WCBS News Radio 880!


So I was excited for visiting the WCBS news radio station in New York City.  The station’s studios are located in the CBS radio facility in the Hudson Square section of Manhattan.  As for the transmitter, it’s located on High Islands in the Bronx New York.  The trip there was very exciting, minus the public transportation hehe.  But the ride there wasn’t too bad, took me roughly 30 minutes to arrive minus the 10 minute walk. I took the 85 bus to Jamaica avenue, then the J train thankfully the subway wasn’t packed on Saturday and this was a reason I made sure I left a bit earlier. But anyway, I’ve always wanted to visit this radio station for a while now and since the weather is starting to get nice, I figured, now’s my chance!  I just never really knew my way around the city so it took some time for me to plan this trip.  Well, it turned out great, plus I got to meet some famous anchormen.

Here is how the inside of the radio station looks,

This radio station has history, that traces back to 1924, since then WCBS has been known for announcing the time constantly every three minutes!  This was due to not all listeners of the station having reliable time devices and instead relied on syncing their clocks up with the radio station every day.  In addition, WCBS radio now announces the time on the hour.


WCBS Radio also has many sister stations including WFAN and WLNY-TV.  Some of the sister stations were not to far away from the WCBS station.

An interesting fact of this station is that WCBS has served as the radio flagship for the New York Yankees baseball team and has carried the team for some time in the past. (Site link below!)



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  1. I should probably take a field trip here myself this look very interesting. I wish you give a little more history about the radio show or give us a link about that lead to a history of it. I am not sure if you recorded that video that you put on here but it is good because you here how they talk and you see that they read on the computer. You should have put a little more effort into this field trip. For example, talking about the different areas you was in and which anchormen you met: did you talk with them? and if you did what did you ask and such? Also, give a video if you can. Overall, it was good

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