Best Radio Show Ever!!

For the last day of class, mostly the entire class decided to do a  live radio show and other students contributed in different ways. The one thing i loved about this was the fact that when we started out the class the beginning of the semester, we were all complete strangers and the only thing we had in common was the fact that we all needed this class, but overtime we all grew into close friends who all learned from one another. Our radio show had the greatest hosts like Maya, Lisa, Klutch and Melvin who all did amazing! Two of my other classmates Stephanie and Laywah along with me contributed an astrology piece talking about all of the different signs, we also had a song verse where our DJ jaybiz would play

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the song and someone would tell what the song means to them.We also had a part of the radio show called “Turn down for what” where Melvin picked what was going on in the news and talked about it which was of course about Beyonce and JayZ, and what happened with the elevator incident.We also had Melvin and Klutch rap their own personal verses that they made. It was amazing to see so much talent in one room. Everything beforehand was hectic especially getting everything together but overall it worked out great. The radio show was something we all talked about and it was great to see it all come together especially for the last day of classes



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  1. Hey! Yesssss I totally agree that our radio show was amazing. I also liked how all of us came together and contributed in our own little way. I enjoyed working with you and Laywah, I think we did a great job. Our entire class did great, coming together and contributing something so great and entertaining!

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