It’s a Cole World

So i went to a J. Cole concert this semester. The concert was amazing!!! J. Cole is a great performer. He performed a number of songs. These songs ranged from fans who recently started listening to him to fan who have been listening to him for years. The songs he performed were Power Trip, trouble, Blow Up, Runaway, She Knows, Lights Please, Kenny Lofton, Lit, Land of the Snakes, Trouble, Forbidden Fruit, Let Nas Down, New York Times, Crooked Smile, Work Out, In the Morning, Can’t Get Enough, and Nobody’s Perfect.he had a couple other artist come out and perform. Those artist were Bas, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay-Z.


















One thing i noticed during the concert was how the live performances sounded better that the recorded track. This came from how he had a DJ on the turntables, two back up singers, a drummer, a guitarist, and a couple violinist. One track that was noticeably different was the track called “Power Trip.” The recorded track and the live performace is below:

The difference in the tracks is in the live performance the violins can clearly be heard while they are not in the recorded track.


Overall I thought of it as a great experience from not just seeing my favorite artist but also hearingthe differences in the songs. In my opinion, live performances are more unique because of how much more effort go into the beat.