Rocking the music until tomorrow!

This critique is on an assignment that I found interesting by jaybiz and tshauna92.

First of all I really like the assignment Here is How You Rock out Till to Tomorrow done by jaybiz, and I came across it in the assignment bank.  I like the black eyed peas song that you included in the mash up as it’s one of my favorites. I attempted this assignment earlier before but did not succeed with it as I could not find the right tracks to use.   As you said in your blog post “the challenge for me was not knowing the song” well, this was the problem for me. I noticed that two of the songs you choose to use were very old school.  Also the transition from the “Rock and Roll is Here to Stay” into the “Stay by Rihanna” did not go right.  But I like the songs you choose, they where interesting, however,  I believe choosing from songs that where more recent and popular would have made the assignment better.  Moreover, more people viewing your blog may relate and enjoy the content if the songs were more recent.  But this may have also made the assignment much more challenging.  In addition, I think you did a great job with the mix up, it sounds great and the songs that you have chosen blend in perfectly.

As for tshauna92, I thought you did a great job on your Lyrical Tag blog post and i liked the songs that you have chosen.  One thing I noticed different from jaybiz’s post was that your songs were relatively more recent. Another thing I noticed was the transition from the first to second song seemed out of proportion, the first song was cut off a little too short.  overall both of the assignments were done very well :D!!


2 thoughts on “Rocking the music until tomorrow!

  1. Hey danny36, I’m glad you like the songs I chose. However you would have to explain to me how choosing more recent songs would have made the project better, since each song is popular in its own category, and the original assignment spoke of different genres and decades. So I was more leaning towards the decade aspect. Also remember that a critique should compare/contrast two student projects rather than one.

  2. Thank you for liking the songs. I also agree with Jayson when you doing a critique you should compare and contrast. Also, when you doing that include the title of what post your talking about or add a picture to which post you are talking about. I did notice after I put up the post that the first song was shorter. I was not really thinking about the songs being recent but thanks for pointing it out and also it was hard finding certain songs.

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