D’Just the Basics

For this assignment I chose to do a short field trip to my close relative. The main focus of this trip was to explore his DJ equipment. The equipment he possesses are a Vestax VCI 400 dj board and it uses the Serato DJ program. As provided by the Vestax website outline “the VCI-400 is the hardware solution for DJs who have been seeking an instrument that perfectly adapts to their style of performance. Shifting focus from integrity with bundled DJ software to any DJ software has made the VCI-400 the most versatile and intuitive DJ controller in its league. Along with it’s excellent potential for customizing control assignments, the VCI-400 and its ergonomic 4-channel lay out provides perfect control for standard DJ software operation such as cueing, pitch control, looping, FX control, track browsing/loading, triggering samples and scratching.”VCI-400

The VCI 400 comes with multiple mic connections, XLR jack, headphone jacks, all the essentials for DJ applications.


The speaker which we were using was a Electro Voice (EV) 15 LoudSpeaker. The sound clarity that it produces is top of the line. The dj program that was used at stated in the video above is called Serato. This purpose of this assignment was to explore some of the sound effect features that come with the VCI 400. There are numerous variations and features available for this dj system so I only showed a small amount of what it can do. One thing that I got out from this class is understanding specifications of audio engineering and equipment and how to use that knowledge. While I observed my relatives use of the VCI 400 I noticed that he didn’t understand the terminology behind some of the features or control on the VCI 400. For example I had to explain to him exactly what was actually happening when he would toggle between the LPF or HPF (low pass/high pass filer). This class gave me more knowledge into the dynamic world of audio and music. The video shows a miniature demonstration of the Serato program and VCI 400.