How do you take on Life ?…



The assignment I choose to do was the DS 106 “Quote a day”. The assignment was to pick your favorite quote and read it in your tone of voice that displays how the quote struck you. The reason I choose this assignment was because of the quote I read which was “Life is not a problem to be solved, but a reality to be experienced” by Soren Kierkegaard. The reason I choose this quote was because of what it meant to me.  In my opinion the quote is saying in life we’re all faced with obstacles but you can’t look at everything you go through as a problem but you have to look at it more as a lesson / blessing. In life we go through many different journeys’ that make us into a stronger individual. Life comes with the good and the bad. When going through life you can’t apply a negative aspect to every situation because it’s as if you’re expecting negativity to come out of it.The recorder I chose was the Zoom H2N ext Handy Recorder.I already had experience working with it that’s why I chose to work with it again. I chose to record myself speaking at channel 2 because it was a lot clearer for me to listen to. I’m well aware that at the beginning of my recording there was no noise. Even thought the recoding wasn’t that great it was my first time recording myself talking. So,this assignment overall was a really great learning experience and I look forward to doing another project similar to this one.When going through life you can’t apply a negative aspect. For example if you have a bad day, it doesn’t necessarily mean that everyday is going to be a bad day and your life is going to be horrible it’s just one bad day. When you’re complaining about the fact that you had a bad day there’s someone out there fighting for another day. Don’t look at every situation in life through a black and white camera lens. Look at it as if it was a color photo. Always remember there’s a light at the end of every rainbow meaning there’s always a positive aspect to every situation in life. It’s only you who could see it.


*** I enjoyed working on this assignment because of my love for quotes. I enjoy reading quotes because for me it’s a little pick me up especially when you’re having a bad day. I loved having a chance to share one of my favorite quotes with my classmates and to tell them the meaning behind why I chose this quote. We all know life is not something easy and not everyday is going to be perfect but you just have to something magical about the not so perfect days. In my opinion I should get an A+ or an A for this assignment because I was trying to achieve a Level Two blog post. Hopefully I did that! ***                        

Bonus Points!

After looking through the syllabus I really liked what I was seeing. Below is my plan for how I’m going to go on with the rest of the semester!

March 4th – March 24 :

3 audio Projects , Critique #1 ,Field Trip #1 = 85 points

March 25th – April 11:

Presentaton /Tutorial#1 , Critique #2 ,Service # 1 , 3 Audio Projects = 105 points

April 11th – May 5th :

Presentaton /Tutorial#2 ,Field Trip #2, 3 Audio Projects   =85 points

May 5th -May 20th

Comments, 1 Audio Project ,Service#2 = 75 points

* Random Attendance – 25 points

My goal is to achieve an A in this class. After adding up my total I would achieve that with doing all of the blog posts leaving me at a total of 622 points





A day in queens!

Outdoors -Forest Hills &71st Continental



Indoors-Duane Reid at Forest Hills 71st &continental


For my out of class assignment I went to Forest Hills and I recorded inside the Duane Reid that was there. At first I was really scared as if they were going to tell me to leave but they didn’t. The device I used was the Zoom- H2N ext Handy recorder. It was a great recording device to work with and the fact that it had five integrated microphones inside of it definitely helped. It also had 2 and 4 channel surround which you could change to fit your own preference. I chose to record at channel 2 because it was a lot clear. The noises in Duane Reid was really loud and when you listen to it very closely you could hear the cashier saying “security check the aisle” which had me thinking they were gong to tell me to stop recording but they didn’t. The other location I picked was just walking around Forest Hills window shopping. The area was a lot more quiet than Jamaica Ave and the frequency level was getting higher as I was walking. It’s definitely a different experience when you’re outdoors because the sounds are a lot different than if you were to be indoors.This activity definitely thought me a lot about recording devices and it also thought me to close listen to my sourings more often. I would really love to do another activity like this.

Walking along the path to class!!



The assignment our professor gave us was to go around York College and record a particular part of the building that was our choice. The part of the building  I picked was on as soon as you come up on the 3rd floor. The experience was quite different because I choose to record a totally different part of the building from the last assignment  and also thought me about a different recording device. The device I got this time was the Tascam d100 .It was fairly simple to use and had many great features. My partner Jessica and I were experimenting on the preamps which made our voices sound louder and lower. In my opinion this device was a lot better and the volume levels were a lot better because you could hear yourself a lot clearer. We also used the RE11 Dynamic Cardioid microphone.  In my opinion it made the noise a lot more clearer. As the volume was increasing and decreasing, the microphone was picking up really good.

It was an overall great experience because when you’re walking in the halls you don’t really realize the different sounds that are going on around you, until you actually close listen to it. Next time take a min out of your day and close listen to your soundings.

Electro-Voice RE11




Could you really study ?..

The question you should ask yourself could you really study with hearing all of this noise?.. The assignment we were given was to be able to record a particular part of the building.I choose to do my five minute recording in front of the library ,which i thought would be more quiet but in reality it really wasn’t because you would hear the sounds of the escalator and the wind blowing the flyers that were up.It also shows the voice of students as they were on their  way to and from class. It all  pertains back to my question ..Could you really study with all of this noise?..

This assignment taught me a lot of stuff such as how to use the equipment,which we had to do research on before actually going to the particular part of the building we choose.My favorite part of the assignment was being able to explore the building and having a chance to close listen.We never realize how much sounds are going on within our sounding until we actually take the time to listen to it.One of my favorite equipment was the headphones because you hear EVERYTHING that’s going on around you.I really enjoyed this assignment and i look forward to doing more assignments like this one.Have you ever close listened?..