Words of Inspiration!

For my first assignment I decided to record an inspirational quote. The assignment on DS106 was to find a quote and record it. The quote I chose was “Be faithful to that which exists within yourself” by Andre Gide. The reason why I chose this quote was because while looking for a quote to record, this one stood out to me most. I believe that this quote means that you should always have faith in yourself and you shouldn’t always believe what others tell you. A lot of times we often have people who allow other people tell them what they should do and what’s wrong or right. However, we should always have full confidence in yourself and in anything you do.

h2n recorder

In order to do this assignment, I looked through numerous amounts of audio assignments on the DS106 website and this assignment was the first one that captured my attention. I used the Zoom h2n handy recorder. This recorder is my favorite recorder because it’s easy and simple. I recorded my audio in Channel 2 using the internal microphone on the device. I really liked this assignment because when I chose my quote to record, it gave me lots of confidence and it was very inspirational to me.

Let’s Start Over!

For the remaining of the semester I have came up with a plan on what I think I would do in order to pass the class with an A.

March 4- March 24:
– 3 Audio Projects = 45pts
– Field Trip #1 = 20pts
– Critique #1 = 20 pts

March 25- April 10:
– 3 Audio Projects = 45 pts
– Service #1 = 20 pts
– Critique #2 = 20 pts
– Present/Tutorial #1 = 20 pts

April 11- May 5:
-3 Audio Projects = 45pts
– Field Trip #2 = 20 pts
– Comments = 40 pts

May 6- May 20:
– 1 Audio Project = 15pts
– Present/ Tutorial #2 (group)= 25
– Service #2 = 20pts

– Random Attendance (5 Days)= 25 pts

My Total points also including my blogs for each project would be 622 pts, which would give me an A in this class!

Unique Sounds

Our assignment this weekend was to choose two different locations outside of school, one indoor and one outdoor, and record our surroundings for about 5 minutes. For my outdoor recording, I decided to record by the bus stop I was waiting by. To record my sounds I used the Zoom h2n Handy Recorder. The Zoom h2n Handy Recorder is a handheld device which is pretty simple to use. It consists of Mid-side stereo mode, XY stereo mode and 2ch and 4ch, which are the different modes it can record in. The Zoom recorder is an auto gain and there are three kinds of compressors and limiters. With my recordings, the sample rate was 44.1 KHz and the bit rate was 16. The file format was in WAV. This recorder has an internal mic so I didn’t need a separate mic to record the sounds.
At the bus stop, there was plenty of ice on the sidewalk, so if you listen closely, you can hear the crushing of the ice as people were walking by. You can also hear many cars and buses passing by.

One day I decided to take my little cousin to McDonald’s for lunch. As she was eating, I realized we were sitting right next to the PlayPlace area. In this recording, you can hear the music in the background as well as the children who were playing in the play area. You can hear the kids having lots of fun as they were playing. I enjoyed recording this area because I never actually paid attention to all the different sounds at McDonald’s.

A Cup of Coffee, Please?!

This week our assignment was to continue recording an area of our choice. However, this week we were given different partners and we had to use a different type of recording device. This week my partner was Jayson. Jayson and I both chose the Marantz PD 670 01 as our recording device and a Shure sm58 as our mic.
MarantzSHURE SM58

We started off by looking up what exactly was a Marantz PD 670 01 and we of course found the manual online. We started reading the manual and experimenting with the device and it’s different settings. This device had so many different settings which took us a while to figure out the exact setting we needed to do our assignment. We ended up setting our device to LR Mono which recorded our sounds in a mp3 format, sample rate of 44.1kHz and the bit rate was 32kbps.
We then hooked up our mic to the recording device. The Shure sm58 is a a unidirectional, cardioid , dynamic transducer. It uses +48V phantom power from the recording device, and has a frequency response of 50 to 50,000 Hz. After we hooked up our mic, we both went around the campus looking for areas to record. However, we had to go to places which had an outlet to plug our device in. My 5 minute recording (above) took place in the Starbucks on the 2nd floor. It was embeded as a .mpg format. In the recording you are able to hear the student’s talking and the busyness of the area.

I honestly didn’t like the recording device that Jayson and I used. It was kind of complicating to figure out especially with the amount of settings it had. It was also hard going around choosing a location to recording because our options were limited since we had to look for outlets. However, it was fun listening to our surroundings through the headphones, I felt like a spy!

Listen Closely!

Have you ever listened closely to the different sounds around you? Well in class, our assignment was just that! We first started off with exploring different recording devices. Many of the devices I wasn’t familiar with so we were given the opportunity to try and figure out how to use them. We went online and learned more about our device and learned many different things about the device. After we explored, we set out in pairs and walked around the school and chose an area to record. While recording, one person listened without the headphones and recording device while the other one did. We noticed that the recorder picked up many other sounds that we never thought we would really hear. My area that I chose was near an escalator. If you listen closely, you can hear the sound of the escalator as well as students talking. Another interesting sound was the sounding of the foot steps, and even dangling keys. This focused lesson made me realize that there are indeed lots of other sounds in my surroundings that I never paid attention to.

My least favorite part about this assignment was honestly learning about the device. It took me a long time before I actually learned about what it really does and the many different settings that it had. It was getting a little frustrating because I felt as though I would never get it, however with the constant playing around and the help of the internet and my partner, I finally learned many things about the device that I didn’t even know about it.