Critique #2

For this blog post, I decided to critique Jaybiz’s (Jayson) post How to Get Goulding Singing to Good Ole Soca and Melswimsgood (Melvin) post 5 Song Music Mashup (Girl).

For Jayson’s post, I liked the fact that he used two songs from two different genres and tried to mash them up, rather than using two songs from the same genre, which is more typical. The two songs that he used was Too Real and I Need Your Love. I liked the fact that he used Too Real, because as a soca lover, it was surprising to me that he mashed that song with I Need Your Love, which is a more slower beat. His mashup was very unique. At first when I listened to the audio, I was thinking that it sounded a little weird, but after reading his post, I finally understood his reason behind what he was doing. It was very creative of him. I loved the fact that he included very precise details about his project and the different steps he took when doing it.

For Melvin’s post, I liked how he decided to do a mashup of the word “Girl” rather than doing a mash up of two or more songs together, which is what most students did. It was a very creative idea. I liked that he included links to all the songs that he used so that the viewer know’s the names of the song, and could listen to each song so that they know exactly what parts of the songs he decided to use in his audio assignment. However, the only thing that I would have liked to see was his steps that he took in completing the project. I felt as though his post could have been a little more detailed, just so that the reader has a better understanding of all the hard work he had to do to complete his project.

Both Melvin and Jayson did an excellent job on their assignments! They both did mashups, that’s why I decided to critique the two and compare them. While Jayson wanted to just mash two different genre’s together, Melvin just simply mashed one word from different genres of song together. Even though Jayson used Mixxx and Melvin used Audacity, both assignments came out to be a success! Great Job Guys!

We’re On The AIR!

Yesterday, our CT 244 class all came together and went live on the DS106 live stream radio. To be honest, it was better than I expected! After deciding last week that we were all going to be a part of the radio show, each group quickly came together and started to rehearse and come up with their parts. Lisa and Khalil decided that they were going to be in charge of everything. Jason was our engineer of our show, while everyone else each who decided to be in the radio show, contributed their parts in each segment.


In the beginning, Maya introduced the show and introduced our class. Then, Khalil started his “Turn Down for What?!” segment. This segment was really fun to listen to. After that segment was complete, Alicia, Laywah, and I’s commercial came on, which was us discussing a little about each one of the Zodiac’s sign and how each of their personalities are.


Even though I was unable to stay for the entire radio show, my absolute favorite part was the segment where Melvin and Khalil both rapped. I had no idea that they could rap like that. They did a rap that they both personally wrote themselves. That just shows how creative they both are. It also shows how much thought they put into the radio show. When they were rapping, I could tell that how much passion they have. I liked how Melvin told the audience how he writes best when he’s going through a hard time. It made it look as though he had a strong connection with the listeners. When I heard Khalil’s rap, I was really impressed. He did an amazing job, and he’s a great rapper.


Lisa made a great host. She really should think about being a radio announcer. She showed great enthusiasm and sounded hyped, which is very important for the listeners because then they will enjoy listening to the show more. I would also like to thank Lisa for being in doughnuts for the class before our live show, that was really thoughtful and kind of her. 🙂 However, Jayson, who was our engineer was the most important part of this radio show. He controlled all the sounds, and switched us from “commercial” to “on the air.” He did a great job on that. 20140520_105737

Overall, I think our class did an extraordinary job with the radio show. Everyone who contributed did a great job. Thank you to Professor Smith for giving us the idea of a radio show, and also helping along the way. Our radio show was a success!      20140520_111239

What’s Your Sign?!

For this project, I had a blast! Laywah, Alicia and I all came together and decided to record a little information about each one of the Zodiac Signs. We would always have conversations about each sign and how they each behaved differently. Professor Smith then came up with a great idea that our class should all come together and create a radio show. Everyone was eagerly excited.

Everyone started discussing what they wanted to contribute towards the radio show and talked about who were going to be in charge. While discussing, Laywah came up with a great idea that we should do a segment on the Zodiac Signs, since we’re always talking about it anyways. Alicia and I, without hesitating, agreed to be a part of the idea. So Laywah quickly jotted down a little bit of what she knew about each signs and we decided to pre-record it, rather than going live on the radio show.

We used the Zoom Handy Recorder to record our information. After a few takes, we were finally satisfied with our recording. Laywah decided that she was going to edit the final piece and then we were good to go!


One thing that I would have done differently would be that we should have recorded a little more closer to the recorder because it sounded a bit far when listening back to it. The music in the background was too loud so it made it a little harder to hear us. Besides our editing settings being changed, I think we did a pretty good job. We each were fully dedicated and determined and we work well together! I’m glad to have been a part of this assignment. 🙂

Critique #1

Alicia has created many different blog posts. For my post, I would be critiquing one of her post entitled Never Stop, Never Rest until Your Good Gets Better & Your Better gets BEST! The reason why I chose this post was because I’ve personally seen how much time and effort she has put into this assignment. I like how in the beginning of her post she includes what her assignment was. It was also a good idea including the message that she was trying to come across in her mash-up. However, while listening to her audio piece, after listening to the mash-up, there’s a long silence that just kept playing. Maybe if there was some type of way to edit that part out, it would be great. With the long silence I felt as though there was something missing that I wasn’t able to hear and it left me wondering for quite some time.

Another thing that she should have included was more information on Pro-Tools. It would have been a great idea if she went more in depth about the different steps she took in Pro-Tools which resulted in the mash-up and explain more about any specific difficulties she may have been faced with. Besides the fact that her post could have been a little more detailed, I think she did an amazing job on her song mash-up. It was a great idea including each song into the blog post, as well as talking about the messages behind each song that she choose. Great Job!

For Melvin, I was going through his blog posts and came across another mashup that he created. The name of his blog post was 2 Song Music Mashup. His mashup consisted of two songs by the artist Pharrell. The two songs were “Happy” and “Get Lucky.” What I loved about this mashup was that he included two songs by the same artist. It made it a little more interested to listen to so that I can hear how well he put the two songs together. Melvin did an outstanding job mashing the songs together because they both went well together. However, I think it would been a little cool if he switched back and forth with the songs more because I felt like I was listening to one of the songs for a while before it switched over to the next song. Another thing was maybe he could have included a little more information in his blog post explaining his step by step process in completing the mashup, it would give the viewers an idea of what he went through while doing the mashup. Other than that, I believe Melvin did a great job.

For Alicia and Melvin’s project, they both did an excellent job in their mashups. Both used ProTools to complete their mashups. While Alicia took a different route and mashed a few songs together, Melvin just did two songs. They both said that it was a little difficult doing the mashup, however they both did a great job!

Let’s Get Mixin’!

At the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, there’s lots of different exhibits which you are able to explore. This museum includes different activities which teaches you about the different ways in which technology works. It gives a hands on experience for its’ visitors so that they too can be able to bring their ideas to life!


The Sony Wonder Technology Lab was opened on May 25, 1994. This museum is operated as well as funded by the Sony Corporation of America. At this time, the museum was mostly focused primarily on Communications Technology. This allowed the visitors to learn more about electronics devices and how they worked. However, by October of 2003,  the museum expanded including more exhibits on music, movies and even games. By October 2008, the SWTL introduced 14 new exhibits. This expansion gave the museum a better name. Not only was it about technology, but also entertainment. Today, this museum carries many different exhibits in which its visitors can partake in. Not only is it filled with lots of fun and excitement, but it’s also really educational.

sony9 sony7

For this assignment, I decided to go to the music mixing section. At this station, I was given the opportunity to create my own different mix to a song sang by Alicia Keys. In June 2011, the lab opened up a new exhibit known as the Music Mixer. At this exhibit, the visitors are interactive with a virtual version of Grammy winner, Alicia Keys. She gives a little clip from her song, “Empire State of Mind” and allows the participants to put their own little mix to it.

Music-Mixer For this activity, I was allowed to choose from a variety of instrument tracks from different genres which included Hip-Hop, Latin and much more! After choosing the genre, we was given the option of how high or low we wanted the range to be. After selecting your new “add on” you simply dragged it out into the song so that you can hear your mix in the song. This was a fun activity because it shows you all of the different ways that people mix music and the many different options they usually have to choose from. When making a song, it includes lots of thinking and creativity just to get the song how you imagined it to sound like.


I really enjoyed this activity because I learned a lot. The most important thing that I learned however was to LISTEN CLOSELY. Sometimes I had problems in the activity because I wasn’t able to listen to what kind of sounds I was making. It made it extra difficult because I wasn’t the only one there. There were 5 other people also making their own twist to the song and adding it into the song. We had to work together as a team in order to make a fantastic mix, however our mix at the end sounded kind of jumbled up. Aside from this situation, the activity was lots of fun and gave me an incite of what it’s like being a music producer and even a DJ! I would love to visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab again soon!

You’re on THE AIR!

For my field trip assignment, I decided to attend Sony Wonder Technology Lab. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is an amazing museum filled with TONS of incredible activities to be involved in. This museum is free for all ages. Located in mid-town Manhattan, this lab teaches people about the different types of technology and how they really work.

filename-img-6252-jpg    When my friend Alicia and I first arrived to the lab, we were first told to “Log in.” In order to log in, you were giving a card which you had to scan on a computer and the computer then takes a picture of you and asks you questions such as your name and it allows you to basically personalize your own profile. After completing this process, your card is now officially programmed so that you were able to be involved in the different activities that the museum had to offer. Before conducting any activity in the museum, you had to first scan the card. After programming our card, we then set off into the museum to see what it was all about!


One of the activities which we did was “Programming a Robot.” For this, we were assigned a specific robot and we were giving an opportunity to program the robot however we wanted too. We were given different options of how the robot could react to certain issues and we chose how we wanted it to act. It shows the different ways in which robots think, act, and sense different things around them. This was a fun activity because I learned more about how specific a human has to program certain technologies so that it responds the way we want it to.


At another station, we went to the Animation Studio. At the section, we we allowed to animate our own story line. We chose a character and then we were able to control how we wanted to character to look, its facial expressions and even its every movement. After we created our character, we also got to create the environment. That allowed us to choose different colors, lights, and even the weather (fog, snow, etc.)


However, aside from all of the different activities, my absolute favorite was HDTV Studio Exhibit. At this exhibit, it was set up just like a television studio. There were 2 camera’s which 2 different people can control and there was a table and a few chairs for the “reporters.” For this activity, we were told that the cameras will have our lines which we were assigned to read. At first we was given a chance to rehearse. After a quick rehearsal, we were given the countdown on when to start speaking our lines because we were “on the air.”



Our topic which we talked about was on Polar Bears. We had to talk about how because of global warming, polar bears are predicted to become extinct in the next few years. We then had a portion which we had to pretend like one of the reporters was actually on site at one of the places and talking about how bad the polar bears lives are becoming. We then “went back to the studio” where we summed up our reports and talked about the different ways in which the viewers can help protect the environment which will eventually help the polar bears.20140422_111152[1]



This felt so amazing. I was able to better understand what exactly goes on in a recording studio. I now have a better understanding of what it feels like being on camera in the studio. The hardest part for me honestly was reading the lines off of the screen and looking into the cameras. It was even harder because I had no clue of what topic I was going to be talking about and what I had to say. I wish I was able to redo this activity again because it was so much fun. (Too bad for the long line and wait!) This is a great museum and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in any type of technology. I wish that my video of the final results from the recording was able to upload onto the website. The file is unfortunately too large to upload. But I do hope to visit it again soon!


A New Start!

So far in class I’ve learned about ProTools. It has helped me a lot because it’s a great software to use to do lots of my audio projects. I want to learn more about different other software programs that professor has left to show us. I’m especially excited to finally go into the studio. Hopefully it’s SOOOON!!!!

March 25- April 10:

– Service #1 = 20 pts
– Critique #2 = 20 pts

April 11- May 5:
-3 Audio Projects = 45pts
– Field Trip #2 = 20 pts
– Comments = 40 pts

May 6- May 20:
– 1 Audio Project = 15pts
– Present/ Tutorial #2 (group)= 25
– Service #2 = 20pts


Lights, Camera…RECORD!


For my field trip assignment I decided to go to the Museum of the Moving Images.This is one of my favorite museums ever. It’s filled with tons of activities to be engaged in. When I first visited this museum it automatically made me excited to start my career in Communications Technology. I’ve seen many great exhibits about technology’s history and how it has evolved. It’s a very educational museum but fun.


My favorite exhibition at the museum was Behind the Screen. This part of the museum explains the history of the moving image. I experienced the many different forms of television and how it evolved throughout time. There were also artifacts which included makeup and costumes from various amounts of different films such as Mrs. Doubtfire.


The most entertaining activity at this exhibition was the recording of the voices. For this activity, we got a chance to be in a “recording studio” and got a chance to do a voice over for characters in different animated movies. First we would choose a movie that we want to record. After that, a scene from a movie will play and then we were given the chance to record that line (with subtitles at the bottom to read along too.) After we recorded the various lines from the movie, we got the chance to listen to a playback of the scene with our voice.


For my movie, I chose to record from The Wizard of Oz. It was really fun because I tried recording it in different voices and accents which made it sound really funny. Some of the lines that I recorded were “Todo, I don’t think we’re in Kansas anymore…We must be over the rainbow!” This was a great field trip. This museum is a great place to go visit, especially CT students. I’ve learned a lot and enjoy doing “behind the screen” type activities. It’s really enjoyable.

maxresdefault (1)20140321_111107

A Bed of Clouds

My third audio assignment I decided to record a poem. It took me a while to find an interesting poem that captured my attention. While searching for one, I came across this poem by Ashley L. May entitled “A Bed of Clouds.” This poem touched me because it was written from the narrator’s point of view. She explains how she tends to dream a lot. When she dreams, she dreams of nothing but happiness instead of a life with pain. The reason why this poem automatically connected to me is because I often wish I can escape into a different world away from reality where everything is “perfect.”


Recording this assignment was kind of difficult for me because I’m still not comfortable yet recording my voice. I used the Zoom h2n to record this assignment. I recorded it on channel 2 using the internal mic which is on the device. I honestly had a few issues recording this poem because I kept messing up the words. One thing that I would change however on my recording would be to read with a lot more expression. Listening back to my piece now I realize that it sounds kind of mono-toned. This assignment surely made me realize many different ways I could have done it better. I can’t wait to start my next assignment because these past assignments has thought me a lot about audio and the different ways I can improve myself and my assignments.

Zoom rec 2

Take Me to the PARTYYY!!! download This assignment was really funny. “911, What’s Your Emergency” we had to pretend as though we were calling 911 but for an outrageous reason. For my recording, I had my friend Alicia record “911, what’s your emergency.” Then I responded back as though I had a party to attend and needed a ride. I was honestly nervous while recording because I’m not the type to record my voice (don’t like the sound of my voice on audio) but I had too. While recording this audio assignment with the Zoom h2n, I recorded using channel 2 using the internal mic. One thing that I would have changed about my recording was to speak a little louder with more excitement so that it sounded more cool. I would really like to do some more “911 calls” with different other scenarios with more excitement.