Possibly the best day of school EVAR

Today we had our big radio show. The Ds106 Power hour. It was a exciting, if nervous experience.  The conception of which originally began with Klutch and I. But due to my absence on a specific Thursday leadership was put into the trusting hands of Lisa, who  organized the Google doc and was the main host of the show. Almost everyone in the class had an input, especially in the planning process, deciding who was going to be the host for which segment, which segment would go first. Getting all that organized was a hassle because it was sort of confusing in terms of who was doing what and when. But after much deliberation there came a solid outline for the live show.

Another trail that had to be overcome was, well; How exactly  we gonna stream this thing?  Among other things like what mics will be used and what programs will be used to stream. Jason was in charge of that mam the engineer of the whole operation.  Thanks to the Professor who helped us find a soundboard and mixer. Also  helping solve the problem of  how to operate  said equipment to live stream audio. The show was becoming more and more real with each passing day. Mock setting up how the chairs and mics will be placed. Recording Liawah’s commercial breaks. Then the day finally hit, 9:00am, a mostly unexpired crew in live radio streaming.


The hostes’ were absolutely wonderful. The first segment was the Donkey of the day where Klutch and Melvin talked about ridiculous stories in popular culture and mocked  celebrities. then there was the music discussion with Kewsi and Melvin in which they talked about music lyrics that meant something to them. In Melvin’s case he actually rapped a verse off of a song he wrote. And lastly there was the open discussion segment wherein Trone, Kwesi and I talked about the dangers and consequences of  an internet without Net-Neutrality. And it really hit me…..what we were doing was pretty awesome. I mean, running a live radio show in a college class? That’s pretty exciting for a Tuesday.

But the real fun was in the atmosphere of the room, the class is usually toned in that tough lough we-all-hate-each other-but-not-really vibe with the students but today it was really warm and inviting and we got to see creative, deep, and energetic sides of everyone who spoke on the mic. Especially with Melvin and Klutch free-styling. Singing happy birthday to Jason at the very end was also pretty amusing. It was a really fun experience and A great way to end the semester. Only shame was that this moment of pure fun and education through experience was not recorded. Either way, I’m pretty sure it will exist in the memories of those who participated.


It’s 7:39 P.M. and I’m posting a Blog

So I took this one from the Ds106 library of fun little assignments, well I also have to say I took this from Lisa. What can I say, my classmates inspire me.She did a rather dull and depressing reading of an uplifting, energetic, happy song…..”Happy” by Phararell. And I thought her post was funny and cool so I figured I’d give a shot at it. But instead of doing a bleak rendition of a feel good song, I figured I’d so an energetic rendition of a bleak and depressing song.

The song I chose was 2:45 A.M. by the late Elliot Smith, one of my favorite artist I discovered in the past 8 months. Most of his songs are beautiful sad-depressing songs so it was hard to pick one out of his extensive catalog.

This was a fun little project to do.  My mom was in the room when I was recording and kept looking at me strange as I was reciting some truly tortured lyrics in a light, happy tone.

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I want a commercial, that’s just the right amount of cheesy, FOR ME

So I made up yet another Ds106 assignment. This time it was to make a fake radio commercial for York College. Now, if it’s one thing I know I do a lot. Is watch a lot of daytime TV, and when in this state of viewing (for the most part) worthless nonsense you tend to see some ridiculously cheesy commercials. And more often then not, they tend to be education programs.

Some have jingles

While others try and go the down and out person looking for a school that has WHAT THEY NEED AND CLASSES FOR THEM! And they want YOU to get of your lazy bum and get into class.

So I wondered, ” What if I made such a commercial for Cuny York?“. Enticed by this interest I gathered three of my friends and forc–I mean, volunteered them to say canned cheesy lines to go perfect with a cheesy radio commercial. A common theme in these types of commercials tends to be how the person in question did want just any other school. So I thought to be as generic as possible. Part of the joke being that the commercial gives actually no real information at all. Also there was an importance on delivering each line as cheeky and peppy as possible.

It wasn’t exactly all that easy to get good recordings from my assistants. Of course when your working with anybody on something that is suppose to be comedic (or even not comedic) laughing is going to happen. Whats interesting though is how confident each of the people I recorded felt at first but when they actually had the mic facing them and the tape recording they mumbled words, forgot lines, and even froze for a second and said “wait”.  It’s always an interesting dynamic when working with people who aren’t used to having themselves recorded.

I used my all time favorite recorder the Marantz 660pmd to record and  Audacity to edit this project. I recorded small 5-10 sec of my voice actors talking as to make it easier for editing and piecing together the sound bits and using interloping different voices so I can one persons lines about york and cut the next persons lines smoothly.

The song I used was “Sense” by  independent 3 piece jazz band  House Of Waters off of their latest album “Revolution”  (which you should totally buy or at least listen to). I thought the song had a real….education-y-library-esq- I wanna learn-good for a commercial-kind of inspiring-vibe to it. I’ve seen these guys live before and I got so hooked I bought their album. Some real good stuff.


An average morning in the life of JoDan


This a little ditty I’ve been meaning to do. I wanted to tell a story of waking up and getting ready without  any (or at least as few as possible) words. I added a ds106 assignment   so if anyone is interested in taking a crack at it be my guest.

I used a Marantz 660 pmp and a uni directional mic to record. I wrapped the cords around me set up my pathway to make this recording. Had my door opened, any all props places where they should me to make my mobile audio set-up not interfere with the actual recording. My initial purpose was to tell a narrative of a typical morning routine of a slacker getting ready with just sound, using as little words as possible if any where even needed. And no outside sound effects, everything had to be recorded in the moment with things that where actually there.

I started with waking up in bed, tumbling and fumbling around, the bed is against the curtains so you hear the floundering of the curtains to see outside. Then it’s off the bed. Putting on the sandals, and getting out of my room. Then off to the bathroom to do, well….what people normally do when the first wake up….BRUSH THEIR TEETH….and well other stuff too (brownie points if you notice when listening to this there was no flush).

Then it was off the kitchen to make that ambiguous breakfast. I mean, who knows what I (or should I say the character in this narrative) was eating? Was it cereal and I was just heating up the milk in the microwave? Or was I pouring wheat thins next to my delicious hearty Swanson Brand “Hungry Man All Day Breakfast Platter”. Well, the world may never know.After that it was off to whats become apart of most our modern daily routine. Checking the internet.

Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this project, the real difficult part of setting up my environment and trying to get the right sound for recording. Walking around with my whole setup was an interesting challenge. A challenge I’m not really sure if I completed with much grace and finesse. But all that comes with practice.

Saturday Night Cold Streets, Sunday Morning Hot Breakfast Repost/Retrospect

Not going to lie, figuring out how to use the contraption known as “marantz professional  pmd660” was initially an arduous task. But with time, patience, and little thing called perseverance, I learned and adjusted to it’s not so user friendly interface, it’s small screen that only fit but so many words. It wasn’t a zoom,it wasn’t even a tascam….but I learned to love it for what it was not. I also changed the recordings from MP3 for WAV, for what reason? I’m not entirely sure.


My first recording took place on a cold saturday night in Middle Village Queens, I was at a corner in front of Hugo Tae’s Kwan DO school. I really couldn’t hear what I was recording through the headphones, this was because I had my phones plugged into the wrong socket, I plugged it into the top green socket on my recorder and whenever I did I heard a sound so I thought it was the right place to plug it in. Plus the coil had green lines on it and the socket on the top of the recorder was green. Later I found out that the correct jack to put it in was subtly placed at the bottom of the device. But the recording itself feels cold, you could feel the briskness of the environment. And just how mundane and ordinary the street seems. Just cars passing by, all in the rush to get home and get out of this forsaken frozen wasteland that has become of New York during these past few weeks.



My second recording took place in the ever so pleasant (sarcasm) streets of Brooklyn East New York inside a corner store (or Bodega as some would like to call it). The Lively hood of the store just comes out in this recording.Most of people coming in are ordering breakfast, I was placed right in front of the counter and you can almost hear how uncomfortable some of the customers walking by feel just by the sounds alone.. And it ends on such a perfect note because theirs a conversation going on and you could tell that is about to end but the tone of their voices. And it ends right about at the 5 minute mark.

I became really comfortable with my recorder, and I kept playing with it to understand how it worked and what not. I would definitely use it again.

In retrospect; This was a very difficult outing, I had many prblems with my device and didn’t exactly udnerstand where the mic had to go in at frist so a lot of recordings I mad prior (and possibly even on of these sound clips) to theses were all recorded from the device and not the dynamic mics I was using. When I discovered this I was upset at the fact that I spent an entire day recording things that were not as good as they could be.

My initial point of this post was to get a sounds of different parts of New York city at different times of the day. I was at queens on saturday night on a corner and at Brooklyn on saturday morning in a corner store. The funny thing is, I actually recorded 5 minutes at another corner store before the one I posted on this post. But my mic was even plugged in properly so I got no good audio and luckily I realized this before I got home and put my stuff away so I just went to another corner store (It’s Brooklyn, there’s one on every corner). Both of the people behind the counter’s where real nice to me and keep laughing at the odd scenario I put them and there customers in.

I’m actually not all that happy with these recordings, I’d probably do something like this again, albeit in  different locations. I like the idea of just recording well….normal stuff like a street corner or a corner store, it gives a sort of sense of naturalism to my constructed urban environment.

Critque on “That’s An Emergency?”

First of Kwesi’s  sound project was rather funny. The dialogue was funny sketch comedy esq and the delivery was pretty well done. I liked the slight jab he made at people who are waaaay too into their animals. The frantic tone of the woman calling 911 and what she said was actually pretty believable in terms of what an actual pet-obsessed person would say in a call like that.  I would of liked to know exactly who you got to do those voices though. Also, I think you missed an opportunity in your blog post to really get in detail on how you actually made this project. For example, you say ” I used Adobe Audition to do all the editing and this time it was a little more interesting” but you don’t say what tools you use in the program to get the sounds you wanted. However you do state the progress you’ve made from our own project to this one.

Overall while I did like this project, your blog post left me wanting more in terms of the “how two’s” of what you actually did. Not that you need to say every little detail, but just a little more exposition would of been nice.

Fast Drive-In, driven insane

With the new class grading system and general overhaul . Kwesi, Lisa, and I decided to work together on a recording project we took from the Ds106 assignment bank wherein an unruly, foreign drive-thru customer making very specific, if confusing orders. We recorded on two separate occasions.  Our first foray into  recording this project was rather difficult albeit insightful and educational .

First we had to come up with a name for this fictional fast food restaurant, we latched onto the name fatso burger, probably because of the silliness of the name. Then we thought it’d be funny if I used my fake British accent that I do every now and again, and Lisa would be the unfortunate cashier and speak in a very almost-dead like tone.  For some reason, we couldn’t get good gain on our voices, we later realized it was because of mic placement.

See, on our first recording we had the mic a little to far from ourselves which gave a horrible sound quality and made us have to meet together on another day to record again. But even with that on the finished recording it still sounds a little spacious in terms of our voices and that had to do with both our location of recording and mic placement. Perhaps it would of been better to record the dialogue outside as to make it sound more natural. However, it was still an enjoyable project.

Sounds of friendship, sounds of comfort.

The interesting thing about conversations is you can tell just exactly how well people know each other through the tones alone of their speech. Let alone the language. The little nuances like the banging of cards on a table, the pressing of arms against a table. All of these things make just the sounds alone in this recording feel like a comradely amongst friends.

It was interesting to see just how this sound equipment actually worked. And the added fun of learning and being confused with a partner made it all the better.