Museum of SEX

**So before you continue to read any further**, please just know that this post is very graphic in its content, obviously because of the place being reviewed here.  So if aspects of sex and body parts make you uncomfortable, then ignore this post please.  However, i would suggest having an open mind and read it anyway.


Anyway, I’ve always heard about the museum of sex, so i thought to myself, wow a museum dedicated to sex, that must be interesting.  Well about a year ago i took a psychology course and my professor brought it up and suggested that we should check it out whenever we have some free time.

When you first walk in it’s just a shop with a series of sex toys and souvenirs related to sex.  It didn’t look like a museum at all at first, after purchasing tickets, which were about $17.$17.50, but if anyone plans on going, make sure to take advantage of the $3 off coupon on the website.


So after proceeding downstairs, the host told me they have a few drinks down at the bar on the lower level.  After seeing the menu i was thrown off, they had teas with descriptions that didn’t even sound appealing and little diner sliced cakes that looked like they have been sitting there since the place first opened, and a few rum choices. The bar was also very dark and had red couches shaped like lips (photo above).

The photo below is very graphic, just giving a heads up.  Heading towards the first part of the attraction has a  long wall that has different sex phrases and there’s a picture to show you what the phrase looks like and there were over a hundred of them.  As i arrived at the next part of the exhibit i found a lot of displays to be meaningless and i didn’t quite understand.  I personally thought  this whole section looked very empty and unfinished as if it was being renovated and could use more displays.  the only thing slightly interesting was the “Sex Diaries” section.  You get to listen in on people recite their secret “sexcapades” on an actual phone


This next section was all about dolls, whips, costumes, dildos, etc.  I was actually shocked by the dolls showed below and slightly scared however.  I found them to be a little creepy, their body parts were so realistic looking.  It was also frightening to know that people spend a lot of money on these dolls to “have a good time”.  They also had a smaller portion of the dolls where you can touch the actual body parts and i must say i was highly disappointed.  All the parts felt like pure silicone and did not feel like real skin at all.


My overall opinion, if you decide to go definitely take advantage of the $3 coupon on the website, doesn’t sound like much but this place is not worth $17 so you might as well get it for less if it’s possible. It’s not that long either, i spent quite awhile here only for the sake of getting a decent amount of pics for my blog.  For a place that opened a little over 10 years ago they should definitely have more stuff in there, way too many empty spaces and slightly boring at times.