The Phenomenal Ka-Boom

It is that time again to judge two people on how they do and what they need to do to get better or if they need to get better. I know I am supposed to judge on people post but oh well. The two people that is going to get judged by Moi is   and  .

Judge Time

The first person I think I am going to start with is (drum rolls please) melswimsgood. The post I decided to do a critique on Phenomenal Women. For this assignment you did Over-Dramatic Reading where you have to find a song, poem, short story or anything and read it aloud and be over dramatic with it. You chose to do Maya Angelou and I think that is great because she is a great inspiration. The poem you chose was excellent because everybody should know that: it is one of the greatest poem. I listened to your audio and it was great. I know the assignment said be creative,make it your own and I am guessing your creative way was rapping the poem in your own way and do not get me wrong it was nice but it was not over dramatic the way I thought it would be and if it was I think it would have been better. Also, I like how you put the words from the poem on your post for people to follow it. In general, it was really good.

Maya Angelou

I have to laugh at this next person because I find his work interesting. So put your hand together for the next person jaybiz. The post I decided to do is: It’s ALLIVVEE it’s aliiivvee the poem is alive!. For this assignment you did Onomatopoeias! where you have to tell a joke or create a longer comedy skit with sound effects. I checked out the website you provide for where you got the poem and it is fascinating. What you said in your post about finding the sounds would be a challenge to find but it don’t look like it was because the sounds you provided went well with the poem. The only thing I would say is you could have sound a little more energetic.


I like both the post. It was nice hearing the audio as well. I can not wait to see what else y’all have in store for the rest of the remaining time.