Sound Production Power Hour

For our last day of class we decided to conduct a live on-air radio show. Most of the class got involved in the setup and creative process so it was pretty cool. Also, shout to DJ Jay Biz he did his thing. (give him extra points for working the switch board) On Thursday we came up with a layout of how the show would run for Tuesday. I was really surprised by everyones ideas in our class, they were very creative.



As a host for the show, I introduced our first segment titled “Turn Down For What.” This phrase is pretty common in hip-hop and pop culture today so it was only appropriate to come up with this title for our segment. “Turn Down For What” basically means, acting reckless or not giving a damn about matter what. There’s even a video for it but I will warn you, it’s VERY VERY WEIRD.. and CREEPY.


I really enjoyed listening to the commercial Leh-wah, Stephanie and Alicia made for daily horoscopes. We also had two special performances from Melvin and “Klutch” which was cool in the lyrics segment. I wasn’t expecting people on DS106 to actually hear us on the show but we had a good crowd of listeners tuning in. Overall it was a great experience and we could definitely do this again on day. Actually, you should require all your classes to do an end of the year group radio show. I think the outcome would be pretty entertaining.

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