial purpose was to tell a narrative of a typical morning routine of a slacker getting ready with just sound, using as little words as possible if any where even needed. And no outside sound effects, everything had to be recorded in the moment with things that where actually there.

I started with waking up in bed, tumbling and fumbling around, the bed is against the curtains so you hear the floundering of the curtains to see outside. Then it’s off the bed. Putting on the sandals, and getting out of my room. Then off to the bathroom to do, well….what people normally do when the first wake up….BRUSH THEIR TEETH….and well other stuff too (brownie points if you notice when listening to this there was no flush).

Then it was off the kitchen to make that ambiguous breakfast. I mean, who knows what I (or should I say the character in this narrative) was eating? Was it cereal and I was just heating up the milk in the microwave? Or was I pouring wheat thins next to my delicious hearty Swanson Brand “Hungry Man All Day Breakfast Platter”. Well, the world may never know.After that it was off to whats become apart of most our modern daily routine. Checking the internet.

Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this project, the real difficult part of setting up my environment and trying to get the right sound for recording. Walking around with my whole setup was an interesting challenge. A challenge I’m not really sure if I completed with much grace and finesse. But all that comes with practice.

Interview Music Mash up

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

So this next assignment was an interview music mash up.  The idea here was to add a response to interview questions with snippets of songs.  I found this fun to work on, but had to make the audio clip short due to upload capacity.

I decided to use Jimmy Kimmel as the interviewer and the videos above are what i used as well.  I pretty much just converted the youtube videos above into mp3 format and did some small editing in audacity.  I didn’t really have an objective for this assignment, as to what i wanted to get from it or what i was going for.  It was a hassle in itself looking for the right interviewer for this.  In most of the interview videos i could find the interviewee would cut in before the interviewer was done with their question, this caused problems and would ruin the effect.  I also tried lowering the volume of the snippets before adding them to the track but this was more work and wasn’t necessary.

In my own critique and summary the audio came out great, however another problem that i had was trying to leave some space in between the interviewers questions before the snippet cut in.  For the sake of avoiding the entire clip sounded cluttered.  This may be noticed at the beginning of the audio, however it does turn out sounding great.

The songs in order are:

Chief Keef “I don’t like”

Drake “I got money to blow”

Jay z “Money Ain’t a Thing”

Pharrell “I’m Happy”

Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello”

Museum of SEX

**So before you continue to read any further**, please just know that this post is very graphic in its content, obviously because of the place being reviewed here.  So if aspects of sex and body parts make you uncomfortable, then ignore this post please.  However, i would suggest having an open mind and read it anyway.


Anyway, I’ve always heard about the museum of sex, so i thought to myself, wow a museum dedicated to sex, that must be interesting.  Well about a year ago i took a psychology course and my professor brought it up and suggested that we should check it out whenever we have some free time.

When you first walk in it’s just a shop with a series of sex toys and souvenirs related to sex.  It didn’t look like a museum at all at first, after purchasing tickets, which were about $17.$17.50, but if anyone plans on going, make sure to take advantage of the $3 off coupon on the website.


So after proceeding downstairs, the host told me they have a few drinks down at the bar on the lower level.  After seeing the menu i was thrown off, they had teas with descriptions that didn’t even sound appealing and little diner sliced cakes that looked like they have been sitting there since the place first opened, and a few rum choices. The bar was also very dark and had red couches shaped like lips (photo above).

The photo below is very graphic, just giving a heads up.  Heading towards the first part of the attraction has a  long wall that has different sex phrases and there’s a picture to show you what the phrase looks like and there were over a hundred of them.  As i arrived at the next part of the exhibit i found a lot of displays to be meaningless and i didn’t quite understand.  I personally thought  this whole section looked very empty and unfinished as if it was being renovated and could use more displays.  the only thing slightly interesting was the “Sex Diaries” section.  You get to listen in on people recite their secret “sexcapades” on an actual phone


This next section was all about dolls, whips, costumes, dildos, etc.  I was actually shocked by the dolls showed below and slightly scared however.  I found them to be a little creepy, their body parts were so realistic looking.  It was also frightening to know that people spend a lot of money on these dolls to “have a good time”.  They also had a smaller portion of the dolls where you can touch the actual body parts and i must say i was highly disappointed.  All the parts felt like pure silicone and did not feel like real skin at all.


My overall opinion, if you decide to go definitely take advantage of the $3 coupon on the website, doesn’t sound like much but this place is not worth $17 so you might as well get it for less if it’s possible. It’s not that long either, i spent quite awhile here only for the sake of getting a decent amount of pics for my blog.  For a place that opened a little over 10 years ago they should definitely have more stuff in there, way too many empty spaces and slightly boring at times.

The Phenomenal Ka-Boom

It is that time again to judge two people on how they do and what they need to do to get better or if they need to get better. I know I am supposed to judge on people post but oh well. The two people that is going to get judged by Moi is   and  .

Judge Time

The first person I think I am going to start with is (drum rolls please) melswimsgood. The post I decided to do a critique on Phenomenal Women. For this assignment you did Over-Dramatic Reading where you have to find a song, poem, short story or anything and read it aloud and be over dramatic with it. You chose to do Maya Angelou and I think that is great because she is a great inspiration. The poem you chose was excellent because everybody should know that: it is one of the greatest poem. I listened to your audio and it was great. I know the assignment said be creative,make it your own and I am guessing your creative way was rapping the poem in your own way and do not get me wrong it was nice but it was not over dramatic the way I thought it would be and if it was I think it would have been better. Also, I like how you put the words from the poem on your post for people to follow it. In general, it was really good.

Maya Angelou

I have to laugh at this next person because I find his work interesting. So put your hand together for the next person jaybiz. The post I decided to do is: It’s ALLIVVEE it’s aliiivvee the poem is alive!. For this assignment you did Onomatopoeias! where you have to tell a joke or create a longer comedy skit with sound effects. I checked out the website you provide for where you got the poem and it is fascinating. What you said in your post about finding the sounds would be a challenge to find but it don’t look like it was because the sounds you provided went well with the poem. The only thing I would say is you could have sound a little more energetic.


I like both the post. It was nice hearing the audio as well. I can not wait to see what else y’all have in store for the rest of the remaining time.