It’s a Cole World

So i went to a J. Cole concert this semester. The concert was amazing!!! J. Cole is a great performer. He performed a number of songs. These songs ranged from fans who recently started listening to him to fan who have been listening to him for years. The songs he performed were Power Trip, trouble, Blow Up, Runaway, She Knows, Lights Please, Kenny Lofton, Lit, Land of the Snakes, Trouble, Forbidden Fruit, Let Nas Down, New York Times, Crooked Smile, Work Out, In the Morning, Can’t Get Enough, and Nobody’s Perfect.he had a couple other artist come out and perform. Those artist were Bas, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z.


















One thing i noticed during the concert was how the live performances sounded better that the recorded track. This came from how he had a DJ on the turntables, two back up singers, a drummer, a guitarist, and a couple violinist. One track that was noticeably different was the track called “Power Trip.” The recorded track and the live performace is below:

The difference in the tracks is in the live performance the violins can clearly be heard while they are not in the recorded track.


Overall I thought of it as a great experience from not just seeing my favorite artist but also hearingthe differences in the songs. In my opinion, live performances are more unique because of how much more effort go into the beat.

Promise to remember you

I decided to do the music assignment called music tag. The assignment required that I combine five songs into one. Finding the exact songs were hard for me. Also I didn’t remember the lyrics so I had to look them up. One huge problem i encountered was that I couldn’t use one song because of copyrights. So that caused me to have to switch the first song.

The songs i used were:

Promise by Ciara

Sing about me by Kendrick Lamar

Miss Me by Drake

You Are Not Alone by Michael Jackson

Dance With My Father by Luther Vandross

A Knight’s Night

So for this assignment I had to make a poem using homophones. The story that I was telling is about a knight that goes around collecting souls. I decided to add an instrumental to the background of the poem. The hard part was finding the right homophones to use. To help me know all the homophones i used this website.

The instrumental that I used is Land of the Snakes by J. Cole.

The Wonderful World of Sony

For the field trip I decided to go to the Sony wonder Tech Lab. The lab is entirely hands-on and interactive. The lab is something that will be fascinating to someone who loves technology. I found this lab interesting because its free and its an amazing experience to show the advance in technology.


One exhibit goes into detail and gives a diagram of the long history of technology. It shows from the original telephone to the playstation 3.  One of the stations allow you to add a number of instruments to a set beat. This the beat that a couple other people who were at the lab and I came up with.

The original beat that is used is empire state of mind by Alicia Keys.



Rock Human Nature

So I saw the ds 106 assignment about a music mashup. I was looking through my library and it took me a while to decide which songs I am going to use. So i finally decided to use Michael Jackson’s human nature and Aaliyah’s Rock the Boat. It took me a while to match up the songs together. I basically used my ear to line up the two tracks.I felt as though the track is a great collaboration of the two songs. Especially since both artist were well known for their R&B music.

Michael Jackson-Human Nature

Aaliyah- Rock The Boat

The Assault

I decided to do the ds 106 assignment called sound effects story. I decided to do a fighter jet flying by and attacking another fighter jet. I wanted it to seem as though the jet was flying by as it attacked. I made the jet seem as though it was was flying from one side of the headphones, attacking in the middle and leaving out the other headphone. Finding some of the sound effects were sort of challenging. It was a small option to choose from.

Every time i would export it the file would turn into silence. So I would have to start over. I fixed the problem by searching to see why this was happening. I read a forum that stated no characters should be used in the name of the file.

The Master Plan

March 4-March 24

  • 3 audio projects
  • Exam- sound waves and sampling
  • 2 ds repo assignments

March 25- April 10

  • Presentation
  • Field trip
  • 3 audio projects

April 11- May 5

  • Exam- microphone basics
  • Service
  • 3 audio projects
  • Critique

May 6- May 20

  • 8 constructive blog comments
  • Service
  • Field trip
  • 1 audio project
  • Critique
  • Presentation

The Wonderful World of Soundscapes




The assignment was to record for five minutes indoors and another outdoors. The outdoor recording was in front of York College. I manage to get a multitude of different sounds. The sounds consisted of people talking, cars going by and people walking past. The indoor recording was recorded inside my room. The sounds you could hear was the heating system, ticking of the clock, cars driving by and planes flying over head. However I had a huge problem with my indoor recording. It seems as though the recording was recorded so low that it is hard to hear it.

The recorder I used was the Marentz PD670 02. It is a fairly easy recorder once you understand how it works. The only downside about it is that it is fairly big. I also had to use an external microphone which was the smure SM58. The was able to filter out a lot of the wind that was happening.

Walking in the sand

The recorder that I used is the Zoom H2n Handy Recorder. It has an input gain from 0 to +39 DB. Has a lo cut filter with 80Hz high-pass filter. It only records in Mid-side stereo mode,XY stereo mode 2ch and 4ch. This recorder has auto gain. There are three kinds of compressors and limiters. The three kind of compressors are comp1(general), comp2(vocal),comp3(drum). The limiters are limit1(general), limit2(concert), limit3(studio). The sample rate is 44.1/48 KHz. The bit rate is 16 bit. File format can be put in WAV or MP3. This recorder has an internal mic that is directional and bidirectional. There is no transducer in this mic.



The zoom H2n recorder was actually easy to understand. The recordings that I got with my partner Kwesi. My recording was in the atrium by the stairs. My intention was only to get people talking but i manage to get a bunch of other sounds.The sounds that I got was people talking, a rolling cart, and people walking. The frequencies that i heard were really high and a little bit of low frequencies.