Critique #1

After looking through many of the audio assignments, one of the audio assignments that i found really interesting was the Mix it, Cut it ,Fix it, Audition it by KC90. While looking through the post i learned a lot about Adobe Audition because it was a program that i didn’t have any experience with.One of the things i loved about the post was how the writer described using the program step by step and how to change the audio. They also described how the user would select a file and how to mix different tracks on the same program.

Another audio blog post that i found really interesting was by the writer Stephanie3393 and her blog post titled “A bed of clouds” The audio assignment looked as if she had a lot of fun and it also thought me more about the ZoomH2N recorder which i went on to used for different audio assignments. I also loved the poem and how she linked to it,which allows the reader to read more different poems from the reader.I also loved the meaning behind the poem.

These two writers thought me a lot about different programs and recorders and how i could improvise them into my upcoming projects. One of the things i loved about KC90’s blog post was the step by step process of how the program was used. The only thing i would change about this blog post is putting a sample audio of how they actually used it or a small mix of a song they used with Adobe Audition. I really enjoyed Stephanie’s project because i learned about a recorder and how to used it  for my different projects and i also loved how she gave a sample audio of herself recording a poem on the recorder which was he ZoomH2N Recorder. The only thing i would advise her to change in her post is the recording because she sounded a little mono toned, which she knows  and said she will improve in her next recordings.! Both presentations were great and i look forward to reading more posts from these two writers!!


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