Donkey of the Day !

Ok so who is interested in participating in the Donkey of the Day subject for our Live Radio show? With this you grab a current event or trending topic that seems rather humorous or embarrassing and you talk about it and why it is hilarious or embarrassing. You also talk about the possible steps this person or thing could’ve did to change the outcome of that event. If you are interested comment this post!

donkey of the day

Fighting at the Amusement Park



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I did a group project with Lay Wah and Jayson. In this project we created a scenario at an amusement park where we were arguing about which ride we wanted to go on. We created the setting by using our dialogue first and then we added the correct audio to back up our ideas. This was a fun assignment and it was very loose an it helped me become more creative with my ideas. The dialogue made the project way easier and we all had a hand in the project.

Derek Jeter Gets Ejected

derek jeter2

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With this project, I took a superstar baseball player named Derek Jeter and created a scenario that is highly unlikely for him. Derek Jeter has almost never got ejected from a game and he has never charged the mound after being hit by a pitch according to . Derek Jeter has always been a calm collective guy. So this project was hard trying to find ways to portray his anger. I used a bunch of audio clips from Derek Jeter’s at-bats and I also used audio bits from at-bats from other baseball players such as the famous Carlos Quentin and Zack Greinke fight


I used Bits from Derek Jeter’s first at-bat since his injury where they announced him formally and his 3000th career hit which is a great milestone To capture any kind of anger from Derek Jeter, I got a clip of Derek Jeter getting hit in the head while at-bat I put all of the audio clips from these videos and used it to create my own setting and event. I used adobe audition to do this and it was fairly difficult because of the lack of anger from Derek Jeter.

Bonus Points!!

My plan for this year will go as following:

March 4 – March 24

1 Audio Project and 2 Level 2 Comments + 1 Level 3 Comment

1 Exam

1 Field Trip

March 25 – April 10

3 Audio Projects and 3 Level Two Comments

1 Tutorial

1 Level 3 Critique

April 11 – May 5

3 Audio Projects and 3 Level Three Comments

1 Exam

1 Field Trip

1 Service

May 6 – May 20



DS 106 Repo

Library Commotion

In this portion of our class assignment I was partnered up with Lay Wah. This assignment became fairly easy because of our prior knowledge with recorders and mics. We recorded in a wav format again and since our recorder was made in the stone age we couldn’t figure out our bit rate. Our sample rate was selected at 24 Hz. We recorded everything on manual, especially the gain. We recorded on the Mono setting because the mic that we used was plugged into that setting. It was easier to get a clear and more depth of field recording than it was the first time I tried this assignment. In “Chilling in the Library” you can clearly hear everyone’s conversation and you can hear typing from nearby students studying. In “Sketches” we randomly recorded somebody drawing an assignment for their art class.

Library Commotion

Luncheon Noise!

In this class assignment, I had three group members who participated in sound test with various mics. We used a Zoom H2n Handyrecorder! Our assignment was to learn how to use the mic and put it together and record with great sound quality. This was fairly difficult at first but after a while we started to learn and with this we recorded environmental sound from York College’s cafeteria. In these WAV formats, there are recordings of various sections in York College’s cafeteria. We recorded sounds from the hall and we recorded sections inside of the bar where you buy food. This experience helped me grasp the importance of sound quality. In “Zoom0002.WAV” and “Zoom0003.WAV” you can hear sounds from various peoples conversations and you can also clearly hear the foot steps of busy students on there way to class. In “Zoom0004.WAV” and “Zoom0005.WAV” we recorded various sounds from the bar area where you purchase your food. There was a huge fan that took up most of the recording sound but you can hear sounds like the cash register and various conversations. Hope you enjoy.