5 song music mashup (Girl)

I did the ds106 assignment for the 5 song music mashup but I made sure that I had a theme behind my mashup which was the word ” Girl ” .That word means so many things for so many people. Women change like the seasons ( no offense ladies ) but each song I put in the mashup expresses that very statement because each song gives a different mood. here are the songs I used in my mashup





The mashup process was fairly easy because I had already done so much on past projects. In order to put everything together smoothly I adjusted each oncoming track to the fade-in option under settings in the top right corner of my audacity page .

1 thought on “5 song music mashup (Girl)

  1. I understood the idea and the message that you were trying to get across. I know all of these songs so i was able to understand see your point. It was also good that you included each of the songs. The fade in and out effect allowed me to see exactly where the songs ends and give it breathing room. However I think that might have also caused a little problem because it seems as though they were just cut and pasted together. I would of recommended using more of a smoother transition from one track to another by not allowing as much space between the tracks.

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