York’s Marching Band

The most difficult part of recording the sounds was trying to gain knowledge on the recorder and to learn how to work the recorder. Even with the manual it was still complicated to realize the proper settings to have so we could record. The problem that we encountered was having the recorder in the wrong input. The input that it was set in was as though it had a microphone connected using an RCA cable. Which in fact needed to set in LRmono. The recorder was set up in LRmono, in mp3 format, and compressed.

As I walking around York with Lisa, we was trying to find a distinctive sound that we like. So we heard the escalators and we decided to record it. Some of the sounds we heard were people talking, people walking, running, laughing, and them ruffling with their bags. The frequencies that are heard is low and high frequencies. With the people being so far away they are heard in the distance.