Sony Generation

My trip to the Sony Technology Lab

This trip was inspired by a post I red by ally4eva, When I first saw her post. I clicked onto the website, and saw the floor plan of the lab. The Floor plan of the Lab caught my attention, as it advertised a animation ramp, and the Animation Studio WSWL Production Studio Dance Motion Capture Interactive Floor, and a high Definition theater. The Lab is located in Madison street. The transportation I took there was on the N train, and stopped at 59th street. It is pretty close to the Central Park. The Directions and transportation information could be found on the website:

There is a store that sells Sony Products near the Lab. In order to go into the lab, you must get a ticket from the front desk. I thought that the Sony Lab would be a good place to bring small children, therefore I asked my friend and her little brother to accompany me. I decided to go on this trip on Saturday, My Friend, her mother and her brother accompanied me on this trip. After we waited on a line for around 2 minutest he staff led us into a lobby outside the elevator. The Staff gives us all a ‘identification card’ and starts intrusting us of the general rule of the building. There was no eating, gum chewing, or drinking beverages in the lab. We then took the elevator to the fourth floor. In the fourth floor, we are to make our profile on the card the staff had given to us earlier.

To make this profile card, we stepped up to the machinery in the front. There we have to put in our name, our favorite color, our vocal range , our favorite color and our prefer genre of music. After WE had added all the information into our card we can then go into the lab.

The Adventure begins:

As I walked down the long aisle towards the lab. I saw three machinery that had a 3-d image of a cell phone, and a camera. It was the first time I saw 3-d models without using a 3-d glasses. It looked so real that you almost want to reach out. And when you did reach out, you will not be able to touch or feel anything. As we turned the corner, We are then introduced to a wall of the history of Technology.

Inside the glass wall were the models of communication, from computer, to telephone, to radios. The time line started from the 1800’s all the way to 2007. This place was where I spent most of the time at, for all the models were very interesting and some even reminded me of the models I’ve seen when I was a young child, back in the late 1990’s. My friends mother went on to explain to me how she remember seeing a model of the Television. That indeed television back in the day are made very big and boxy, held within a wooden box. Television was considered very expensive back in the days, and not many people owned one. Today, everyone have a television at home. And most of the television that people own are rather flat, sleek and much more clear then the television back in the days. Compare to the images of the old times, we now are able to watch television in 780p to 1080p.

The glass wall also showed models of the old Nintendo DS and the models of old telephone. The telephone back in the days could be compared to a large brick and showed no caller Id. The wall was the most interesting part of the museum to me because of the history it provided. All the old models and the new models were like the evidence of my childhood to my present.

After I finished looking at the wall, we entered where I consider the game zone. There was a dark area where the kids gathered to play a game in a single table. I remembered it to be lit with brightly colored lights, but because I thought it was a kids only zoned I moved on.

My friend and I stopped toward the ‘Nanotechnology Virtual Surgery Robot Zone’. This was the funniest experience of the day. My friend had to perform a heart surgery on the screen, and she had to hold onto a controller that was a round ball. Instructions on the screen will tell my friend what to do to save a patient from a heart transplant? The first thing my friend had to do was cut open the rib cage, and once the rib cage was cut open she must cut incisions into the vessels and the heart. The virtual machine was so realistic that every small movement my friend tried to make it will cause tiny cuts into the vessels. Since this was the first time my friend had ever used to control the game, she accidentally made a lot of cuts in the vessels. And like a real vessel, the vessel in the virtual screen started to bleed. I can’t help but laugh as my friend made to many incisions into the vessel, and watch the vessel bleed from all the cuts. My friend mother declared that the patient was dying from the loss of blood due to the many cuts.

We then went to the third floor to experiment with the rest of the technologies available to the public. I thought the news casting room was very enjoyable as well. It gave me an ideas of what was really happening within the news scene. There is two screens on either side of the room, and there is two cameras in the front. The Camera are held into large white boxes with rollers in the bottom. I think the large white boxes are a way to secure the camera inside, and the wheels on the bottom made it easier to move around without causing to move shifting the image. In front of the camera there is a script, that tell the two hosts of what to say. The Newsroom looked very professional as it tells you when it is time to be on air. And when it is time to be on air, the dim light turns bright, as if you are really going to start to report the news!

I think the most exciting part for everyone should be the programs area, and the in the game builder area. This is the area where there is a lot of games to play. There are the games for the play station 3 and the game for the play station 4. Each person had around 5 minutes to play their favorite games There were usually a line in back on the person playing.

The last part of our adventure was the rainbow gem waterfall. This is where you walk up to a screen of falling gems and the gems will fall right on you. In a video, it looks surreal and I thought it was almost majestic with the effect it creates.

I thought this was a really worthwhile trip, there was never a moment where you can really get bored. I was educational, and fun by turns. There was really a lot of hands on program. I was surprised at how efficient everything was. From the long lines, to the fact that you can finish a game with nobody nagging you to hurry. I thought with all the free games,t here would be some sort of chaos. But everything happened in a very orderly fashion, everyone got to have fun. The mother’s saw the history in which technology evolved, their eyes literally lit with excitement when they saw the gadgets from their generation, the kids loved the play station,and the teenagers loved the virtual surgery and rainbows gems falling.