An average morning in the life of JoDan


This a little ditty I’ve been meaning to do. I wanted to tell a story of waking up and getting ready without¬† any (or at least as few as possible) words. I added a ds106 assignment ¬† so if anyone is interested in taking a crack at it be my guest.

I used a Marantz 660 pmp and a uni directional mic to record. I wrapped the cords around me set up my pathway to make this recording. Had my door opened, any all props places where they should me to make my mobile audio set-up not interfere with the actual recording. My initial purpose was to tell a narrative of a typical morning routine of a slacker getting ready with just sound, using as little words as possible if any where even needed. And no outside sound effects, everything had to be recorded in the moment with things that where actually there.

I started with waking up in bed, tumbling and fumbling around, the bed is against the curtains so you hear the floundering of the curtains to see outside. Then it’s off the bed. Putting on the sandals, and getting out of my room. Then off to the bathroom to do, well….what people normally do when the first wake up….BRUSH THEIR TEETH….and well other stuff too (brownie points if you notice when listening to this there was no flush).

Then it was off the kitchen to make that ambiguous breakfast. I mean, who knows what I (or should I say the character in this narrative) was eating? Was it cereal and I was just heating up the milk in the microwave? Or was I pouring wheat thins next to my delicious hearty Swanson Brand “Hungry Man All Day Breakfast Platter”. Well, the world may never know.After that it was off to whats become apart of most our modern daily routine. Checking the internet.

Overall, I had a lot of fun doing this project, the real difficult part of setting up my environment and trying to get the right sound for recording. Walking around with my whole setup was an interesting challenge. A challenge I’m not really sure if I completed with much grace and finesse. But all that comes with practice.