Tuning into 4F Radio to jump start your morning

So first of all let me say it was fun doing the radio show this morning. It also wasn’t the easiest from my end but I still enjoyed it. While the rest of the class was tasked with planning the layout of the show with the segments, I was given the task of engineering the show. What this meant, was that I was responsible for checking the levels of audio being channeled out, but also providing music to be played along with instrumentals. I also took responsibility for the set up and striking of all needed equipment, inclusive of microphones, the mixer, headphones, xlr cables and any other cables that we would possibly need.

So our show was broadcast on the DS106 online radio stream, and we managed to get most of the class involved in some way or the other. We had a group do a commercial

which was prerecorded by a group of 3. The rest of the show took the form of a talk show with host and guests in the studio, along with a few members even doing freestyles for us.

Melvin dropping a freestyle

Khalil aka Klutch dropping a freestyle

radio pics

Turn Down For What! radio segment

radio pic 2

Net Neutrality segment of the show

Jayson radio

This is me working on the mixer

I want to give credit to M.B. Smith for the above pics and Kwesi for the video clips I used above. The recording I did unfortunately only captured what was being played through the Mixxx software I used to provide the music, so it doesn’t have any of the voice recordings from the show. If we had set up a camera to record the event would be the closet that I could do to truly represent what transpired for the morning show. Who knows this opportunity may come again and I would want to be better at engineering the levels, and music simultaneously.


Possibly the best day of school EVAR

Today we had our big radio show. The Ds106 Power hour. It was a exciting, if nervous experience.  The conception of which originally began with Klutch and I. But due to my absence on a specific Thursday leadership was put into the trusting hands of Lisa, who  organized the Google doc and was the main host of the show. Almost everyone in the class had an input, especially in the planning process, deciding who was going to be the host for which segment, which segment would go first. Getting all that organized was a hassle because it was sort of confusing in terms of who was doing what and when. But after much deliberation there came a solid outline for the live show.

Another trail that had to be overcome was, well; How exactly  we gonna stream this thing?  Among other things like what mics will be used and what programs will be used to stream. Jason was in charge of that mam the engineer of the whole operation.  Thanks to the Professor who helped us find a soundboard and mixer. Also  helping solve the problem of  how to operate  said equipment to live stream audio. The show was becoming more and more real with each passing day. Mock setting up how the chairs and mics will be placed. Recording Liawah’s commercial breaks. Then the day finally hit, 9:00am, a mostly unexpired crew in live radio streaming.


The hostes’ were absolutely wonderful. The first segment was the Donkey of the day where Klutch and Melvin talked about ridiculous stories in popular culture and mocked  celebrities. then there was the music discussion with Kewsi and Melvin in which they talked about music lyrics that meant something to them. In Melvin’s case he actually rapped a verse off of a song he wrote. And lastly there was the open discussion segment wherein Trone, Kwesi and I talked about the dangers and consequences of  an internet without Net-Neutrality. And it really hit me…..what we were doing was pretty awesome. I mean, running a live radio show in a college class? That’s pretty exciting for a Tuesday.

But the real fun was in the atmosphere of the room, the class is usually toned in that tough lough we-all-hate-each other-but-not-really vibe with the students but today it was really warm and inviting and we got to see creative, deep, and energetic sides of everyone who spoke on the mic. Especially with Melvin and Klutch free-styling. Singing happy birthday to Jason at the very end was also pretty amusing. It was a really fun experience and A great way to end the semester. Only shame was that this moment of pure fun and education through experience was not recorded. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will exist in the memories of those who participated.


The Finale

     First of I just want to say that class CT244 of spring 2014 was one of my favorite class for my first semester back in school. You guys really made this semester motivational and inspirational for me. I was real nervous coming back but you guys really helped me fight my anxiety. Thank you so much! ( sorry guys I can be a little emotional sometimes.) And good luck to all of you encase I don’t see some of you guys next semester.

     I had my doubts about the radio show and I’m sorry I did because WE ROCKED IT!! The entire class had to create a radio station that was being aired live; (with the help of Prof. Michael) on the york website. We came up with three segments which were, Segment1:Turn Down for What, commercial about zodiac signs, Segment2: Music Verse of the Day and Segment3: which was a discussion about upcoming fees being charged for social medias for faster service. The equipments that were used were directional mics, headphones, a mixer and computers. Everything was connect to the mixer which is what Jayson our Engineer for the show used to manage the volume of everything. Below is a short clip of Melvin rapping during the Music of the Day segment which I was the Host for.


     Over all it was a great experience to actually set up a mini radio station in class and broadcast live over the internet for people to hear us. We were all very nervous, but as we went along we loosened up and had fun.I enjoyed working with everyone, I would definitely do another radio show again.



Big Hard Sun Cover

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/150514550″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

This assignment is called being a music producer.  In this assignment i made two recordings, the first was with my acoustic guitar, and the second was vocals.  The vocals sound rough at the beginning.  Like a previous assignment that i have done, i tried to match up the vocals with the instrumental.  The song that i was singing was a song by Eddie Vedder called “Big Hard Sun”. I also did some editing in audacity with both recordings.

This video helped me a ton on doing the small edits on audacity.  The program that i used to do the recordings, was WavePad Sound Editor.  This is also the same program that i used in an earlier blog post assignment


DS 106 Radio Show

For my final project, I participated in a group project that included most of my colleges in the course. The main objective of the project was to host our own live radio show via internet. Jason was the audio engineer who handled the music that brought life to the show. The show consisted of three segments. The first segment was “Turn Down for What?” which was mainly a discussion of the latest controversial actions of celebrities or hot topics. In the show we included two guess appearances and they brought up two individual topics from today’s media.

For the second segment was about bringing in your favorite song or lyrics. This was the segment that I took part in. I brought in a sample of Lupe Fiasco’s “Pound of Flesh” and explained his metaphors. I also spoke about what I believed should be the true definition of an rapper or mc. I spoke about how rap artists should have deep metaphors and a deeper meaning behind their lyrics instead of simple repetitive topics such as clubs, girls, liquor, or fancy cars. Most of todays hip hop mainstream music is just for money and no greater significance. I chose Lupe Fiasco because he’s a conscious rapper who talks about society and other important issues. He could also be arguably one of today’s most skilled lyricist with meticulous use of play on word/metaphorical/poetic style. Other guess that took part on the segment was Melvin and Klutch. I recorded a little bit of both of their performances.

Later on in the show was the final segment which was an open discussion between Jordan, Trone and I. The topics that we spoke about was the control in which cable companies are putting onto the internet services. After the end of this segment one of the host, Lisa Atkins, closed us out and ended the show. Being apart of the show was a very grateful experience for me. It taught me exactly how much goes behind a live talk show. It showed me all the pieces it takes and planning that goes behind a radio show. It was so interesting that I wished during the semester we could’ve done more shows. I guessed we saved the best for last.

It’s 7:39 P.M. and I’m posting a Blog

So I took this one from the Ds106 library of fun little assignments, well I also have to say I took this from Lisa. What can I say, my classmates inspire me.She did a rather dull and depressing reading of an uplifting, energetic, happy song…..”Happy” by Phararell. And I thought her post was funny and cool so I figured I’d give a shot at it. But instead of doing a bleak rendition of a feel good song, I figured I’d so an energetic rendition of a bleak and depressing song.

The song I chose was 2:45 A.M. by the late Elliot Smith, one of my favorite artist I discovered in the past 8 months. Most of his songs are beautiful sad-depressing songs so it was hard to pick one out of his extensive catalog.

This was a fun little project to do.  My mom was in the room when I was recording and kept looking at me strange as I was reciting some truly tortured lyrics in a light, happy tone.

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How I tried to be like Family Guy’s creator

Final Project time here so I decided to do the, “All Me In The Scene” DS story bank. This assignment asked that we create audio for a scene, where I play all the roles with different voices and characteristics.

So I found this play here, a 10 minute play and it is entitled, “The Wedding Story“. I chose this one because it was funny to me with the characters speaking back to the narrator.

Now the person who came to mind first when I first started to think about doing this project was Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane if you didn’t know was the creator of the “Family Guy” show. He also voices four characters on the show.


Above: Seth MacMarlane

What is also amazing other than MacFarlane being able to clearly voice characters on the show, he is able to do it so easily, slipping from one voice to the next with what seems like so much ease, as seen in the video below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YAx9FtPyg0
However when I came to putting this together I knew I was no where close to MacFarlane’s skill level, so I decided to record each character’s lines separately. I also watched this video which gave a brief set of tips on how to do voice overs good.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce3CUn9HnRk This was not an easy task at all and I honestly kind of rushed it. But I think it was decent enough that you could distinguish and understand what is happening. I also could have added some effects but time was more against me in getting this done on time.
I would show you the lines for the skit, however I believe it is just too long to put into a post so I’ll give an excerpt from it, but you can still read the entirety of the play in the link at the beginning of the post.


by Julianne Homokay

STORYTELLER: (closing the volume) The End.  Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. What?  You want to hear another one?  But it’s a school night.  Okay, okay, just this once.  I’m such a pushover.  What type of story shall we hear? (ad lib. if the audience yells out suggestions) How about a fairy tale for our times?  A field of dreams fenced in by white picket, a story of the young man and woman we all hope to be someday? Too bad, that’s what you’re getting.

(The STORYTELLER opens the volume back up.  Lights up on BRIDE and GROOM in traditional garb standing on top of a wedding cake.)

Once upon a time there was a young woman, pretty as a day in June.

(The BRIDE does the royal wave.)

A young man stood by her side, smart as a whip and handsome as a polo horse.

(The GROOM salutes.)

They met in high school and fell in love on a merry day in May.

(The BRIDE and GROOM whisper to each other.)

Before long, the young man dropped to his knee, pulled a diamond from his pocket, and won the young woman’s hand in marriage.

BRIDE: Uh, excuse us, Mr. Storyteller?

(The STORYTELLER looks back at them, confused.  The BRIDE and GROOM smile and wave.  The STORYTELLER waves back.)

STORYTELLER: Moving right along.  With the blessings of their compatible—

BRIDE: Mr. Storyteller!

STORYTELLER: Excuse me a moment. (to BRIDE) Yes, what is it?

BRIDE: We didn’t exactly meet in high school.

STORYTELLER: Yes you did, it says so right here.

BRIDE: We met in a bar.

GROOM: And we dated on and off for five years while she experimented with foreigners.

STORYTELLER: How nice.  Well.  For our purposes, let’s say you met in high school, shall we? (back to the kids) So.  With the blessings of their compatible families, the young man and woman were to be Bride and Groom.




D’Just the Basics

For this assignment I chose to do a short field trip to my close relative. The main focus of this trip was to explore his DJ equipment. The equipment he possesses are a Vestax VCI 400 dj board and it uses the Serato DJ program. As provided by the Vestax website outline “the VCI-400 is the hardware solution for DJs who have been seeking an instrument that perfectly adapts to their style of performance. Shifting focus from integrity with bundled DJ software to any DJ software has made the VCI-400 the most versatile and intuitive DJ controller in its league. Along with it’s excellent potential for customizing control assignments, the VCI-400 and its ergonomic 4-channel lay out provides perfect control for standard DJ software operation such as cueing, pitch control, looping, FX control, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and scratching.”VCI-400

The VCI 400 comes with multiple mic connections, XLR jack, headphone jacks, all the essentials for DJ applications.


The speaker which we were using was a Electro Voice (EV) 15 LoudSpeaker. The sound clarity that it produces is top of the line. The dj program that was used at stated in the video above is called Serato. This purpose of this assignment was to explore some of the sound effect features that come with the VCI 400. There are numerous variations and features available for this dj system so I only showed a small amount of what it can do. One thing that I got out from this class is understanding specifications of audio engineering and equipment and how to use that knowledge. While I observed my relatives use of the VCI 400 I noticed that he didn’t understand the terminology behind some of the features or control on the VCI 400. For example I had to explain to him exactly what was actually happening when he would toggle between the LPF or HPF (low pass/high pass filer). This class gave me more knowledge into the dynamic world of audio and music. The video shows a miniature demonstration of the Serato program and VCI 400.




Magic Magic Cover – ColdPlay

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/150314811″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

This assignment, called Row Row Polyphony, is two melodies sung at the same time but at at different points.  I did a recording cover of the song “Magic” by Coldplay over a karaoke instrumental of the song.  The audio is a little rough towards the middle and my computer gets really loud, i need a cooler, plus I’m really not the singer type hehe. After two tries i was able to get it right.

Working with a Voice Recording program

There are plenty of free voice recording programs on the web, so i went ahead and downloaded one of them.  I downloaded a voice editor program called WavePad Sound Editor, it didn’t include much as it was just a trial version.  So i was not able to filter out any noise or add any special effects to the audio etc.  A problem i had during recording was with the microphone and it’s location on my laptop, my previous recordings were to loud and the noise spiked here and there, so i had to sing a bit low.  I also noticed after listening to the final recording that my singing isn’t completely in sync with the background instrumental, and it brings the melody a little off.  Nonetheless i thought it wasn’t a big deal, and i didn’t want to have to restart the whole recording, as my computer tends to get real loud.

Editing with Audacity


Now it was difficult at first trying to match the singing with the instrumentals, like i said previously the vocals were not completely in sync with the instrumental.  However after numerous attempts i finally got it close enough.  I didn’t have to work to much in audacity just did some small deletes here and there and exported the file as an mp3.


You ever get one of those unwanted messages and you look at it and say WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I DON’T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS..

For this assignment, I decided to do TAKING BACK SPAM because I thought it was interesting and some of the spam I see in the email I just want to mock them. The point of this assignment is to find some spam: could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.



I found this in my yahoo spam and it caught my attention because people always want to find something for their body weather its their hair, legs, ears, and of course their eyes. So since this product is about eyes why not have fun about it? I try to make the product sound like it is something important but at the same make it sound like every products is the same. If this was an important email then why did it end up in a spam? I did so many recording for this one spam and when I thought it was good I still re-recorded. I used the Zoom H2N for recording and Audacity to edit the audio, I use reverb to change it up a bit.

I decided to put up a youtube video of  a commercial of Hydrolyze and can I be honest? The video did not seem that interesting, it was not persuasive as I thought but like I said every products is the same.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/149667622″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]