DS 106 Radio Show

For my final project, I participated in a group project that included most of my colleges in the course. The main objective of the project was to host our own live radio show via internet. Jason was the audio engineer who handled the music that brought life to the show. The show consisted of three segments. The first segment was “Turn Down for What?” which was mainly a discussion of the latest controversial actions of celebrities or hot topics. In the show we included two guess appearances and they brought up two individual topics from today’s media.

For the second segment was about bringing in your favorite song or lyrics. This was the segment that I took part in. I brought in a sample of Lupe Fiasco’s “Pound of Flesh” and explained his metaphors. I also spoke about what I believed should be the true definition of an rapper or mc. I spoke about how rap artists should have deep metaphors and a deeper meaning behind their lyrics instead of simple repetitive topics such as clubs, girls, liquor, or fancy cars. Most of todays hip hop mainstream music is just for money and no greater significance. I chose Lupe Fiasco because he’s a conscious rapper who talks about society and other important issues. He could also be arguably one of today’s most skilled lyricist with meticulous use of play on word/metaphorical/poetic style. Other guess that took part on the segment was Melvin and Klutch. I recorded a little bit of both of their performances.

Later on in the show was the final segment which was an open discussion between Jordan, Trone and I. The topics that we spoke about was the control in which cable companies are putting onto the internet services. After the end of this segment one of the host, Lisa Atkins, closed us out and ended the show. Being apart of the show was a very grateful experience for me. It taught me exactly how much goes behind a live talk show. It showed me all the pieces it takes and planning that goes behind a radio show. It was so interesting that I wished during the semester we could’ve done more shows. I guessed we saved the best for last.