We’re On The AIR!

Yesterday, our CT 244 class all came together and went live on the DS106 live stream radio. To be honest, it was better than I expected! After deciding last week that we were all going to be a part of the radio show, each group quickly came together and started to rehearse and come up with their parts. Lisa and Khalil decided that they were going to be in charge of everything. Jason was our engineer of our show, while everyone else each who decided to be in the radio show, contributed their parts in each segment.


In the beginning, Maya introduced the show and introduced our class. Then, Khalil started his “Turn Down for What?!” segment. This segment was really fun to listen to. After that segment was complete, Alicia, Laywah, and I’s commercial came on, which was us discussing a little about each one of the Zodiac’s sign and how each of their personalities are.


Even though I was unable to stay for the entire radio show, my absolute favorite part was the segment where Melvin and Khalil both rapped. I had no idea that they could rap like that. They did a rap that they both personally wrote themselves. That just shows how creative they both are. It also shows how much thought they put into the radio show. When they were rapping, I could tell that how much passion they have. I liked how Melvin told the audience how he writes best when he’s going through a hard time. It made it look as though he had a strong connection with the listeners. When I heard Khalil’s rap, I was really impressed. He did an amazing job, and he’s a great rapper.


Lisa made a great host. She really should think about being a radio announcer. She showed great enthusiasm and sounded hyped, which is very important for the listeners because then they will enjoy listening to the show more. I would also like to thank Lisa for being in doughnuts for the class before our live show, that was really thoughtful and kind of her. 🙂 However, Jayson, who was our engineer was the most important part of this radio show. He controlled all the sounds, and switched us from “commercial” to “on the air.” He did a great job on that. 20140520_105737

Overall, I think our class did an extraordinary job with the radio show. Everyone who contributed did a great job. Thank you to Professor Smith for giving us the idea of a radio show, and also helping along the way. Our radio show was a success!      20140520_111239

Best Radio Show Ever!!

For the last day of class, mostly the entire class decided to do a  live radio show and other students contributed in different ways. The one thing i loved about this was the fact that when we started out the class the beginning of the semester, we were all complete strangers and the only thing we had in common was the fact that we all needed this class, but overtime we all grew into close friends who all learned from one another. Our radio show had the greatest hosts like Maya, Lisa, Klutch and Melvin who all did amazing! Two of my other classmates Stephanie and Laywah along with me contributed an astrology piece talking about all of the different signs, we also had a song verse where our DJ jaybiz would play

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the song and someone would tell what the song means to them.We also had a part of the radio show called “Turn down for what” where Melvin picked what was going on in the news and talked about it which was of course about Beyonce and JayZ, and what happened with the elevator incident.We also had Melvin and Klutch rap their own personal verses that they made. It was amazing to see so much talent in one room. Everything beforehand was hectic especially getting everything together but overall it worked out great. The radio show was something we all talked about and it was great to see it all come together especially for the last day of classes



What’s Your Sign?!


For this project, I had a blast! Laywah, Alicia and I all came together and decided to record a little information about each one of the Zodiac Signs. We would always have conversations about each sign and how they each behaved differently. Professor Smith then came up with a great idea that our class should all come together and create a radio show. Everyone was eagerly excited.

Everyone started discussing what they wanted to contribute towards the radio show and talked about who were going to be in charge. While discussing, Laywah came up with a great idea that we should do a segment on the Zodiac Signs, since we’re always talking about it anyways. Alicia and I, without hesitating, agreed to be a part of the idea. So Laywah quickly jotted down a little bit of what she knew about each signs and we decided to pre-record it, rather than going live on the radio show.

We used the Zoom Handy Recorder to record our information. After a few takes, we were finally satisfied with our recording. Laywah decided that she was going to edit the final piece and then we were good to go!


One thing that I would have done differently would be that we should have recorded a little more closer to the recorder because it sounded a bit far when listening back to it. The music in the background was too loud so it made it a little harder to hear us. Besides our editing settings being changed, I think we did a pretty good job. We each were fully dedicated and determined and we work well together! I’m glad to have been a part of this assignment. 🙂

Possibly the best day of school EVAR

Today we had our big radio show. The Ds106 Power hour. It was a exciting, if nervous experience.  The conception of which originally began with Klutch and I. But due to my absence on a specific Thursday leadership was put into the trusting hands of Lisa, who  organized the Google doc and was the main host of the show. Almost everyone in the class had an input, especially in the planning process, deciding who was going to be the host for which segment, which segment would go first. Getting all that organized was a hassle because it was sort of confusing in terms of who was doing what and when. But after much deliberation there came a solid outline for the live show.

Another trail that had to be overcome was, well; How exactly  we gonna stream this thing?  Among other things like what mics will be used and what programs will be used to stream. Jason was in charge of that mam the engineer of the whole operation.  Thanks to the Professor who helped us find a soundboard and mixer. Also  helping solve the problem of  how to operate  said equipment to live stream audio. The show was becoming more and more real with each passing day. Mock setting up how the chairs and mics will be placed. Recording Liawah’s commercial breaks. Then the day finally hit, 9:00am, a mostly unexpired crew in live radio streaming.


The hostes’ were absolutely wonderful. The first segment was the Donkey of the day where Klutch and Melvin talked about ridiculous stories in popular culture and mocked  celebrities. then there was the music discussion with Kewsi and Melvin in which they talked about music lyrics that meant something to them. In Melvin’s case he actually rapped a verse off of a song he wrote. And lastly there was the open discussion segment wherein Trone, Kwesi and I talked about the dangers and consequences of  an internet without Net-Neutrality. And it really hit me…..what we were doing was pretty awesome. I mean, running a live radio show in a college class? That’s pretty exciting for a Tuesday.

But the real fun was in the atmosphere of the room, the class is usually toned in that tough lough we-all-hate-each other-but-not-really vibe with the students but today it was really warm and inviting and we got to see creative, deep, and energetic sides of everyone who spoke on the mic. Especially with Melvin and Klutch free-styling. Singing happy birthday to Jason at the very end was also pretty amusing. It was a really fun experience and A great way to end the semester. Only shame was that this moment of pure fun and education through experience was not recorded. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will exist in the memories of those who participated.


The Finale

     First of I just want to say that class CT244 of spring 2014 was one of my favorite class for my first semester back in school. You guys really made this semester motivational and inspirational for me. I was real nervous coming back but you guys really helped me fight my anxiety. Thank you so much! ( sorry guys I can be a little emotional sometimes.) And good luck to all of you encase I don’t see some of you guys next semester.

     I had my doubts about the radio show and I’m sorry I did because WE ROCKED IT!! The entire class had to create a radio station that was being aired live; (with the help of Prof. Michael) on the york website. We came up with three segments which were, Segment1:Turn Down for What, commercial about zodiac signs, Segment2: Music Verse of the Day and Segment3: which was a discussion about upcoming fees being charged for social medias for faster service. The equipments that were used were directional mics, headphones, a mixer and computers. Everything was connect to the mixer which is what Jayson our Engineer for the show used to manage the volume of everything. Below is a short clip of Melvin rapping during the Music of the Day segment which I was the Host for.


     Over all it was a great experience to actually set up a mini radio station in class and broadcast live over the internet for people to hear us. We were all very nervous, but as we went along we loosened up and had fun.I enjoyed working with everyone, I would definitely do another radio show again.



DS 106 Radio Show

For my final project, I participated in a group project that included most of my colleges in the course. The main objective of the project was to host our own live radio show via internet. Jason was the audio engineer who handled the music that brought life to the show. The show consisted of three segments. The first segment was “Turn Down for What?” which was mainly a discussion of the latest controversial actions of celebrities or hot topics. In the show we included two guess appearances and they brought up two individual topics from today’s media.

For the second segment was about bringing in your favorite song or lyrics. This was the segment that I took part in. I brought in a sample of Lupe Fiasco’s “Pound of Flesh” and explained his metaphors. I also spoke about what I believed should be the true definition of an rapper or mc. I spoke about how rap artists should have deep metaphors and a deeper meaning behind their lyrics instead of simple repetitive topics such as clubs, girls, liquor, or fancy cars. Most of todays hip hop mainstream music is just for money and no greater significance. I chose Lupe Fiasco because he’s a conscious rapper who talks about society and other important issues. He could also be arguably one of today’s most skilled lyricist with meticulous use of play on word/metaphorical/poetic style. Other guess that took part on the segment was Melvin and Klutch. I recorded a little bit of both of their performances.

Later on in the show was the final segment which was an open discussion between Jordan, Trone and I. The topics that we spoke about was the control in which cable companies are putting onto the internet services. After the end of this segment one of the host, Lisa Atkins, closed us out and ended the show. Being apart of the show was a very grateful experience for me. It taught me exactly how much goes behind a live talk show. It showed me all the pieces it takes and planning that goes behind a radio show. It was so interesting that I wished during the semester we could’ve done more shows. I guessed we saved the best for last.

Astrology 101

This is a project that is proposed for the Radio show, and may be incorporated into the commercial section of it. This is the complete clip of our project. The Astrology Idea is a concept that has been discussed between Alicia ( ally4eva) , Stephanie ( Stephanie3393) and I for a past few weeks. We thought it would be interesting to talk about the twelve star signs. So we decided to write a script and record this project through a ZoomH2n. Overall we enjoyed doing this project, and felt that is was something very unique to do. Unlike all of our other projects where we need to find the sources of our projects. This project is purely original. The writer for this script is Laywah, and the two editor is Stephanie and Alicia.

This project is a very breif intro of all the twelve star signs, We did it in a very casual way. We recorded ourselves within a certain time frame, and was able to complete the project after 15 minutes. In preparation to our recording, we had praticed two times before hand. The setting we used for the recording was within the padded room. Though we had the door closed, and selected a setting ( 4 channel ) the volume of the noise outside was too high. Prior to the edit, the sound recorded had alot of background noises. There was no way for me to delete or mute the background noises from the background so I decided to incorporate a slow song instead.

With the slow song,the melody of it first chorus captures the audiences’ attention. And the audience may slowly tune into our voices, which I amplified to have it stand out from the music. The music was also auto duck, to have it compete less with our voices. After the levels of both the music video and our recording was adjusted. I decided to add a interesting twist to our music, This was to add on the WahWah effect.

I thought the Wahwah effect putted a very interesting twist to our recording. It was catchy and played along well with our time limited recording.

We hope that the piece of recording was fresh and enjoyable to all.

Disclaimer: Anything that is spoken of and broadcasted is purely for entertainment purposes, we are in no way assosiated with any occult organization.

Music Verse of the Day!

Hey Guys, HERE IT IS!!!

Couple of us has come together to get this live radio show on the road. The idea we came up with were two segments; first one: Donkey of the Day second one: Music Verse of the Day; you could choose one or do both. Kcantey513 has already posted up a blog about Donkey of the Day, so if you are interested please go check it out and leave your reply on what you would be interested in presenting on the show.


As for Music Verse of the Day– find a verse which is meaningful or Hot! to you. The verse could be up to 6mins long. You will then have to dissect the verse for us and explain why you chose it. If anyone is interested please reply ASAP so we could get this show going. IT WILL BE ALOT OF FUN!!!!

Misleading Teacups

The Tea Cup meltdown

The project was first discussed in class with my fellow teammate’s Jayson and Kahlil. The concept was developed during a discussion in class. After the idea was verified among my group members, we decided to start recording in the suit. It took one class session to finish. For this project we decided to do something different from then the projects in the DS 106 bank. The idea of our project was we will pretend that we are in the amusement park. After we record our own voices we will add the background noises of our desired environment. Our mission is to make this sound as real and as exciting as possible.

My team and I recorded inside a enclosed room; the editing suite. The materials we used was the MXL microphone USB 008m condenser Microphone. We connected the microphone usb into the computer and opened audacity to start recording. For the placement of our levels during recording, we gathered in a semi circle. Where Jason sat to the left of the microphone, I sat to the right, and Kahlil was to stand in the front. The microphone seems to pick up the sound around it well, for even as Kahlil was standing on a higher level away from the Microphone his voice for the recording was still clear.

In the beginning stages, we wanted to write a script but decided that it would be much more fun if we improvised on the spot. The sounds for the background was found on YouTube, and converted to mp3 format. The three background noises I used are:

In the beginning of our Audio, we tried to give the audience a visual idea of us entering into the amusement park through the usage of sound. The noise of the back ground is then edited to sound louder as we enter into the amusement park. In audacity, I used the fade in effect. As the audio of the story played, I tried to incorporate different sounds, giving the effect that we are walking pass all sorts of rides. I used the dialogue in the audio as my reference to which part of the park we were in. As the group enter the amusement park, the first site they pass through is the kid amusement park. In this area of the park there is the Tea Cup ride and the other rides. In order to fake the affect of the kiddie rides, I stripped from the video of the carnival where young children is screaming. The trio later continue their way into the amusement park, and goes to the teen section. The sounds of the teens were altered to echo and sound less sharp from the children screaming. For the end of the audio, sounds where the announcer speaks and the belt is clicked into place was stripped to give the sense that the trio is seated onto the roller coaster and ready to take off.

Friends Faking it to get to Fun Rides

This project was not found in the DS106 bank, but was an original idea which turned into a group project. So for this project we had 3 members for the group who were Laywah, Khalil and myself Jayson. The idea for this project was to create a story of three friends at an amusement park (Coney Island for example), and two of the friends manage to trick the other friend into going on a ride they don’t want to go on.

Laywah was the originator for this group idea and the one who added the sound effects, while Khalil and myself recorded the dialogue and edit the voices.

So to record audio we decided to use one of the editing suites and to employ one of the USB microphones to record our selves together. After deciding on the type of scenario we wanted to create, we proceeded to record the dialogue by improvising our parts instead of writing out our parts. This was preferred so we could have that authentic feel for speaking against each other and that the skit wouldn’t sound overtly stunted.

In the editing suite we all surrounded the microphone. I sat close to the microphone on the right, Khalil was standing directly away from the mic, and Laywah was on the right side of the mic. This placement was done to also add to authentic feel of the distance of the voices being recorded, to replicate an environment as if we were at an actual amusement park and someone was recording us as we had our conversations.