Poetry is beauty

This post is a critique, I wanted to talk about a few things about the similar blog post of both affinitysoup and ally4eva.

As far as the Beauty is Life post by affinitysoup I thought it was really interesting when I heard it and I like how you deepen the meaning of beauty, that was very creative.  Also, the poem is great in itself and seems to have a deep meaning to it, moreover I liked how this poem reaches out and shows how beauty is not what is solely on the outside of an individual and about how this woman realizes the theme of her beauty.  However, I felt more could have been added to the audio content, perhaps an in depth reason why beauty is all that you say it is and what not, maybe elaborate on this subject a bit more. In addition, the summary shortly after the poem caught my attention and as I read the poem I felt a connection. connection was as if I could feel for the woman and how she perceives beauty based on how society shaped it.  Overall this was a great post and was very creative.

Finally, ally4eva, I really liked your Let her go – Passenger blog and I love the song that you choose, “Let her go by passenger” is one of my favorite tunes.  A great job was done, reading the lyrics, however, I do see what you mean by it being difficult to pull of a happy singing tone of voice with this song.  This song’s lyrical content and instrumental is sad, but the artist doesn’t really sound too sad himself, I  guess the beat and lyrics to the song give it a sad feel.  This may also be a reason why trying to sound happy wasn’t working to well for you.  Anyone who knows this song would understand that.  Nonetheless, this was a very creative blog post.  Both blogs were very poetic in content and similar .