On this amazing day, I decided to finally go on another field trip. I have seen post about this museum and I found it interesting so I decided to go here: Sony Wonder Technology Lab. This technology lab is amazing and I thought my last field trip was good but this right here was incredible. I did not have to pay for any tickets which I was happy about again because I did not pay for the last one I went on. Sony Wonder opened on May 25, 1994 and is operated and fully-funded by Sony Corporation of America.Sony Wonder

When I first enter, I have to get a ticket and a card to access the machine that is in the lab, ride the elevator all the way to the fourth floor. As soon as you get out the elevator, I have to log into the SWTL experience by setting up your account, including your name, adding your favorite color, musical genre, picture and voice


reservation sony wonder

The first thing I decided to do was digitizing, where I have to pick up this monitor which I thought was a microphone but it was not(Boooooo!!!!). I have to use that monitor to pass over a screen on the side. Then after that you that you can create your own digital fun with the picture you first took when you came in. As you see, I look cool in my nerd glasses, with two hearts on the side and changing the color of screen picture blue.WP_20140520_001



I do not know if you remember the phone that Zack Morris used in Saved By The Bell as a cell phone. Well in this picture you can see the white phone to it. These types of phones was the hottest thing before cellphone was invented. The telephone was first introduced in 1876, sparked a whole new wave of communication. In this society more than three billion cell phone users across the world send voice, text, photo, and video messages wherever they go and whenever they want to. If you say that is not true then you probably haven’t done it or your just lying to yourself. People do not even use payphone no more since technology got better.


The Robot Zone was very interesting. These robots sense, think and act just like humans which is cool. Program one of six colored robots equipped with light and touch sensors to determine how they act when they encounter other robots or conditions in the Robot Zone.  I did not get my favorite color which is blue but I guess green was okay for now.

WP_20140520_005 WP_20140520_006 WP_20140520_007

We have the Animation Ramp, where I explore illuminated display cases, and learning the five key elements that go into creating an animated film or video game: Story, Character, Environment, Visual Effects and Final Composite. So as you can see I have Hotel Transylvania( which I must say is a funny movie, if you have not see it then you do not know what you missing), and A Cloudy Chance of Meatballs( I can not brag about this one because I never watched it) but you can see the creation that the artist put in it to make it look awesome.

WP_20140520_008 WP_20140520_009


I went to the Game Builder where I can create my own racing game, where I select a track shape and manipulate the environment to create mountains and valleys for your course. You can also choose the style and color of your vehicle and play the game you’ve just created!

Game builder

I decided to go to the High Definition Theater where they play a short film and the short film is the Sony Bravia Bunnies. In the film the creators are talking about how long it took them to do it, the enjoyment of it, and probably not getting it done. The film was nice.

This is the whole commerical of the bunnies in action

If you have not visit this museum, you should it is amazing. I also plan on going back there soon.