Tiempo para comparar!

The two audio assignments i choosed to do a critique on is Merlo Service by tshauna92 and it’s alive, it aliveee the poem is alive by jaybiz. I found both of these post really interesting because they both mad many similarities as well as many differences.

Merlo Service by tshauna92 was really interesting because it was extremely detailed. The author not only included clips for their time working on it by they also gave step by step on how they completed this project. It allowed me as the reader to understand how they are learning about this information. I also learned alot about Audacity with this blog post because for my projects i use ProTools over Audacity just because they gave a lot of information about the mixing board and its capabilities. This post also allowed me to find out more information of some things that I’m more interested in because the author hyper linked a lot of information that a reader like myself wouldn’t know about. Over all i loved this blog posts because it included pictured, videos and it gave a very detailed outline of how their project went.

It’s alive, it’s aliveee the poem is alivee by jaybiz was really interesting as well as unusual. The title was the first thing that caught my attention and made me want to read more about it. The poem over all was a great choice for this assignment because it allowed the user to play around more with it.When listening to it the author should have stopped recording a little earlier because there was a slight pause at the end. Over all i enjoyed this blog post because it was fun to listen to and the author also provided a video on how to use Audacity which will help alot of readers like myself

*** Both of these posts were really interesting as well as different. They both had many similarities such as they both used Audacity and they both hyper linked to different sites which allowed the reader to get more information. They were also different because both assignments were on different things. tshauna92 assignment was a service learning and jaybiz assignment was an audio assignment.They were different because tshauna included more details because it was somewhat as a field trip where you learn tons of information rather than jaybiz where the author got a chance to experiment with a different form of a program. Both of these blog post were unusual and similar in their own ways. Great job to both of these authors!!!***

Best Radio Show Ever!!

For the last day of class, mostly the entire class decided to do a  live radio show and other students contributed in different ways. The one thing i loved about this was the fact that when we started out the class the beginning of the semester, we were all complete strangers and the only thing we had in common was the fact that we all needed this class, but overtime we all grew into close friends who all learned from one another. Our radio show had the greatest hosts like Maya, Lisa, Klutch and Melvin who all did amazing! Two of my other classmates Stephanie and Laywah along with me contributed an astrology piece talking about all of the different signs, we also had a song verse where our DJ jaybiz would play

get-attachment (1)  get-attachment get-attachment (2)

the song and someone would tell what the song means to them.We also had a part of the radio show called “Turn down for what” where Melvin picked what was going on in the news and talked about it which was of course about Beyonce and JayZ, and what happened with the elevator incident.We also had Melvin and Klutch rap their own personal verses that they made. It was amazing to see so much talent in one room. Everything beforehand was hectic especially getting everything together but overall it worked out great. The radio show was something we all talked about and it was great to see it all come together especially for the last day of classes



Critique #1

After looking through many of the audio assignments, one of the audio assignments that i found really interesting was the Mix it, Cut it ,Fix it, Audition it by KC90. While looking through the post i learned a lot about Adobe Audition because it was a program that i didn’t have any experience with.One of the things i loved about the post was how the writer described using the program step by step and how to change the audio. They also described how the user would select a file and how to mix different tracks on the same program.

Another audio blog post that i found really interesting was by the writer Stephanie3393 and her blog post titled “A bed of clouds” The audio assignment looked as if she had a lot of fun and it also thought me more about the ZoomH2N recorder which i went on to used for different audio assignments. I also loved the poem and how she linked to it,which allows the reader to read more different poems from the reader.I also loved the meaning behind the poem.

These two writers thought me a lot about different programs and recorders and how i could improvise them into my upcoming projects. One of the things i loved about KC90’s blog post was the step by step process of how the program was used. The only thing i would change about this blog post is putting a sample audio of how they actually used it or a small mix of a song they used with Adobe Audition. I really enjoyed Stephanie’s project because i learned about a recorder and how to used it  for my different projects and i also loved how she gave a sample audio of herself recording a poem on the recorder which was he ZoomH2N Recorder. The only thing i would advise her to change in her post is the recording because she sounded a little mono toned, which she knows  and said she will improve in her next recordings.! Both presentations were great and i look forward to reading more posts from these two writers!!


adau   Adobe Auditiondevice  H2N Recorder

Let her go – Passenger

This is an assignment i did before but the reason i did it over again was because i wanted to improve it.This was a lot more difficult that the first one i did before.The assignment is on the DS106 Audio assignment website. It’s to do an Over Dramatic Reading.The purpose of the assignment is to pick your favorite song or poem but here’s the trick you have to read it in the opposite meaning of what it’s actually saying.For example in my last assignment i did Miley Cryus Wreaking Ball and i read it in a very sad tone of voice because it’s a very upbeat song. With this assignment i did the total opposite because i picked a sad song which is Let her go by Passenger. I always loved this song and the message behind it which is the simple  fact of letting the girl you love go. The most difficult part of this assignment for me was to read the lyrics in a very happy tone.I tried recording it over twenty times and the final product of which i’m pleased about is above. Recording always takes practice and i tried to sound hyper and happy when recording this song!let her go

The recorder i choose was my favorite one which is the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder! The  reason i love using this recorder is because it’s really small and its simplicity couldn’t get any better. I love the playback button which is on the right ride so when you finish recording your piece ,you could listen to it over again just to make sure it’s prefect! One fun fact for my fellow DS106 students is to hold the recorder farther away from your mouth because it’s going to sound more clear. When you have it close to your mouth is start to scramble and the final product doesn’t come out that great. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because i put a lot more effort into it because it was a different tone of voice! Hope to see you try it too 🙂


Change!! It’s up to you!

This is another assignment i choose to “do over”. My first time doing this assignment was great because i was able to pick my favorite quote and share the meaning of it and the best part is the fact that I got to record myself saying it! The assignment can be found on the DS106 audio assignment and it’s called “Quote a Day”.The reason i chose to do this assignment over is because i wanted to share this quote with my fellow DS106 peers. The quote is “Be the change you wish to see in the world” by Mahatma Gandhi. When i heard this quote for the first time,it was extremely powerful to me because it struck me in a way that other quotes didn’t.Ghandi was saying that in life everyone wants to see people do great things for example helping an elderly up the stairs or ending world hunger. How do you expect these things to happen if you don’t at least try to fix it. You can’t be sitting down thinking these things are going to be solved overnight because guess what ?!! IT’S NOT. Actions speak louder than words. The reason i said that is because is you don’t at least try to make a change how do you want this problem to be solved. For example: Ending world hunger. It’s not something that will happen in a few days or months or even a year but if you at least try to give food to the local shelter in your neighborhood it’s going to help.You might not feel as if you’re doing much but you don’t know how many people live’s you’re impacting. A small change goes a long way. The main message Gandhi is saying is to challenge yourself and to always be committed to what you’re passionate about changing in the world.



The recorder i used was the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder. I was having some problems with saving it in the beginning but overtime i figured it out. I used this recorder for most of my audio projects because of it’s simplicity.If you’re interested in a small recorder that does a great job of recording i would definitely recommend the Zoom. I had a great experience with this project because i have always loved this quote and this project gave me a great opportunity of sharing the quote with my fellow classmates.

ck  cl   ckl



A Trip to Remember!!!!

Sony Wonder Technology Lab


One of the things I love about the new syllabus is the fact that we have field trips. For my second field trip I choose to go to the Sony Wonder Technology Lab. It was definitely a new experience and they had so much to offer. For my first field trip I went to the Museum of the moving image which was really cool, but the Sony wonder technology lab tops it all. When I entered I was given a card, and then I took my picture which was uploaded to the card so when I traveled through the lab I could scan my card and it allows me to do the activities they had all over the lab. One of the first activities my best friend Stephanie and I did was sending a message to another station in the lab. We created our own image and decorated it however we wanted. Then at the end of that activity we got to send it to another station where someone could receive our message. One of the other activities we did was this dance activity, where we went into this dome and the character would do the same dance we were doing.



That was pretty cool but the most exciting part of the entire trip was being a news reporter. The Sony wonder technology lab had this news center set up and you get the opportunity to be the reporter reporting the news. Stephanie and I did the activity and it was really interesting and exciting at the same time. The cameras were facing us and the lines came up to tell us the story we were reporting. We reported news about polar bears and their extinction in the world and what the viewers could do to help.

sony11 sony10

It was a very interesting activity because we got to live in the life of a news reporter. I always thought it was easy when I see it on TV, but it’s far from easy because you have to keep looking at the camera while reading properly. One of the difficult things about the activity was how fast the writing was going because you still have to read it at a pace where the viewers could understand what you’re saying. When we finished recording we got a chance to see it on the television on the other side which is the recording listed below. Another activity we did was getting to mix audio. It was a big room with a table set up and a small circle that could fit in your palm and it allows you to mix the audio playing on the table. We scanned our cards and then stated the activity. The song we had to do a mix of was Alicia Keys Empire state of mind. There were three other people in the room participating in the same activity. We all added our own melody to the beat of the song. We had choices of the guitar, bass, drums, and even jazz that we could add to the official song. When we finished the song is played back and it shows our picture and the things we added to make the song sound better. It was definitely a fun activity because who knew adding so much different sounds to one piece of music could make it sound like a completely different song. The song is an R&B song but when we were finished adding our beat to it, it went from R&B to hip hop then to country, jazz and a little techno. Overall it was an amazing trip with a lot of great memories. I wish we had more field trips to go on because the field trips give the students a more broader aspect of Communication Technology as a major and the places we get to visit have a lot of interacting activities for students of all ages.


sony3 sony4 sony5 sony7  sony8


After looking through my syllabus that i made i decided to tweak it a little and make a few adjustments that will make me into a more better student.So far in this course i have learned a lot such as using ProTools .My first time using it was a little difficult but all you need to do is to play around with it and you learn as you go.I enjoyed using it so much that i used it for my song mash-up project! Today our Professor Micheal mentioned about a DJ site where you could mix different kinds of music.The name just so happens to be Mixxx. It look’s really cool and interesting and i would love to learn more about it and use it for my upcoming audio assignments.I also learned how to use Audacity but i prefer ProTools better. My new syllabus is below! Hope the hard work pays off 🙂

March 4th – March 24 :

3 audio Projects , Critique #1 ,Field Trip #1 = 85 points

March 25th – April 24:

Field Trip 2  , 2 Audio Projects = 50 points

April 24th – May 5th :

Presentaton /Tutorial#2 ,Critique #2, 3 Audio Projects,Service # 1,   =105 points

May 5th -May 20th

Comments, 1 Audio Project ,Service#2, Presentaton /Tutorial#1,= 95 points

* Random Attendance – 25 points

My goal is to achieve an A in this class. After adding up my total I would achieve that with doing all of the blog posts leaving me at a total of 622 points

One,Two,Three.. ACTION!!!


5Museum of the Moving Image Extension

One of the assignments on our syllabus is to go on a field trip and write about what you learned and possibly do something with audio because after all it is an audio class. For my field trip I decided to go to the Museum of The Moving images. It’s a really great museum and they have lost of interactive things for students and adults to take part in. The interior is all white. They have many displays of great historical yet fun things that would get the attention of a five year old to a person in their 80’s. Have you ever wondered how masks are put on in your favorite movies such as Mrs.Doubtfire? Well, the museum actually has the real costumes the actors wore to the exact makeup they used.


How about television?.. Well, you’re in luck the museum has the timeline that will trace you back to the first black and white television. They also added a new feature on the third floor which has a lot more cooler stuff for students and adults alike to interact with. As you can see in the pictures below the timeline goes back to televisions that were created before you were even born!


One of the most unique things they had was the interactive audio recording. The way it works is that you have to select a scene from many great movies such as Babe, Coming to America, School of Rock and lots more. At first you would get to rehearse the line and then you begin to record the line the character said in the movie. When you’re finished recording they play back the movie but with your voice saying the lines. How cool is that? It’s your chance to shine in the recording studio. This was an extremely fun and unique experience because you have to make sure you say your lines with the character or else it’s not recorded properly. Another great interactive activity they had was the idea of a flipbook. I know what you’re probably thinking “What is that? “ Well, you make any type of movement in front of a screen that’s recording you and then before you leave they make a flipbook of the movements you made. If you’re ever looking for a great museum with lots of interactions, you should definitely check out the Museum of The Moving Images. It’s going to be  an experience of a lifetime!

me 1me2me3

Never Stop,Never rest until your good gets better & your better gets BEST!!!


The project i chose to do was the DS106 Assignment “Sound Mashup”. The idea behind this project is to pick some songs that pertains to the message you are trying to get across. You have to tell a message using different songs and the meaning behind every song.The message i was trying to get across to the listeners was to not give up on yourself not matter what you’re going through in life or what difficulties you’re being faced with because  behind every problem is a solution. I chose to record five different songs which all fall into different music categories such as pop,techno and country.The one thing they all have in common was to not give up on yourself.I did my ‘Song Mashup’ by using ProTools.It was my first time using it and at first it looked really confusing and i didn’t get it at all, but when i played around with it i started to understand what i have to do.I had to convert all the songs i wanted to mp3 and then i transfered it into Protools.Then i listened to it carefully and cut out the parts i wanted into my song mashup,the parts i thought was sending the message i was trying to get across.Another problem i was having difficulties with is exporting it into sound cloud, but with Professor’s Michel help i was able to add it into my sound cloud.The songs i chose to do are listed below along with the message it’s trying to get across.I also linked the song so if you wanted to listen to the full version ,you would be able to.

1st Song- Hall of Fame-by The Script ft Will I am

The message behind this song is to not give up on your dreams and goals.It may look like it’s not in your reach but every great thing comes with determination and patience.Another message the song was trying to get across to its listeners is to always find greatness in yourself and work had to achieve that greatness.

2nd Song- The Climb-Miley Cyrus

The message this sone was trying to get across is that in life everything is a climb and sometimes your mind will make you think that you’re never going to get there to achieve that goal.It’s also saying that you have to be strong and keep pushing on.In life it’s not about how fast yo try to achieve that goal the only thing that matters is the process you take to overcome it and in life not everything is going to go perfect sometimes you might fail but it’s about not giving up.

3rd Song-Skyscraper-Demi Lavado

In my opinion Ms.Lavado was trying to tell his fans fight against negativity.When trying to achieve a goal or dream not everyone is going to be your number one fan,you’ll have haters and people trying to bring you down but it’s up to you to overcome the negative comments.The message is also saying find strength within yourself when no one else is there to be your cheerleader.

4th Song-Temporary Home-Carrie Underwood

When listening to this song the title alone gives away the message “Temporary Home”.The message it’s trying to get across is that if you feel as if you’re stuck at one place in life,that doesn’t mean you’re always gonna be stuck there.It’s just your temporary home because there’s greatness within you.

5th Song-Titanium-David Guetta ft Sia

The message this song is trying to get across is to rise up again after you have faced your obstacles.It’s also saying to keep going to and to continue.Another message it was trying to get across is to be strong against your obstacles.The word “Titanium” means against all odds.For example: Olympian Gabbie Douglas never gave up on her dreams of being an Olympian even though she was faced with so many obstacles.


In my opinion, this assignment was really fun and interesting because it gave me the chance to use a different type of tool which was ProTools. I really enjoyed using this program because it was fairly simple. At first it was really confusing but after playing around with it I figured out the tools and the uses of it. One of the fun parts of this assignment was picking out the parts of each song I wanted in my song mash up. One of the difficulties I had with doing this assignment is exporting it but then Professor Michael told me instead of pressing export you have to bounce it to disk. Then I uploaded it to sound cloud and then to sound map. This assignment was really exciting and I loved the message I was trying to get across.


*** Doing this project I was aiming for an A because I tried to include all of the things a level two blog post consist of. I added a creative title along with many links and an overall reflection of this assignment as a whole. I look forward to working on more projects similar to this one.***







We closed our hearts in Vain!


This assignment was knows as an “Over Dramatic Reading”.The purpose of this assignment is to read any type of material. It could be a poem, story and song. The only fun part of it is you’re saying it in a totally different tone of voice.The song I chose was Wrecking Ball by Miley Cyrus. If you ever listened to this song it’s a very upbeat song that’s very popular. I did the total opposite, I recorded the lyrics sad to make more emphasis on the message she’s trying to get across to the viewers.vain

I chose to record the lyrics of the song on the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder. I had previous experience with it and i’s fairly simple to use. I then took my recording and uploaded it to sound cloud and the link is above. This assignment overall was really fun and unique because you get to put your own personal twist onto an original piece!zoom

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