Critique #2

For this blog post, I decided to critique Jaybiz’s (Jayson) post How to Get Goulding Singing to Good Ole Soca¬†and Melswimsgood (Melvin) post 5 Song Music Mashup (Girl).

For Jayson’s post, I liked the fact that he used two songs from two different genres and tried to mash them up, rather than using two songs from the same genre, which is more typical. The two songs that he used was Too Real and I Need Your Love. I liked the fact that he used Too Real, because as a soca lover, it was surprising to me that he mashed that song with I Need Your Love, which is a more slower beat. His mashup was very unique. At first when I listened to the audio, I was thinking that it sounded a little weird, but after reading his post, I finally understood his reason behind what he was doing. It was very creative of him. I loved the fact that he included very precise details about his project and the different steps he took when doing it.

For Melvin’s post, I liked how he decided to do a mashup of the word “Girl” rather than doing a mash up of two or more songs together, which is what most students did. It was a very creative idea. I liked that he included links to all the songs that he used so that the viewer know’s the names of the song, and could listen to each song so that they know exactly what parts of the songs he decided to use in his audio assignment. However, the only thing that I would have liked to see was his steps that he took in completing the project. I felt as though his post could have been a little more detailed, just so that the reader has a better understanding of all the hard work he had to do to complete his project.

Both Melvin and Jayson did an excellent job on their assignments! They both did mashups, that’s why I decided to critique the two and compare them. While Jayson wanted to just mash two different genre’s together, Melvin just simply mashed one word from different genres of song together. Even though Jayson used Mixxx and Melvin used Audacity, both assignments came out to be a success! Great Job Guys!

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  1. Thanks for your input Jaybiz! I didn’t think about going that in depth for this assignment at the time as i was in a hurry to finish blogging it, but i made some changes to the post.

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