You’re on THE AIR!

For my field trip assignment, I decided to attend Sony Wonder Technology Lab. The Sony Wonder Technology Lab is an amazing museum filled with TONS of incredible activities to be involved in. This museum is free for all ages. Located in mid-town Manhattan, this lab teaches people about the different types of technology and how they really work.

filename-img-6252-jpg    When my friend Alicia and I first arrived to the lab, we were first told to “Log in.” In order to log in, you were giving a card which you had to scan on a computer and the computer then takes a picture of you and asks you questions such as your name and it allows you to basically personalize your own profile. After completing this process, your card is now officially programmed so that you were able to be involved in the different activities that the museum had to offer. Before conducting any activity in the museum, you had to first scan the card. After programming our card, we then set off into the museum to see what it was all about!


One of the activities which we did was “Programming a Robot.” For this, we were assigned a specific robot and we were giving an opportunity to program the robot however we wanted too. We were given different options of how the robot could react to certain issues and we chose how we wanted it to act. It shows the different ways in which robots think, act, and sense different things around them. This was a fun activity because I learned more about how specific a human has to program certain technologies so that it responds the way we want it to.


At another station, we went to the Animation Studio. At the section, we we allowed to animate our own story line. We chose a character and then we were able to control how we wanted to character to look, its facial expressions and even its every movement. After we created our character, we also got to create the environment. That allowed us to choose different colors, lights, and even the weather (fog, snow, etc.)


However, aside from all of the different activities, my absolute favorite was HDTV Studio Exhibit. At this exhibit, it was set up just like a television studio. There were 2 camera’s which 2 different people can control and there was a table and a few chairs for the “reporters.” For this activity, we were told that the cameras will have our lines which we were assigned to read. At first we was given a chance to rehearse. After a quick rehearsal, we were given the countdown on when to start speaking our lines because we were “on the air.”



Our topic which we talked about was on Polar Bears. We had to talk about how because of global warming, polar bears are predicted to become extinct in the next few years. We then had a portion which we had to pretend like one of the reporters was actually on site at one of the places and talking about how bad the polar bears lives are becoming. We then “went back to the studio” where we summed up our reports and talked about the different ways in which the viewers can help protect the environment which will eventually help the polar bears.20140422_111152[1]



This felt so amazing. I was able to better understand what exactly goes on in a recording studio. I now have a better understanding of what it feels like being on camera in the studio. The hardest part for me honestly was reading the lines off of the screen and looking into the cameras. It was even harder because I had no clue of what topic I was going to be talking about and what I had to say. I wish I was able to redo this activity again because it was so much fun. (Too bad for the long line and wait!) This is a great museum and I definitely recommend it to anyone who’s interested in any type of technology. I wish that my video of the final results from the recording was able to upload onto the website. The file is unfortunately too large to upload. But I do hope to visit it again soon!