Fast Drive-In, driven insane

With the new class grading system and general overhaul . Kwesi, Lisa, and I decided to work together on a recording project we took from the Ds106 assignment bank wherein an unruly, foreign drive-thru customer making very specific, if confusing orders. We recorded on two separate occasions.  Our first foray into  recording this project was rather difficult albeit insightful and educational .

First we had to come up with a name for this fictional fast food restaurant, we latched onto the name fatso burger, probably because of the silliness of the name. Then we thought it’d be funny if I used my fake British accent that I do every now and again, and Lisa would be the unfortunate cashier and speak in a very almost-dead like tone.  For some reason, we couldn’t get good gain on our voices, we later realized it was because of mic placement.

See, on our first recording we had the mic a little to far from ourselves which gave a horrible sound quality and made us have to meet together on another day to record again. But even with that on the finished recording it still sounds a little spacious in terms of our voices and that had to do with both our location of recording and mic placement. Perhaps it would of been better to record the dialogue outside as to make it sound more natural. However, it was still an enjoyable project.

Place Your Order at “Fatso Burger”



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“Welcome to Fatso Burger” is the beginning catch phrase that was used for this audio production project. For this assignment the main goal was to recreate a regular conversation between a customer making an order at a fast food restaurant. However the conversation shouldn’t be too regular. In fact, it should be creative with the customer requesting some rather picky selections off the menu. This assignment is from the DS106 audio assignment bank. One source of research that we used just to clarify what the project was about was from a tutorial that was provided.


Initially we aimed for trying to imitate a fast food conversation as good as possible. We wrote down a few notes for a short script on what we would say. The project included three people, Jordan Garcia, Lisa Atkins, and myself. The soft, respective yet annoyed womanly voice belonged to Lisa. Her role for this assignment was to be the cashier associate for Fatso Burger. The talented British impersonated voice that you heard belonged to Jordan Garcia. His role was to be the picky customer at Fatso Burger. My role for the project was to be the audio editor. I used the headphones to listen to the feedback during the recording. We used a USB microphone. The microphone is used for like radio sessions and it had particular levels for gain. The importance of levels really took place in this project. In order to understand levels I did a little more research. This information gave me a better understanding of how to interpret and manage levels for audio.  The link discussed how audio equipment has dB scales,distortion, digital clipping and much more.

We used Audacity to do the recording and after a few test runs for audio levels and volume I took the file and edited it on Adobe Audition. I added a few sound effects to make the recording more realistic. I also included some back ground music to make it seem as if it was recorded in an actual restaurant. I really enjoyed doing this assignment. For one thing it gave me more knowledge on levels and editing audio. This makes me want to do more sound editing because its very interesting. Doing this project reminded me of the “All That” tv show that had a skit called Good Burger. There were similarities between Good Burger and Fatso Burger.