Just Checking out Sun Productions and the Astrology break down

So for my last critique I decided to look at two projects. One done by danny36 and the other by affinitysoup which was a group project done with two other members as a commercial for our radio show.

First let me say to danny36, are you holding back some talent on us man. Who would have guessed we had a real musician in our sound class, I wonder who else is hiding talent. I feel as though your post could have been a level two and be more in depth. I appreciate that you did two separate recordings and honestly I wouldn’t have known you did two separate recordings if you didn’t state that. I think it would be great to know what microphone you used to for the recordings. Was it the same for the voice and the guitar, what settings did you use ? For me I’m hearing a better reproduction of the guitar than the voice, and you said you did some editing in Audacity but I don’t know what you did exactly. But what ever you did it came out great. Good job on the project.

Now to affinitysoup. I want to congratulate you guys for coming together and actually deciding to complete a project. You guys sound good relaxed and rehearsed which is good. However the background music that you used was clever to try to mask the outside noise from the recording but it was very distracting. I like that you experimented and used the wah wah effect, but I don’t think it necessarily helped in this case, because it then sounds like the music is going from one ear to the next which then becomes more annoying with the flanging. But I liked that you guys each had a part in the recording and it came out as though there wasn’t a script, besides hearing the turning of the paper, there were no unnecessary pauses. Overall I think you guys did a good job on coming together.