I want a commercial, that’s just the right amount of cheesy, FOR ME

So I made up yet another Ds106 assignment. This time it was to make a fake radio commercial for York College. Now, if it’s one thing I know I do a lot. Is watch a lot of daytime TV, and when in this state of viewing (for the most part) worthless nonsense you tend to see some ridiculously cheesy commercials. And more often then not, they tend to be education programs.

Some have jingles

While others try and go the down and out person looking for a school that has WHAT THEY NEED AND CLASSES FOR THEM! And they want YOU to get of your lazy bum and get into class.

So I wondered, ” What if I made such a commercial for Cuny York?“. Enticed by this interest I gathered three of my friends and forc–I mean, volunteered them to say canned cheesy lines to go perfect with a cheesy radio commercial. A common theme in these types of commercials tends to be how the person in question did want just any other school. So I thought to be as generic as possible. Part of the joke being that the commercial gives actually no real information at all. Also there was an importance on delivering each line as cheeky and peppy as possible.

It wasn’t exactly all that easy to get good recordings from my assistants. Of course when your working with anybody on something that is suppose to be comedic (or even not comedic) laughing is going to happen. Whats interesting though is how confident each of the people I recorded felt at first but when they actually had the mic facing them and the tape recording they mumbled words, forgot lines, and even froze for a second and said “wait”.  It’s always an interesting dynamic when working with people who aren’t used to having themselves recorded.

I used my all time favorite recorder the Marantz 660pmd to record and  Audacity to edit this project. I recorded small 5-10 sec of my voice actors talking as to make it easier for editing and piecing together the sound bits and using interloping different voices so I can one persons lines about york and cut the next persons lines smoothly.

The song I used was “Sense” by  independent 3 piece jazz band  House Of Waters off of their latest album “Revolution”  (which you should totally buy or at least listen to). I thought the song had a real….education-y-library-esq- I wanna learn-good for a commercial-kind of inspiring-vibe to it. I’ve seen these guys live before and I got so hooked I bought their album. Some real good stuff.