Astrology 101

This is a project that is proposed for the Radio show, and may be incorporated into the commercial section of it. This is the complete clip of our project. The Astrology Idea is a concept that has been discussed between Alicia ( ally4eva) , Stephanie ( Stephanie3393) and I for a past few weeks. We thought it would be interesting to talk about the twelve star signs. So we decided to write a script and record this project through a ZoomH2n. Overall we enjoyed doing this project, and felt that is was something very unique to do. Unlike all of our other projects where we need to find the sources of our projects. This project is purely original. The writer for this script is Laywah, and the two editor is Stephanie and Alicia.

This project is a very breif intro of all the twelve star signs, We did it in a very casual way. We recorded ourselves within a certain time frame, and was able to complete the project after 15 minutes. In preparation to our recording, we had praticed two times before hand. The setting we used for the recording was within the padded room. Though we had the door closed, and selected a setting ( 4 channel ) the volume of the noise outside was too high. Prior to the edit, the sound recorded had alot of background noises. There was no way for me to delete or mute the background noises from the background so I decided to incorporate a slow song instead.

With the slow song,the melody of it first chorus captures the audiences’ attention. And the audience may slowly tune into our voices, which I amplified to have it stand out from the music. The music was also auto duck, to have it compete less with our voices. After the levels of both the music video and our recording was adjusted. I decided to add a interesting twist to our music, This was to add on the WahWah effect.

I thought the Wahwah effect putted a very interesting twist to our recording. It was catchy and played along well with our time limited recording.

We hope that the piece of recording was fresh and enjoyable to all.

Disclaimer: Anything that is spoken of and broadcasted is purely for entertainment purposes, we are in no way assosiated with any occult organization.

2 thoughts on “Astrology 101

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  2. Heyyy Girl!
    I just wanted to say I had a blast working with you! Who knew that us talking about all of the Zodiac Signs all the time would have come into great use. LOL. Although I wish our audio would have came out a little clearer and better, I think we did a great job. Thanks for asking me to be a part of your idea! 🙂

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