The Finale

     First of I just want to say that class CT244 of spring 2014 was one of my favorite class for my first semester back in school. You guys really made this semester motivational and inspirational for me. I was real nervous coming back but you guys really helped me fight my anxiety. Thank you so much! ( sorry guys I can be a little emotional sometimes.) And good luck to all of you encase I don’t see some of you guys next semester.

     I had my doubts about the radio show and I’m sorry I did because WE ROCKED IT!! The entire class had to create a radio station that was being aired live; (with the help of Prof. Michael) on the york website. We came up with three segments which were, Segment1:Turn Down for What, commercial about zodiac signs, Segment2: Music Verse of the Day and Segment3: which was a discussion about upcoming fees being charged for social medias for faster service. The equipments that were used were directional mics, headphones, a mixer and computers. Everything was connect to the mixer which is what Jayson our Engineer for the show used to manage the volume of everything. Below is a short clip of Melvin rapping during the Music of the Day segment which I was the Host for.

     Over all it was a great experience to actually set up a mini radio station in class and broadcast live over the internet for people to hear us. We were all very nervous, but as we went along we loosened up and had fun.I enjoyed working with everyone, I would definitely do another radio show again.