Just checking out HER, THE MATRIX, and a sound TAG

This post is going to be a critique of two audio projects. On done by danny36 and the other by tshauna92. I chose to evaluate these two projects since I did similar projects.

First I will talk about the movie dialogue mashup by danny36. I liked the assignment which you chose, kudos on using the Matrix, and also on using Her. I haven’t seen Her as yet but I hear its good. Also the title could have been a little more creative as well. Anyways I believe I get the idea of the conversation you were trying to illustrate by putting them together, these two different movie dialogues. However I feel as though it was a bit abrupt, since after Morpheus tells Theodore (from Her) that  “Your hair has changed, your appearance now is what we call a residual self image, it is a mental projection of your digital self.” To me it feels like there could have or rather should have been a reply from Theodore to Morpheus. Also I’m not sure you needed to necessarily needed to write out the dialogues from the movies, since they are both pretty clear audibly and you have a “To” written for Morpheus which I didn’t hear in the audio as well. Other than that I liked that you tried to use Audacity a little further and it came out good, it didn’t sound rush, and pushed together. There is enough breathing room and it  sounds as though they could actually be in the same room, whereas one clip didn’t drown out the next. I wish you could have worked with “300” and “Kick Ass”, I like those movies, and now you have me thinking.

Now on to tshauna92, I firstly like the layout of your post and I’m actually a little jealous of the layout with the pictures compared to mine, I could have used those. I think it was a great idea to not only show the lyrics but to highlight them as you did. First I think its good that you attempted this project also, it isn’t always easy finding songs that you can match like this. For your audio I think it was a good lyrical connection to create a story, by listening and reading the lyrics, and it makes sense to me along with your description of each artist or group you chose. What was the first thing I saw was the difference in peaks in your sound wave before I listened to. So it was kind of difficult to listen closely between the first and the second song, shifting from one song that is louder to one that is relatively quieter, so I couldn’t really hear the lyrics well enough until about the 5th time that I listened to it. The reverse happens again between the second and third song where you placed a song with a lower volume before a song with a louder volume. So this transition is so sudden in that it also has the instrumentals accompanying it as well. The first and third song could have had their gain lowered to compensate for the second song, so that you can hear the transition. The transition from the third to fourth song is a little more tolerable since it is understandable and you have some breathing room in between the songs. The transition between the fourth and fifth songs is workable although part of the Mario lyrics get that thrown in with the N’Sync lyrics. The ending als would have been better in my opinion if you had let that harmony of the song play out without cutting it short, or getting the following lyrics from the song in the audio clip.

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  1. Hello jaybiz, thanks for you input, also thanks for spotting out the typo i made with the dialogue. I appreciate the help, and about the part that you felt was a little abrupt when Morpheus tells Theodore that his hair has changed etc. I wasn’t really something i thought about until now, that you brought it to my attention. I could not think of a reply from Theodore that would best suit the audio at that time and would have probably had to find another clip from the movie her.

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