And the Verdict Is?

Here’s my second critique blog post. This time around we have two new posts to critique. First one up is…(drum roll)…jaybiz with “How to Get Goulding Singing to Good Ole Soca”. To start things off I thought it was a good job that you took a second approach at doing the assignment, the Music Mashup. Improvement is the cousin of practice. I listened to the the finished result and it was for a lack of better words very very impressive. When it comes to mixing music I have prior experience with some DJ equipment and I must say the project was very clean and edited well. The tempo of Goulding’s voice went along with the pace of the soca beat. I found no problem with the finished project. Adding the pictures during the explanation was a good job too.Hotcue shot1As for the blog post composition, it also met the standards of the level three post. You gave ample explanation behind the process of doing your project. I had a clear understanding of what you did. What amazes me is how it took you 28 attempts. HOW IN THE WORLD does it take you 28 attempts? That must have been very frustrating. Overall, the verdict is two thumbs up great project man.

Now onto the second assignment which belongs to melswimsgood, “Phenomenal Women… Over Dramatic Reading”. We’ll begin by looking at the final project. The recording of your voice was pretty clear. I felt like it wasn’t that much of over dramatic. In fact, your voice sounded more like a rapper’s voice. Maybe it’s because of your accent but I was waiting for you to start spitting instead of reading the lyrics. Maya Angelou

For the post itself I believe you could’ve added a few more things to meet the requirements of the level one blod post. You didn’t include the hyperlink to the assignment. As for the recording there could’ve been a little more explanation behind what program you used to complete the project and if you did any editing to the voice recording. Overall there’s room for improvement but good job choosing a Maya Angelou. She’s a very influential woman, a Phenomenal Woman. And the verdict is…good job on the recording. Both assignments were good and I look forward to more song mixes and readings. Keep up the good work!