It’s 7:39 P.M. and I’m posting a Blog

So I took this one from the Ds106 library of fun little assignments, well I also have to say I took this from Lisa. What can I say, my classmates inspire me.She did a rather dull and depressing reading of an uplifting, energetic, happy song…..”Happy” by Phararell. And I thought her post was funny and cool so I figured I’d give a shot at it. But instead of doing a bleak rendition of a feel good song, I figured I’d so an energetic rendition of a bleak and depressing song.

The song I chose was 2:45 A.M. by the late Elliot Smith, one of my favorite artist I discovered in the past 8 months. Most of his songs are beautiful sad-depressing songs so it was hard to pick one out of his extensive catalog.

This was a fun little project to do.  My mom was in the room when I was recording and kept looking at me strange as I was reciting some truly tortured lyrics in a light, happy tone.

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