I want a commercial, that’s just the right amount of cheesy, FOR ME

So I made up yet another Ds106 assignment. This time it was to make a fake radio commercial for York College. Now, if it’s one thing I know I do a lot. Is watch a lot of daytime TV, and when in this state of viewing (for the most part) worthless nonsense you tend to see some ridiculously cheesy commercials. And more often then not, they tend to be education programs.

Some have jingles

While others try and go the down and out person looking for a school that has WHAT THEY NEED AND CLASSES FOR THEM! And they want YOU to get of your lazy bum and get into class.

So I wondered, ” What if I made such a commercial for Cuny York?“. Enticed by this interest I gathered three of my friends and forc–I mean, volunteered them to say canned cheesy lines to go perfect with a cheesy radio commercial. A common theme in these types of commercials tends to be how the person in question did want just any other school. So I thought to be as generic as possible. Part of the joke being that the commercial gives actually no real information at all. Also there was an importance on delivering each line as cheeky and peppy as possible.

It wasn’t exactly all that easy to get good recordings from my assistants. Of course when your working with anybody on something that is suppose to be comedic (or even not comedic) laughing is going to happen. Whats interesting though is how confident each of the people I recorded felt at first but when they actually had the mic facing them and the tape recording they mumbled words, forgot lines, and even froze for a second and said “wait”.  It’s always an interesting dynamic when working with people who aren’t used to having themselves recorded.

I used my all time favorite recorder the Marantz 660pmd to record and  Audacity to edit this project. I recorded small 5-10 sec of my voice actors talking as to make it easier for editing and piecing together the sound bits and using interloping different voices so I can one persons lines about york and cut the next persons lines smoothly.

The song I used was “Sense” by  independent 3 piece jazz band  House Of Waters off of their latest album “Revolution”  (which you should totally buy or at least listen to). I thought the song had a real….education-y-library-esq- I wanna learn-good for a commercial-kind of inspiring-vibe to it. I’ve seen these guys live before and I got so hooked I bought their album. Some real good stuff.


An average morning in the life of JoDan


This a little ditty I’ve been meaning to do. I wanted to tell a story of waking up and getting ready without  any (or at least as few as possible) words. I added a ds106 assignment   so if anyone is interested in taking a crack at it be my guest.

I used a Marantz 660 pmp and a uni directional mic to record. I wrapped the cords around me set up my pathway to make this recording. Had my door opened, any all props places where they should me to make my mobile audio set-up not interfere with the actual recording. My initial purpose was to tell a narrative of a typical morning routine of a slacker getting ready with just sound, using as little words as possible if any where even needed. And no outside sound effects, everything had to be recorded in the moment with things that where actually there.

I started with waking up in bed, tumbling and fumbling around, the bed is against the curtains so you hear the floundering of the curtains to see outside. Then it’s off the bed. Putting on the sandals, and getting out of my room. Then off to the bathroom to do, well….what people normally do when the first wake up….BRUSH THEIR TEETH….and well other stuff too (brownie points if you notice when listening to this there was no flush).

Then it was off the kitchen to make that ambiguous breakfast. I mean, who knows what I (or should I say the character in this narrative) was eating? Was it cereal and I was just heating up the milk in the microwave? Or was I pouring wheat thins next to my delicious hearty Swanson Brand “Hungry Man All Day Breakfast Platter”. Well, the world may never know.After that it was off to whats become apart of most our modern daily routine. Checking the internet.

Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this project, the real difficult part of setting up my environment and trying to get the right sound for recording. Walking around with my whole setup was an interesting challenge. A challenge I’m not really sure if I completed with much grace and finesse. But all that comes with practice.

How I tried to be like Family Guy’s creator

Final Project time here so I decided to do the, “All Me In The Scene” DS story bank. This assignment asked that we create audio for a scene, where I play all the roles with different voices and characteristics.

So I found this play here, a 10 minute play and it is entitled, “The Wedding Story“. I chose this one because it was funny to me with the characters speaking back to the narrator.

Now the person who came to mind first when I first started to think about doing this project was Seth MacFarlane. MacFarlane if you didn’t know was the creator of the “Family Guy” show. He also voices four characters on the show.


Above: Seth MacMarlane

What is also amazing other than MacFarlane being able to clearly voice characters on the show, he is able to do it so easily, slipping from one voice to the next with what seems like so much ease, as seen in the video below:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_YAx9FtPyg0
However when I came to putting this together I knew I was no where close to MacFarlane’s skill level, so I decided to record each character’s lines separately. I also watched this video which gave a brief set of tips on how to do voice overs good.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ce3CUn9HnRk This was not an easy task at all and I honestly kind of rushed it. But I think it was decent enough that you could distinguish and understand what is happening. I also could have added some effects but time was more against me in getting this done on time.
I would show you the lines for the skit, however I believe it is just too long to put into a post so I’ll give an excerpt from it, but you can still read the entirety of the play in the link at the beginning of the post.


by Julianne Homokay

STORYTELLER: (closing the volume) The End.  Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the bedbugs bite. What?  You want to hear another one?  But it’s a school night.  Okay, okay, just this once.  I’m such a pushover.  What type of story shall we hear? (ad lib. if the audience yells out suggestions) How about a fairy tale for our times?  A field of dreams fenced in by white picket, a story of the young man and woman we all hope to be someday? Too bad, that’s what you’re getting.

(The STORYTELLER opens the volume back up.  Lights up on BRIDE and GROOM in traditional garb standing on top of a wedding cake.)

Once upon a time there was a young woman, pretty as a day in June.

(The BRIDE does the royal wave.)

A young man stood by her side, smart as a whip and handsome as a polo horse.

(The GROOM salutes.)

They met in high school and fell in love on a merry day in May.

(The BRIDE and GROOM whisper to each other.)

Before long, the young man dropped to his knee, pulled a diamond from his pocket, and won the young woman’s hand in marriage.

BRIDE: Uh, excuse us, Mr. Storyteller?

(The STORYTELLER looks back at them, confused.  The BRIDE and GROOM smile and wave.  The STORYTELLER waves back.)

STORYTELLER: Moving right along.  With the blessings of their compatible—

BRIDE: Mr. Storyteller!

STORYTELLER: Excuse me a moment. (to BRIDE) Yes, what is it?

BRIDE: We didn’t exactly meet in high school.

STORYTELLER: Yes you did, it says so right here.

BRIDE: We met in a bar.

GROOM: And we dated on and off for five years while she experimented with foreigners.

STORYTELLER: How nice.  Well.  For our purposes, let’s say you met in high school, shall we? (back to the kids) So.  With the blessings of their compatible families, the young man and woman were to be Bride and Groom.




Magic Magic Cover – ColdPlay

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/150314811″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

This assignment, called Row Row Polyphony, is two melodies sung at the same time but at at different points.  I did a recording cover of the song “Magic” by Coldplay over a karaoke instrumental of the song.  The audio is a little rough towards the middle and my computer gets really loud, i need a cooler, plus I’m really not the singer type hehe. After two tries i was able to get it right.

Working with a Voice Recording program

There are plenty of free voice recording programs on the web, so i went ahead and downloaded one of them.  I downloaded a voice editor program called WavePad Sound Editor, it didn’t include much as it was just a trial version.  So i was not able to filter out any noise or add any special effects to the audio etc.  A problem i had during recording was with the microphone and it’s location on my laptop, my previous recordings were to loud and the noise spiked here and there, so i had to sing a bit low.  I also noticed after listening to the final recording that my singing isn’t completely in sync with the background instrumental, and it brings the melody a little off.  Nonetheless i thought it wasn’t a big deal, and i didn’t want to have to restart the whole recording, as my computer tends to get real loud.

Editing with Audacity


Now it was difficult at first trying to match the singing with the instrumentals, like i said previously the vocals were not completely in sync with the instrumental.  However after numerous attempts i finally got it close enough.  I didn’t have to work to much in audacity just did some small deletes here and there and exported the file as an mp3.

Interview Music Mash up

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/150204928″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

So this next assignment was an interview music mash up.  The idea here was to add a response to interview questions with snippets of songs.  I found this fun to work on, but had to make the audio clip short due to upload capacity.

I decided to use Jimmy Kimmel as the interviewer and the videos above are what i used as well.  I pretty much just converted the youtube videos above into mp3 format and did some small editing in audacity.  I didn’t really have an objective for this assignment, as to what i wanted to get from it or what i was going for.  It was a hassle in itself looking for the right interviewer for this.  In most of the interview videos i could find the interviewee would cut in before the interviewer was done with their question, this caused problems and would ruin the effect.  I also tried lowering the volume of the snippets before adding them to the track but this was more work and wasn’t necessary.

In my own critique and summary the audio came out great, however another problem that i had was trying to leave some space in between the interviewers questions before the snippet cut in.  For the sake of avoiding the entire clip sounded cluttered.  This may be noticed at the beginning of the audio, however it does turn out sounding great.

The songs in order are:

Chief Keef “I don’t like”

Drake “I got money to blow”

Jay z “Money Ain’t a Thing”

Pharrell “I’m Happy”

Martin Solveig & Dragonette “Hello”

Fitness and Workout.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/149894850″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true””true” /]

So this next assignment i choose is called sound effects story.  The purpose of this assignment is the create a story using only sound effects. This took some time for me to complete as i had to do some editing here and there using audacity.  I chose audacity because it is my favorite program opposed to adobe audition mixx, etc.  To begin i wanted to create a story of how a typical day going to the gym would be like with sound only.  Listening to the sound effects from the audio you may get an idea of what is going on. alarm_bed

Waking up to an alarm clock, then taking a quick shower and having some breakfast.


Well, steak isn’t really the type of food many people would want to eat for breakfast right before going to the gym, but it isn’t too bad  if topped with some good fast carbs like potato or white rice.  The body needs to absorb energy quick and fast carbs are a great source of energy.

After leaving the house and arriving at the gym, that’s where the fun begins.  Hitting the weights for an hour at most, 45 minutes at least,  it feels great.  Then after a long work out and returning home from the gym, the food that you decide to eat next is what determines a lot in your fitness regime.  Anyway the sound effects story that i created ends right after arrival at the gym.  Some of the audio effects i choose were higher then the rest and this was difficult to balance and correct as i am still learning some of the functions that audacity has to offer.  For the most, i edited mostly the length of some of the clips, as they were unnecessarily long.

This video was very helpful in some aspects of this assignment.  I found this website to be extremely useful and recommend it to anyone looking for a site with great sound effects.  Registering on the site doesn’t take to much time in addition.



During editing some of the effects i came across a video that was helpful.




You ever get one of those unwanted messages and you look at it and say WHAT THE HELL IS THIS? I DON’T NEED TO HEAR ABOUT THIS..

For this assignment, I decided to do TAKING BACK SPAM because I thought it was interesting and some of the spam I see in the email I just want to mock them. The point of this assignment is to find some spam: could be email spam, could be comment spam, whatever you want. Read it aloud. Make it your own. Try to make sense of it or make it more absurd than it already is.



I found this in my yahoo spam and it caught my attention because people always want to find something for their body weather its their hair, legs, ears, and of course their eyes. So since this product is about eyes why not have fun about it? I try to make the product sound like it is something important but at the same make it sound like every products is the same. If this was an important email then why did it end up in a spam? I did so many recording for this one spam and when I thought it was good I still re-recorded. I used the Zoom H2N for recording and Audacity to edit the audio, I use reverb to change it up a bit.

I decided to put up a youtube video of  a commercial of Hydrolyze and can I be honest? The video did not seem that interesting, it was not persuasive as I thought but like I said every products is the same.

[soundcloud url=”https://api.soundcloud.com/tracks/149667622″ params=”color=0066cc&auto_play=false&hide_related=false&show_artwork=true” width=”100%” height=”166″ iframe=”true” /]

It’s ALLIVVEE it’s aliiivvee the poem is alive!

This project which I’m doing is once again from the DS106 assignment bank. This Onomatopoeia assignment asked us to tell a joke, or a skit or anything similar that included as much onomatopoeias as possible so that we could add sound effects to the sound words. Words such as “boom”, “blast”, or “thud.”

So as I looking around for material to use I came across a site named Funny Poems For Free. Here I was able to find some good poems and the one I decided to use is by Denise Rodgers, who has been reading and writing poetry since she was 14.

The poem is a short poem entitled “Kaboom” from Rodgers’ book Great Lakes Rhythm and Rhyme. I chose it for it’s size and the action words it contained. I believed that it would give enough of a challenge to find the sounds that were appropriate enough to match the words.

I was lucky enough to find this great tutorial above here on how to record a voice over using Audition. As simple as it sounds, it is really easy to forget that you have to include things such as both input and output for audio, and overall his tutorial really simplified the basics of recording with Audition. I again used the MXL USB .008 Condenser Microphone. I decided to use this microphone again out of control I could have in recording directly into the computer and I honestly wanted to try recording on it again for a voice over since I last used it in the How to Catch The Busiest Cat in Action post. So here are the lyrics, from the poem:

Way in the past
the miners mined for ore.
They searched for copper, iron and salt,
for that and much, much more.

The bite
of dynamite
cut deep inside the earth.
The charge explodes revealing lodes
of minerals of worth.

The dust,
the air so mussed
went swirling through the sky.
It was a sight, the dynamite
that made the mountains fly.

The earth
was filled with mirth
so tickled by the boom.
The miner’s pleasure,
each newfound treasure
that followed each

by Denise Rodgers
I also hope that hearing the sound effects makes it seem as if you were in some sort of mine, even though that is hard to imagine if you have never seen or been in a real one before. However I encourage you to close your eyes and use your imagination more when listening to the project.

Donkey of the Day !

Ok so who is interested in participating in the Donkey of the Day subject for our Live Radio show? With this you grab a current event or trending topic that seems rather humorous or embarrassing and you talk about it and why it is hilarious or embarrassing. You also talk about the possible steps this person or thing could’ve did to change the outcome of that event. If you are interested comment this post!

donkey of the day