Astrology 101

This is a project that is proposed for the Radio show, and may be incorporated into the commercial section of it. This is the complete clip of our project. The Astrology Idea is a concept that has been discussed between Alicia ( ally4eva) , Stephanie ( Stephanie3393) and I for a past few weeks. We thought it would be interesting to talk about the twelve star signs. So we decided to write a script and record this project through a ZoomH2n. Overall we enjoyed doing this project, and felt that is was something very unique to do. Unlike all of our other projects where we need to find the sources of our projects. This project is purely original. The writer for this script is Laywah, and the two editor is Stephanie and Alicia.

This project is a very breif intro of all the twelve star signs, We did it in a very casual way. We recorded ourselves within a certain time frame, and was able to complete the project after 15 minutes. In preparation to our recording, we had praticed two times before hand. The setting we used for the recording was within the padded room. Though we had the door closed, and selected a setting ( 4 channel ) the volume of the noise outside was too high. Prior to the edit, the sound recorded had alot of background noises. There was no way for me to delete or mute the background noises from the background so I decided to incorporate a slow song instead.

With the slow song,the melody of it first chorus captures the audiences’ attention. And the audience may slowly tune into our voices, which I amplified to have it stand out from the music. The music was also auto duck, to have it compete less with our voices. After the levels of both the music video and our recording was adjusted. I decided to add a interesting twist to our music, This was to add on the WahWah effect.

I thought the Wahwah effect putted a very interesting twist to our recording. It was catchy and played along well with our time limited recording.

We hope that the piece of recording was fresh and enjoyable to all.

Disclaimer: Anything that is spoken of and broadcasted is purely for entertainment purposes, we are in no way assosiated with any occult organization.

Sony Generation

My trip to the Sony Technology Lab

This trip was inspired by a post I red by ally4eva, When I first saw her post. I clicked onto the website, and saw the floor plan of the lab. The Floor plan of the Lab caught my attention, as it advertised a animation ramp, and the Animation Studio WSWL Production Studio Dance Motion Capture Interactive Floor, and a high Definition theater. The Lab is located in Madison street. The transportation I took there was on the N train, and stopped at 59th street. It is pretty close to the Central Park. The Directions and transportation information could be found on the website:

There is a store that sells Sony Products near the Lab. In order to go into the lab, you must get a ticket from the front desk. I thought that the Sony Lab would be a good place to bring small children, therefore I asked my friend and her little brother to accompany me. I decided to go on this trip on Saturday, My Friend, her mother and her brother accompanied me on this trip. After we waited on a line for around 2 minutest he staff led us into a lobby outside the elevator. The Staff gives us all a ‘identification card’ and starts intrusting us of the general rule of the building. There was no eating, gum chewing, or drinking beverages in the lab. We then took the elevator to the fourth floor. In the fourth floor, we are to make our profile on the card the staff had given to us earlier.

To make this profile card, we stepped up to the machinery in the front. There we have to put in our name, our favorite color, our vocal range , our favorite color and our prefer genre of music. After WE had added all the information into our card we can then go into the lab.

The Adventure begins:

As I walked down the long aisle towards the lab. I saw three machinery that had a 3-d image of a cell phone, and a camera. It was the first time I saw 3-d models without using a 3-d glasses. It looked so real that you almost want to reach out. And when you did reach out, you will not be able to touch or feel anything. As we turned the corner, We are then introduced to a wall of the history of Technology.

Inside the glass wall were the models of communication, from computer, to telephone, to radios. The time line started from the 1800’s all the way to 2007. This place was where I spent most of the time at, for all the models were very interesting and some even reminded me of the models I’ve seen when I was a young child, back in the late 1990’s. My friends mother went on to explain to me how she remember seeing a model of the Television. That indeed television back in the day are made very big and boxy, held within a wooden box. Television was considered very expensive back in the days, and not many people owned one. Today, everyone have a television at home. And most of the television that people own are rather flat, sleek and much more clear then the television back in the days. Compare to the images of the old times, we now are able to watch television in 780p to 1080p.

The glass wall also showed models of the old Nintendo DS and the models of old telephone. The telephone back in the days could be compared to a large brick and showed no caller Id. The wall was the most interesting part of the museum to me because of the history it provided. All the old models and the new models were like the evidence of my childhood to my present.

After I finished looking at the wall, we entered where I consider the game zone. There was a dark area where the kids gathered to play a game in a single table. I remembered it to be lit with brightly colored lights, but because I thought it was a kids only zoned I moved on.

My friend and I stopped toward the ‘Nanotechnology Virtual Surgery Robot Zone’. This was the funniest experience of the day. My friend had to perform a heart surgery on the screen, and she had to hold onto a controller that was a round ball. Instructions on the screen will tell my friend what to do to save a patient from a heart transplant? The first thing my friend had to do was cut open the rib cage, and once the rib cage was cut open she must cut incisions into the vessels and the heart. The virtual machine was so realistic that every small movement my friend tried to make it will cause tiny cuts into the vessels. Since this was the first time my friend had ever used to control the game, she accidentally made a lot of cuts in the vessels. And like a real vessel, the vessel in the virtual screen started to bleed. I can’t help but laugh as my friend made to many incisions into the vessel, and watch the vessel bleed from all the cuts. My friend mother declared that the patient was dying from the loss of blood due to the many cuts.

We then went to the third floor to experiment with the rest of the technologies available to the public. I thought the news casting room was very enjoyable as well. It gave me an ideas of what was really happening within the news scene. There is two screens on either side of the room, and there is two cameras in the front. The Camera are held into large white boxes with rollers in the bottom. I think the large white boxes are a way to secure the camera inside, and the wheels on the bottom made it easier to move around without causing to move shifting the image. In front of the camera there is a script, that tell the two hosts of what to say. The Newsroom looked very professional as it tells you when it is time to be on air. And when it is time to be on air, the dim light turns bright, as if you are really going to start to report the news!

I think the most exciting part for everyone should be the programs area, and the in the game builder area. This is the area where there is a lot of games to play. There are the games for the play station 3 and the game for the play station 4. Each person had around 5 minutes to play their favorite games There were usually a line in back on the person playing.

The last part of our adventure was the rainbow gem waterfall. This is where you walk up to a screen of falling gems and the gems will fall right on you. In a video, it looks surreal and I thought it was almost majestic with the effect it creates.

I thought this was a really worthwhile trip, there was never a moment where you can really get bored. I was educational, and fun by turns. There was really a lot of hands on program. I was surprised at how efficient everything was. From the long lines, to the fact that you can finish a game with nobody nagging you to hurry. I thought with all the free games,t here would be some sort of chaos. But everything happened in a very orderly fashion, everyone got to have fun. The mother’s saw the history in which technology evolved, their eyes literally lit with excitement when they saw the gadgets from their generation, the kids loved the play station,and the teenagers loved the virtual surgery and rainbows gems falling.

Beauty is Life

For this project I chose from the Ds 106 bank once more, it is called Poetry Reading. For this assignment, I have to found a certain poem and read it as if it was a story. “Love is a Million colors” was a poem I found through google. I can’t help but fall in love with this poem at first sight. It was straight forward, clear and innocent. It reminded me of life itself. Beauty is in the simplest form of things. However, We choose to either over look it, or overcomplicate it. I took this project as an opportunity for a audio project. And for some self reflection that was much needed.

The Poem Name: Beauty is a Million Colors.

Beauty is more than appearance
Beauty is love
The graceful wings of a dove
The endless imagination in a dream
Beauty is not always something that can be seen

Beauty is laughter
And the remembrance after
Beauty is hope
When you have no reason to
Beauty is he and she and me and you

Beauty is forgiving
No matter how hard
Beauty is kindness
Making the best of a mess

Beauty is tears
And overcoming your fears
Beauty is individuality
The courage to be yourself
Beauty is a book, sitting on a shelf

To define beauty,
An impossible task
Because truly,
Does anyone really know, I ask
Beauty is different to me
Than to you
I wonder if anyone ever knew

By: Sareeah Keelyn

The poem tells a story of a woman, She was a perfectionist. While the description could have been her biggest vice to see the details in everything. It was also her biggest curse. The ability to see every single detail means the flaws that could so easily be overlooked by casual onlookers, was noted and magnified many more times for the girl. From young, she had a very casual and very stern belief of beauty. She thought beauty was what she saw on certain individuals faces, she thought beauty was the grand and elegant structures of aristocratic architectures, the beautiful red in a rose, and the immortal gleam of sparkling daimonds. Her perception was shaped by the society around her. It didn’t take her long before she realized that the theme that her beauty standards revolved around held no substance. One day, she sat among her gilded ivory arm chair, holding a rose within her hand. She starts to wonder of it’s beauty.

“Do you see the beauty in this rose?” the woman asked, holding up the rose to the young servant girl.

“Yes, it’s very beautiful” the girl responds.

“You don’t think, it’s lacking in color?” The woman asked with a light frown.

“What is the standard for a beautiful rose, don’t they all grow differently even when they are all the same? If it was about the physical appearance of the rose. I know now how to judge mam. For my eyes are not as discerning as yours”

“Then what kind of beauty are you speaking of, if not the physical?” the woman asked amused.

“The beauty of life of course, it’s hardships as it sprouted from it’s seed. It’s struggle to grow into a full bloom that it is today”

The woman blinked in silent as she returned her gaze back onto the rose. Understanding at the very moment that beauty was indeed the process of developing and maturing.

The end.

The recorder that I used to record my assignment is the Zoom H2n handy reocrding once again. fOr this post. I gave a full on story. I think my creativity should boot this to a level two post.

Happy Circus

This isa project that I picked from the Ds 106 Bank, It is called Over-Dramatic-Reading. For this assignment, a student have to take a peice of work. The peice of work can be from a poem, from a song, or any literature they are able to found, and alter it. For this project I chose to use the song, ” Circus” by Britney Spears. This was an idea, that I felt extra excited about. And prior to my expectation, it was very interesting to do.

For this project I used the following three stanza of the song:

There’s only two types of people in the world
The ones that entertain, and the ones that observe
Well baby I’m a put-on-a-show kinda girl
Don’t like the backseat, gotta be first
I’m like the ringleader
I call the shots
I’m like a firecracker
I make it hot
When I put on a show

I feel the adrenaline moving through my veins
Spotlight on me and I’m ready to break
I’m like a performer, the dancefloor is my stage
Better be ready, hope that ya feel the same

All the eyes on me in the center of the ring
Just like a circus
When I crack that whip, everybody gonna trip
Just like a circus
Don’t stand there watching me, follow me
Show me what you can do
Everybody let go, we can make a dancefloor
Just like a circus

The song it self was sung in a very upbeat and provacative manner. It was a catchy song that promotes individuality, and bravery. The way I decided to alter the song, was to read it in a more dangerous tone. I thought that would’ve been a interesting contrast to the orginal. While the original version of the lyrics seem to be speaking to a specific group. The version I did can be interpreted by everyone. After recording my own voice into the Zoom H2n Handy recorder. I uploaded the file onto audacity. Inside audacity, I added three separate sound effects to make my altered version more unique. I incorporated signs of evil clows laughing, woman screaming, and a audio of a cirus disaster. The Videos I used are:

The circus Disaster:

Evil clown laughter:

Woman screaming:

My reflection: I personally felt scared and terrified from hearing the sound effects alone. I thought the presence of my voice actually made the whole thing more delicate. I hope I did a good job in building fair amongst my peers from this project. While listening to my recording again, I can’t help but imagine how frightened I would be in such a situation. We have a crazy announcer talking about owning the stage, while the lions and tigers are running free from the stage. The cage is open, and the beasts are going wild. There is three maschonist clown laughing at the terror of this choatic situation.

Mister and Miss Midsummer

SCENE I. Athens. The palace of THESEUS.
How now, my love! why is your cheek so pale?
How chance the roses there do fade so fast?
Belike for want of rain, which I could well
Beteem them from the tempest of my eyes.
Ay me! for aught that I could ever read,
Could ever hear by tale or history,
The course of true love never did run smooth;
But, either it was different in blood,–
O cross! too high to be enthrall’d to low.
Or else misgraffed in respect of years,–
O spite! too old to be engaged to young.
Or else it stood upon the choice of friends,–
O hell! to choose love by another’s eyes.

Or, if there were a sympathy in choice,
War, death, or sickness did lay siege to it,
Making it momentany as a sound,
Swift as a shadow, short as any dream;
Brief as the lightning in the collied night,
That, in a spleen, unfolds both heaven and earth,
And ere a man hath power to say ‘Behold!’
The jaws of darkness do devour it up:
So quick bright things come to confusion.

This is a assignment that I have found in the DS 106 bank, the name of the project is ‘All me in the Scene’. For this project, one person is to act out all the voices of all the characters in the play. All the voice of the characters must include their own character traits. The play I chose to act out is a excerpt from a Midsummer Night’s Dream. It is the short exchange of Lysander and Hermia who are lovers in the play.

The Microphone I used to record the project is the Zoom recorder H2N, the setting to which I recorded my project in was Mono. It was in Wave format and had a bit rate of 16. The Mic gain I used for my recording was 10. The final recording was the result of a series of 6 times.

My reflection: The first time I recorded the project, I had to edit it a numerous of times in Audacity. Thus I had to change the speed and the pitch for both the parts of Lysander and Hermia. For Lysander,the part of a male I lowered the speed and the pitch. For Hermia, I increased the speed and the pitch. But after I finished editing the first draft, I was not satisfied with how robotic the overall tone of the audio sounded. I approached it again.

During the numerous time of recording, I realized that managing Lysander’s voice was very difficult. The previous recording, I did Lysander’s part in a low and deep almost guttural range. Lysander was a lover, therefore his voice should sound poetic instead of gruff. I wanted to have Lysander sound as if he was lost and sad, but brave. I hope people can tell the difference between the two voices that was done.

I had a very easy time doing Hermia, Her Damsel in Distress voice was easily done.

For the sixth time, I decided to record Lysander and Hermia’s voies in different levels. For example for Lyansander’s part I would speak onto the top of the microphone. And for Hermia’s part I spoke a feet away from under the microphone.

Videos that I looked at for reference and pratice:

The third video was how I felt after I heard my own voice through my headphone.

Misleading Teacups

The Tea Cup meltdown

The project was first discussed in class with my fellow teammate’s Jayson and Kahlil. The concept was developed during a discussion in class. After the idea was verified among my group members, we decided to start recording in the suit. It took one class session to finish. For this project we decided to do something different from then the projects in the DS 106 bank. The idea of our project was we will pretend that we are in the amusement park. After we record our own voices we will add the background noises of our desired environment. Our mission is to make this sound as real and as exciting as possible.

My team and I recorded inside a enclosed room; the editing suite. The materials we used was the MXL microphone USB 008m condenser Microphone. We connected the microphone usb into the computer and opened audacity to start recording. For the placement of our levels during recording, we gathered in a semi circle. Where Jason sat to the left of the microphone, I sat to the right, and Kahlil was to stand in the front. The microphone seems to pick up the sound around it well, for even as Kahlil was standing on a higher level away from the Microphone his voice for the recording was still clear.

In the beginning stages, we wanted to write a script but decided that it would be much more fun if we improvised on the spot. The sounds for the background was found on YouTube, and converted to mp3 format. The three background noises I used are:

In the beginning of our Audio, we tried to give the audience a visual idea of us entering into the amusement park through the usage of sound. The noise of the back ground is then edited to sound louder as we enter into the amusement park. In audacity, I used the fade in effect. As the audio of the story played, I tried to incorporate different sounds, giving the effect that we are walking pass all sorts of rides. I used the dialogue in the audio as my reference to which part of the park we were in. As the group enter the amusement park, the first site they pass through is the kid amusement park. In this area of the park there is the Tea Cup ride and the other rides. In order to fake the affect of the kiddie rides, I stripped from the video of the carnival where young children is screaming. The trio later continue their way into the amusement park, and goes to the teen section. The sounds of the teens were altered to echo and sound less sharp from the children screaming. For the end of the audio, sounds where the announcer speaks and the belt is clicked into place was stripped to give the sense that the trio is seated onto the roller coaster and ready to take off.

The Grandfather of Noise

Old-Time Radio Shows: “On the Air” 1937 Chevrolet 10min

Horror Radio Shows Lights Out: Little Old Lady

Inventions that shook the world – 1900s

The purpose of this post, is a research on the history radios and how it works. While Television has always been popular, with the pictures, it showed and the drama the characters portrayed. My mom had forbidden me to watch television at a young age. She would complain that the rays that emitted from the television screen may cause blindness with prolong periods of watching. Then one day, as I was sitting in my dining room table eating my bowl of cereal. I heard sounds, I heard galloping horses, and thunderous rain pouring. I heard a man proclaim loudly, as the sound of metal swiping across the harsh air, this man was holding a weapon….he was holding a sword.

This was my interpretation of what was happening when the radio played. On the Television scene, imagination is not necessary because everything is shown to you visually. With the radio, you can pretty much conjure up the whole scene in your head with the storyline that the radio introduces. While imagery in the television easily shows you what is happening in the moment, the radio has the ability to shock you for it uses only noise.

Images of the first radio:

Radio today:

So how are radio’s invented?

What the Scientist did:

Radio was invented with the discovery of electromagnetic waves. The very first person that came up with the idea of this was Hans Christian Oersted in 1820. Oersted’s theory was later confirmed by Michael Faraday ten years later. In 1864, James Clerk Maxwell published a theoretical paper stating that electromagnetic currents could be perceived at a distance. In 1880, German physicist Heinrich Hertz tested Maxwell’s theory and confirmed it.

What the inventor did:

Guglielmo Marconi was the first inventor who took the theory of the electromagnetic waves and turning it into a entertainment enterprise. In September, 1899, he astounded the world by telegraphing the results of the America’s Cup yacht races from a ship at sea to a land-based station in New York. By the end of 1901, Marconi had founded his own commercial wireless company and broadcast the first transatlantic signal.

When the radio reached its golden period:

“The period between the late 1920s and the early 1950s is considered the Golden Age of Radio, in which comedies, dramas, variety shows, game shows, and popular music shows drew millions of listeners across America. But in the 1950s, with the introduction of television, the Golden Age faded. Still, radio remained a pop-culture force. Developments like stereophonic broadcasting, which began in the 1960s, helped radio maintain its popularity.”

Links and resource : The Development of Radio

Parts of an radio.
Any radio setup has two parts, a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter and the receiver both uses antennas to capture the radio signal. We have different types of radio waves and it is all around us, this includes TV broadcasts, AM and FM radio broadcasts, police and fire radios, satellite TV transmissions, cell phone conversations, GPS signals, and so on. It also has an antennae.An antennae can be anything from a stiff long wire to a massive satellite dish. Radio transmitters use tall antennae towers to transmit their signals.

Have you ever noticed the antennas all around us, the long metal poles with odd looking shapes that hold up wires that connect everywhere above us? Ina neighborhood and on the streets these antennas are everywhere, but we never really bother to take them into consideration. The jobs of these antennas are to give our electronics the signals it needs to function. These electronics include your house phone, your television, and your cable is often the receiver on the top of your house. But due to the invention of new, more fast paced service such as Wifi a lot of these dishes or not as popular as they were in the 90s.

How antennas worked: It is transmitting a sine wave with a frequency of 680,000 hertz. In one cycle of the sine wave, the transmitter is going to move electrons in the antenna in one direction, switch and pull them back, switch and push them out and switch and move them back again. In other words, the electrons will change direction four times during one cycle of the sine wave. If the transmitter is running at 680,000 hertz, that means that every cycle completes in (1/680,000) 0.00000147 seconds. One quarter of that is 0.0000003675 seconds. At the speed of light, electrons can travel 0.0684 miles (0.11 km) in 0.0000003675 seconds. That means the optimal antenna size for the transmitter at 680,000 hertz is about 361 feet (110 meters). So AM radio stations need very tall towers. For a cell phone working at 900,000,000 (900 MHz), on the other hand, the optimum antenna size is about 8.3 cm or 3 inches. (source Antenna Real life example)

Examples of radio that does look like a radio

A Baby Monitor.
• Modulation: Amplitude Modulation (AM)
• Frequency range: 49 MHz
• Number of frequencies: 1 or 2
• Transmitter power: 0.25 watts

A cell phone is another radio that evolved from the radio. It is much more sophisticated because a cell phone contains both the transmitter and a receiver, it can both be used at the same time. Along with the two, it is also able to understand hundreds of different frequencies.

Modulation: Frequency Modulation (FM)
Frequency range: 800 MHz
Number of frequencies: 1,644 (832 per provider, two providers per area)
Transmitter power: 3 watts.

Knocking on Death’s Door

[soundcloud url=”″ params=”auto_play=false&hide_related=false&visual=true” width=”100%” height=”450″ iframe=”true” /]


First sound is glass chattering :

gunshot sound:

fall sound:

woman screaming sound :

ambulance sound:

I’ve always seen it happen on Television, but I have never seen a crime committed in real life.

In this project, I decided to remake a certain situation based on the chronological order of events. These chronological events are of a situation where someone breaks into a store. The sound I used to illustrate someone breaking into the store was used with the sound effect of shattering glasses. As the criminal forcefully trespasses into the property of the store owner. He raises his gun and points it to the clerk. With a tug of his index finger, he pulls the trigger. And the loud sound of the bullet exiting it’s barrel and traveling across the air follows. The sound that happens next, is the sound of a fallen victim. The victim falls with a ‘Thhump’. Just then, a bystander sees that a man has been shot. She widens her eyes in shock, as her jaw open. She lets out a high frightful scream as she stared at the fallen man. She screams once more, this time her scream is filtered from shock to fear. Minutes later, the arrival of an ambulance could be heard as it makes its way into the scene.

Picture of an ambulance

We hear the sound of the ambulance everyday, so what does the sound mean? In this article webpage, the three setting of the siren is explained.

For this project, the main objective is to tell a story with five different sound. These sound will include no verbal communication, the only sounds that can be used are sound effects. The sounds are all stripped from Youtube. The method to how I stripped the video is with a website called, Youtube to MP3. After I converted all the video’s in mp3 format. I uploaded it to Audacity. Rather than fixing and tweaking the effects of each of the audio , I copied and paste the audios to the main.

The assignment is configured with mp3 files that are later saved into a WAV file. The bit rate is 1411.

Reflection: This is my second time using Audacity. And with every use I became more acquainted with the program. In my first project of remixing the sounds, I did not know how to sequence my tracks. And to accommodate this aspect, I tried to cut parts in some songs to let the audio and sound in the other songs be more prominent. In the end, the experiment with the sound remix story telling was rather chaotic. With this next project I tried another concept. I imported all the sounds in order, one after another. Then I moved to the top right hand corner of the computer. There, I saw the copy and paste tool. I began to shade in the part of the audio that I wanted to have in my main track, afterwards I used the copy tool to copy. After I copied the strip of audio I wanted, I moved up to my main track and paste the track I have copied. After I was done with loading all my track into my main, I deleted all the other tracks under it. The tracks under it must be deleted or Audacity would mix all the sounds together. This may have been done in sequence you did not plan.

Minutes of Infatuation

[soundcloud url=”″ iframe=”true” /]



This is my blog post for the DS106 Assignment, Which is SongTag Style. This is my first time doing a audio project from the DS 106 Bank. When I first saw the project I thought it would be a very interesting project to partake in. There was much you can do, and create with this project. This is also my first time using audacity, from which the project has been exported from. The file is uploaded as a 16 bit, WAV file from Audactiy.

Main Objectivity:

1.Tell a Story using five songs.

2. Radio and it’s relation to Sound

3. The Esoteric meaning of Songs

Introducing the  technical aspects first, I downloaded the songs from youtube. This action was done in the website Youtube-MP3 converter.  This is a program where you insert the link of your video from youtube and then you load it into the space of the site. You convert your video,and once that video is converted into mp3 format. You may now download it into you computer. I saved all five of my songs into my desktop for easy access. When you successfully load five of your songs, you open your Audacity program. Once your audacity program is opened in your screen, you start to import the audio’s into your program.

The genre and theme on the song I used were songs that I felt relate much to being infatuated with a person. Through the usage of sound ( from the songs) you are able to tell a story. The story being told in the song is a cut out of lyrics, and the emotions injected inside are manipulated by the bass and chorus of the different songs.

The purpose for this tag is more esoteric then it has to do with technical. I feel that music is one of the more powerful things that sound is able to produce. It connects people together emotionally through the usage of bass, rythym and chorus. Song are made from muscicians and had integrated through a long history. Special microphones are used by singers to enhance the music and voice of their recordings. Before the internet was popular from the music uploaded into it, songs were first introduced in the radio. Below is an article that explains the technical aspect of the works on the radio. The radio was the beginning of the large trending music industry.

AM Antenna Mods for IBOC Operation

And since the main idea of this tag is to tell a story through the integrated songs above, My story is a 5 minute story about Infatuation. Each song represents the evolution of Infatuation.

The story being told.

The blossoming of a new relationship is fresh, strong, and full of optimism. People tend to dive into it head first, believing with all their heart that everything is beautiful as long as there is two of you. The first song I used to denote this aspect is, ‘Us against the world’ By Christina Millian. The song held a clean, and crisp build into the first verse.

The second part of the song, signals a certain change, where that fresh glow of love washes, and uncertainty comes in. The song calls for more assurance, as the line in the song is repeated throughout. The line that is being repeated is “I wanted you”, which is also the title of the song. In the background of the song there are chimes, that played delicately. This signifies faith, along with the triangle that played along with the chime.

The song was roughly interupted by the third song, when the song is then cut in by “Change Me”. In this part of the song, the loud transition was made by a disagreement between the two. The clashing songs over ride each other causing chaos and confusion. And it transcends into the story as well, two strong personalities are fighting for a voice. In this part you would only hear snippets of each part, for this is what happens in arguments, that words and emotions are being tossed about. As both seeks to get thier feelings across, it turns into more confusion. This confusion will lead one to despair.

The fourth song is a reflection of the chaos, a interpretation of the confusion. The song used in this part is, ” If Pain could talk”. The lyrics take a 180 degree turn from the very first song. The story is no longer “Us Against the World” where the character wishes to take on the world with the infatuated behalf. Instead in “If pain could talk” the girl is accusing the other person as the one who has inflicted pain on her. It also puts a pause to faith, as the lyric continues ‘If hope could walk, it would just run away…’

The fifth song is the ending of the story. The song that wraps up the story is “Love suicide”, this is the two character’s last testimony.

The Sound of Indecision

This post addresses the second time of recording, And we are to use a new device for this new assignment. While the previous device I used had been a Zoom Handy Recorder , described as a petite, minimalist  modern gadget. Easy to use, light to hold and smooth to the touch. Our new gadget proofed to be a hefty indivdual. Marantz professional Solid state Recorder PMD660 was a broad shouldered, muscular and hefty compared to our previous model. It took two hands to hold the brick-like Recorder steadily. It was indeed very similar to an ancient artifact. And this device took more then two batteries to answer to our desperate requests. (It actually took 4 AAs this time).

With the new device we were confused (aren’t we all?), and we saw rolls of buttons and a small screen that held nothing but numbers. This brick I mean, Recorder was no easy daisy to handle. Not only was it grand in size, it was also more difficult to digress. We clicked menu and few other buttons until we were able to discover the input and the output. I casually tested my partner the definition of the two nouns. And the defintion had been that output- is what you record/ what you produce, while input- is what the recorder takes in. Moving on to the manual work, we found out that our recorder is on Manual.

It is in MP3 48k, During the first try we put it on Mono. We were also able to found the volume on the Recorder. As we experimented, we discovered that with our headphones that while in Mono our recorder was able to hear people who were further away then from Us. Who were taking directly into the Mic. We decided that there may be an error and decided to change the output and the input. The manual control was the one with the big switch. And a -20 was useful in loud  space. We did a compress recording.

The way we used our recorder was simple enough after we got the hang of it.When we wanted to record, We would press the REC button,  and when we wanted to stop we would press the stop button. To listen to the recording we will press the play/plause button. And the entry to which we had previously recorded would be played on the recorder.

The Next Destination we chose to use was the library.  My partner and I decided to walk up to a fellow student who was typing and aimed the mic at his hands. His fingers which had been dancing freely among the keyboards, sprung to a sudden halt upon our arrival. The owner of the pair of hands glanced up at us tryingly as we stared at him. We remembered not to input our voices into the recording.

“Type” I mouthed, as I darted my eyes from him to the keyboard.

I need this sound.

He blinked slowly before he turned his attention back to his computer screen, and started typing. Ever so slowly.

The second recording was the sound of a broken printer. Which can’t decide wether it wanted to do it’s job, or call Out for the day.