Sound Production Power Hour

For our last day of class we decided to conduct a live on-air radio show. Most of the class got involved in the setup and creative process so it was pretty cool. Also, shout to DJ Jay Biz he did his thing. (give him extra points for working the switch board) On Thursday we came up with a layout of how the show would run for Tuesday. I was really surprised by everyones ideas in our class, they were very creative.



As a host for the show, I introduced our first segment titled “Turn Down For What.” This phrase is pretty common in hip-hop and pop culture today so it was only appropriate to come up with this title for our segment. “Turn Down For What” basically means, acting reckless or not giving a damn about matter what. There’s even a video for it but I will warn you, it’s VERY VERY WEIRD.. and CREEPY.


I really enjoyed listening to the commercial Leh-wah, Stephanie and Alicia made for daily horoscopes. We also had two special performances from Melvin and “Klutch” which was cool in the lyrics segment. I wasn’t expecting people on DS106 to actually hear us on the show but we had a good crowd of listeners tuning in. Overall it was a great experience and we could definitely do this again on day. Actually, you should require all your classes to do an end of the year group radio show. I think the outcome would be pretty entertaining.

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The Twisted Nightmare





For my sound project, I decided to create my version of a nightmare. The process of creating this mashup was really fun. This idea came from an audio bank project on the DS106 website. I used different audio clips from that gave off a “creepy,” “horror” feel. Me personally, I’m a HUGE fan of horror movies. “Insidious” and “A Haunting in Connecticut” are a few of my favorite movies to watch.

The sound clips I used were on I setup an account and took some time to google keywords such as “Screams,” Laughter” and “Walking.” The whole dream is a story from beginning to end. In the beginning you can hear the person playing and walking through a field as the nursery rhyme dies out. Embedded throughout the track I sped up the heartbeat and pattern of breathing through Audacity. I also used sounds that were played backwards in order to create a creepy effect. At the end of the nightmare I added a slice clip to show that the listener has reached the point of no return.. Mwuahahahahahahaaa!! (evil laugh)


My goal of this project was to scare the hell out of you guys. This definitely creeped me out when I first heard it playback all together. Although this project isn’t a movie, I wanted listeners to actually feel like they were apart of the nightmare. Sounds often trigger fears. In this article by The New York Times it describes how sounds trigger emotions and may cause people to have frequent outbursts of rage or sadness.

I used Pro Tools to combine my clips to create my project. I’ve never used Pro Tools before so it was really interesting putting together this masterpiece. I don’t think I’m a pro at Pro Tools (wink, wink) but I would probably use it again. I’m more of a fan of Audacity as compared to Pro Tools because Audacity is much more simple. Their aren’t a lot of buttons and knobs to control audio. Overall I had a great time making this “NightMare” and I hope you guys also find it very creepy. PLEASE SHARE!

Re-Edit Senior Year Syllabus

Here is my updated Syllabus for the remainder of the semester:

March 25- April 10:

  • 1 Audio Assignment
  • 2 Critique Blog Post Comments
  • 1 Exam

April 11- May 5:

  • 1 Field Trip
  • 1 Service Assignment
  • 1 Audio Project

May 6- May 20:

  • Final Exam
  • 2 Critique Blog Post Comments
  • Possible Field Trip/ Self-Presentation


  • My workload is pretty realistic and small. I’d rather create resume material work than rush together horrible projects to end up receiving a sloppy grade. The semester is quickly coming to an end so I’m going to try my hardest to accomplish what’s left of it.
  • So far I’ve learned how to use Audacity and Pro-Tools but I don’t know how to use it to nor understand it’s full potential. I want to learn more about production meaning, editing raw files including video. Maybe as a class we can film our own show/movie in the studio and edit pieces of it in teams, that would be very helpful. I want to learn more about software programs that will definitely make me stand out from my competitors in the real world.

Do You Wanna Build A Snowman?

For my audio project, I decided to go ahead and create a song mashup.

First, I figured out exactly which songs I was going to use and how they would incorporate with one another. In my opinion thats the essential purpose of creating a song mashup, the relationship between the songs. The movie “Frozen” has been a big hit, especially at the Grammy’s. I watched about 20 minutes of the movie at home and turned it off because it was so cheesy I couldn’t take it anymore but it’s one of the best movies of the year at the moment, just not for me.

Frozen_21The track from this movie is called “Do You Want To Build A Snowman.”During the movie Elsa begged and begged for her sister (Anna) to come outside and build a snowman with her. As you hear during the track,  Elsa is very persistent. During the movie Anna did not respond back to (LEFT)Elsa at all so I decided to come up with commentary for what Anna (RIGHT) might have said during that scene.



As far as my goals like I previously stated above, I wanted to make sure my listeners were able to make the connection between the songs I chose for the mashup. I read an essay recently on The Logic of “Mashup” in culture. Mashups were designed in the 1990’s from DJ’s. It was seen as a backlash/taboo against societies norms.

The songs I used in the mashup were:

1. Michael Jackson- Leave Me Alone

2. Shut Up- Black Eyed Peas

3. Because Of You- Kelly Clarkson

4. Guns N’ Roses- You’re Crazy

5. City & Colour- Waiting

6. Beyonce- Drunk In Love

7. Baeur- Do The Harlem Shake

After listening to my project, I hope you were able to distinguish the message I was trying to get across with the lyrics and clips I incorporated into the mashup. I used audacity to import my mp3 files and edited all my tracks on audacity as well. This was actually my first time using Audacity and I learned by playing around with buttons (Not using a tutorial), I usually use Windows Live Movie Maker so this is definitely a step up for me.

Music in general has different emotions. Songs can make you angry, sad or happy. In my case with Elsa and Anna I played the role of Anna, the older sister who views her younger sister as an annoying psychopath. That also was one of my overall influences because of an article I read online called “Does Music and Lyrical Content Influence Human Behavior.” Hopefully you guys found the mashup funny or entertaining, I know I did!

That Senior Year Syllabus

Here is my overall plan for the rest of the semester. I plan to fulfill every requirement, I’d rather make all my posts Level 3’s than sell myself short.

March 4- March 24: 

  • 3 Audio Projects AND 3 Level 3 Blog Posts
  • 1 Field Trip
  • 1 Critique Blog Level 3 Format

March 25- April 10:

  • Group Presentation Possibility/ If Not Student Presentation
  • Attendance
  • 3 Audio Projects AND 3 Level 3 Blog Posts
  • Exam 1

April 11- May 5:

  • Blog Comments
  • Critique
  • Audio Projects

May 6- May 20:

  • Blog Comments Level 3 Post Responses
  • Field Trip
  • Service
  • Exam 2


Link 3 or more blog posts back to the DS106 Repository Contributions


I’m still honestly REALLY confused about the points system. It’s bad enough that I suck at math but I want at least an A or B+ out of this class. I plan to create engaging posts and responses in this class.

Torture of The Bursar Line

For our CT Project we were asked to pick 2 different locations to record audio. It did not matter where, but it had to be 5 minutes long for each clip. First me and Trone got our hands on a DR-100 MK II. We had absolutely no idea how to use this thing so we went to google and simply typed the name of the device in the search box. We then found a link on youtube that showed us how to turn the device on. We also found a PDF Manual on the company brand website. We put in the batteries, turned it on and it seemed to be working pretty fine. After playing with the recorder’s menu we figured out how to actually record using the internal mic and also how to playback our recording on the device itself.

We were told to use an external mic from our professor because the internal mic would not cover the range of sound that had to be recorded. We picked up an XLR cable and attached it to the XLR Microphone. Our device recorded WAV files and it came with 2 channels. We used the left channel to plug in our headphones, then we proceed to find a good location to record. We went to the college bookstore where we were basically kicked out because apparently it’s private property, so then we walked to the cafeteria and noticed all the miserable people standing on the Bursar’s Office Line waiting to pay their bills.

We got some audio of people going up the escalator, a screeching baby and a phone conversation (not our fault she was so loud) a few foul language here and there but overall it was pretty fun. Another thing, everyone that passed by us keep giving us the shady eye like were private investigators or something. I guess they felt uncomfortable, oh well. (Evil Smile)