Hey everybody this as been one tough thing for me to do and I am going to be honest it was not easy finding something to do for Service Learning. I was here thinking, thinking, having a headache of what to do then it hit me like a slap in the face. I knew somebody that was into music and decided to interview them about their own work and ask them a few questions. It was fun but in certain cases I wish I had the right equations to do this assignment. Hopefully, this comes out the way it supposed to.

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A mixing board is used for a wide mixture that is used in recording studios and is on computers. Mixers are often classified by their input and output (I/O) capabilities. If you want more information on this you can go to this website

The mixing board allow individual control of gain, effects, pan, and equalization for each channel such that the recording engineer can modify individual channels to achieve the desired total sound effect. this is where you can find more about the mix boarder. In the video below is an man being interview and telling you how to use mix board and giving you examples of it.

People download different tools to make beats instead of getting a mixboard. People use Protools, Audacity, Adobe Audition CS6, Mixx and we all used these in our post but I found out about one more while doing the interview.



The one I found out about is FL studio. FL was formly known as the FruityLoops. The first version was develop by Didier Dambrin and it was released in December 1997 but it officially launched the early of 1998. Go to this to

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I did my interview with a former York College graduate that is in a group call Merlot Inc. We decided to do it here at York College, where he show me how he became about doing beats, what inspired him, and teach me a thing or two on the FL studio.



I tried to upload the video on here but I pass the maximum limit of uploading the file so I decided to do it on youtube. Here is the link as well just in case you can’t see it on the bottom In this video, our graduate his telling me well us after you view it about the kind of beats he put in is track. It was fun getting to know how to add certain beats to make the music sound nice.

Do not get me wrong people still use mix boards till this day but we have technology for that now don’t we? I never used a mix board before and hopefully I will soon to see which one is better the mix board itself or doing it on the computer by downloading one of the software. Would you rather be in a studio having a hand experience on a mix board or have a computer and get the software and do it? I will probably do both just to test it out but that’s just me. Let’s see what our former York College graduate have to say about all of this. I used Protools to do my editing and let me tell you it is not easy especially if you want it to sound perfect. Also, I used the ZOOM H2N for my recording.

This is just a little preview of what I was trying to edit

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I told you I would put a video of Merlot Inc video and the beats you here is produce by Mr.Aix Balan, so here it is


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