A Trip to Remember!!!!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab


One of the things I love about the new syllabus is the fact that we have field trips. For my second field trip I choose to go to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It was definitely a new experience and they had so much to offer. For my first field trip I went to the Museum of the moving image which was really cool, but the Sony wonder technology lab tops it all. When I entered I was given a card, and then I took my picture which was uploaded to the card so when I traveled through the lab I could scan my card and it allows me to do the activities they had all over the lab. One of the first activities my best friend Stephanie and I did was sending a message to another station in the lab. We created our own image and decorated it however we wanted. Then at the end of that activity we got to send it to another station where someone could receive our message. One of the other activities we did was this dance activity, where we went into this dome and the character would do the same dance we were doing.



That was pretty cool but the most exciting part of the entire trip was being a news reporter. The Sony wonder technology lab had this news center set up and you get the opportunity to be the reporter reporting the news. Stephanie and I did the activity and it was really interesting and exciting at the same time. The cameras were facing us and the lines came up to tell us the story we were reporting. We reported news about polar bears and their extinction in the world and what the viewers could do to help.

sony11 sony10

It was a very interesting activity because we got to live in the life of a news reporter. I always thought it was easy when I see it on TV, but it’s far from easy because you have to keep looking at the camera while reading properly. One of the difficult things about the activity was how fast the writing was going because you still have to read it at a pace where the viewers could understand what you’re saying. When we finished recording we got a chance to see it on the television on the other side which is the recording listed below. Another activity we did was getting to mix audio. It was a big room with a table set up and a small circle that could fit in your palm and it allows you to mix the audio playing on the table. We scanned our cards and then stated the activity. The song we had to do a mix of was Alicia Keys Empire state of mind. There were three other people in the room participating in the same activity. We all added our own melody to the beat of the song. We had choices of the guitar, bass, drums, and even jazz that we could add to the official song. When we finished the song is played back and it shows our picture and the things we added to make the song sound better. It was definitely a fun activity because who knew adding so much different sounds to one piece of music could make it sound like a completely different song. The song is an R&B song but when we were finished adding our beat to it, it went from R&B to hip hop then to country, jazz and a little techno. Overall it was an amazing trip with a lot of great memories. I wish we had more field trips to go on because the field trips give the students a more broader aspect of Communication Technology as a major and the places we get to visit have a lot of interacting activities for students of all ages.


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The Wonderful World of Sony

For the field trip I decided to go to the Sony wonder Tech Lab. The lab is entirely hands-on and interactive. The lab is something that will be fascinating to someone who loves technology. I found this lab interesting because its free and its an amazing experience to show the advance in technology.


One exhibit goes into detail and gives a diagram of the long history of technology. It shows from the original telephone to the playstation 3.  One of the stations allow you to add a number of instruments to a set beat. This the beat that a couple other people who were at the lab and I came up with.

The original beat that is used is empire state of mind by Alicia Keys.




I went on my first field trip to the museum and let me tell you this museum is like no other. What museum am I talking about? Museum of the Moving Image. Museum of the Moving Image opened in 1988 and the only museum that have everything from art to technology but before that the museum started back in 1970 where the foundation took control of the former Astoria Studios which was called The Astoria Motion Picture and Television Center Foundation.

Museum Of Moving Image


Everybody remember the Super Mario Bros that came out in 1985 for the Nintendo entertainment system. In 1985, according to the museum “it has breathed new life into the home video game industry. With the help of Super Mario Bros, the Nintendo sell 60 million units of the NESWP_20140328_004WP_20140328_003

We use different types of microphones weather its a Shure, Omnidirectional, Directional, Condenser, or any other type of microphones. So in the museum they have different types of microphones that was used in films, television shows and moreWP_20140328_009

Now the microphone that I recognized in this picture was the Shure, which in on the top to your left. This microphone is functioned by using time delay networks on sounds arriving at openings at the back of the mic making it control cancellation and producing a cardioid pattern.Also, the microphone is known to be on camera appearances in the 1950s. You probably this microphone used by a famous person who died a long time along Elvis Presley or in the 1950s  used for radio shows.elvis01 shr55arf


In 1913, the Motiograph 35mm Model 1A was introduced to the Enterprise Optical Company of Chicago which was discovered by Alvah C. Roebuck of Sears, Roebuck and Company. Who Alvah C. Roebuck? Just click on his name to find more information. Sears was started to sell Roebuck’s first motion picture projector, The Optigraphin 1898. The Optigraph can be used in Silent Film movie.WP_20140328_006

It was a great experience. Learning about the microphones, the film projector, the video games and much more I realize these things are incredible. Especially watching silent movies and only hearing the sound effects after every action that goes in the film. The one film I find funny was The Great Train Robbery  which came out in 1903 which was directed by Edwin Porter who was a former Edison Studios cameramen. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKv-LMfu4AY

One,Two,Three.. ACTION!!!


5Museum of the Moving Image Extension

One of the assignments on our syllabus is to go on a field trip and write about what you learned and possibly do something with audio because after all it is an audio class. For my field trip I decided to go to the Museum of The Moving images. It’s a really great museum and they have lost of interactive things for students and adults to take part in. The interior is all white. They have many displays of great historical yet fun things that would get the attention of a five year old to a person in their 80’s. Have you ever wondered how masks are put on in your favorite movies such as Mrs.Doubtfire? Well, the museum actually has the real costumes the actors wore to the exact makeup they used.


How about television?.. Well, you’re in luck the museum has the timeline that will trace you back to the first black and white television. They also added a new feature on the third floor which has a lot more cooler stuff for students and adults alike to interact with. As you can see in the pictures below the timeline goes back to televisions that were created before you were even born!


One of the most unique things they had was the interactive audio recording. The way it works is that you have to select a scene from many great movies such as Babe, Coming to America, School of Rock and lots more. At first you would get to rehearse the line and then you begin to record the line the character said in the movie. When you’re finished recording they play back the movie but with your voice saying the lines. How cool is that? It’s your chance to shine in the recording studio. This was an extremely fun and unique experience because you have to make sure you say your lines with the character or else it’s not recorded properly. Another great interactive activity they had was the idea of a flipbook. I know what you’re probably thinking “What is that? “ Well, you make any type of movement in front of a screen that’s recording you and then before you leave they make a flipbook of the movements you made. If you’re ever looking for a great museum with lots of interactions, you should definitely check out the Museum of The Moving Images. It’s going to be  an experience of a lifetime!

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For Radio, TV and Film from Long ago The Paley Center is the place to Go

Paley center

I had the privilege of going to the only Paley Center in the eastern side of the US, right here in New York City. The other one is in Los Angeles. The Paley Center was formerly known as The Museum of Television & Radio and before that the Museum of Broadcasting. It was founded in 1975 by William S. Paley, who was a chief executive for Columbia Broadcasting System and credited for building it up from a small radio network into one of the biggest radio and television networks in the United States.

The Paley Center isn’t your typical museum, as I thought there was going to be physical artifacts to see and touch. This museum is catered more to the media artifacts of audio from radio and video from television.

The above video clip is of President Roosevelt while he is giving his 1941 State of the Union address. This is one of the oldest clips I could find available in video online. The Paley Center provides a really better assembled library to explore. I was able to listen to an older speech from President Roosevelt, which was one from August 09, 1920 when he speaking in Hyde Park, New York as a then Democratic Candidate for Vice President. This particular audio was clear to hear the vocals, however there were also clear pips in between the vocal and I could also hear the wind blowing in the background.

Its amazing how much we have advanced in the medium of radio broadcasting and also audio recording. Even when you read the FCC’s, A Short History of Radio, you can appreciate the science that went into the research and development of equipment and devices for use with radio. The development also in the science of the technology for mobile not just studio equipment, which allows us to have in our current time from short wave radios usually used by companies, connecting employees in a short distance to our mobile cellular phones which allow us to freely connect with persons world-wide.

Lights, Camera…RECORD!


For my field trip assignment I decided to go to the Museum of the Moving Images.This is one of my favorite museums ever. It’s filled with tons of activities to be engaged in. When I first visited this museum it automatically made me excited to start my career in Communications Technology. I’ve seen many great exhibits about technology’s history and how it has evolved. It’s a very educational museum but fun.


My favorite exhibition at the museum was Behind the Screen. This part of the museum explains the history of the moving image. I experienced the many different forms of television and how it evolved throughout time. There were also artifacts which included makeup and costumes from various amounts of different films such as Mrs. Doubtfire.


The most entertaining activity at this exhibition was the recording of the voices. For this activity, we got a chance to be in a “recording studio” and got a chance to do a voice over for characters in different animated movies. First we would choose a movie that we want to record. After that, a scene from a movie will play and then we were given the chance to record that line (with subtitles at the bottom to read along too.) After we recorded the various lines from the movie, we got the chance to listen to a playback of the scene with our voice.


For my movie, I chose to record from The Wizard of Oz. It was really fun because I tried recording it in different voices and accents which made it sound really funny. Some of the lines that I recorded were “Todo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…We must be over the rainbow!” This was a great field trip. This museum is a great place to go visit, especially CT students. I’ve learned a lot and enjoy doing “behind the screen” type activities. It’s really enjoyable.

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