Let’s Get Mixin’!

At the Sony Wonder Technology Lab, there’s lots of different exhibits which you are able to explore. This museum includes different activities which teaches you about the different ways in which technology works. It gives a hands on experience for its’ visitors so that they too can be able to bring their ideas to life!


The Sony Wonder Technology Lab was opened on May 25, 1994. This museum is operated as well as funded by the Sony Corporation of America. At this time, the museum was mostly focused primarily on Communications Technology. This allowed the visitors to learn more about electronics devices and how they worked. However, by October of 2003,  the museum expanded including more exhibits on music, movies and even games. By October 2008, the SWTL introduced 14 new exhibits. This expansion gave the museum a better name. Not only was it about technology, but also entertainment. Today, this museum carries many different exhibits in which its visitors can partake in. Not only is it filled with lots of fun and excitement, but it’s also really educational.

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For this assignment, I decided to go to the music mixing section. At this station, I was given the opportunity to create my own different mix to a song sang by Alicia Keys. In June 2011, the lab opened up a new exhibit known as the Music Mixer. At this exhibit, the visitors are interactive with a virtual version of Grammy winner, Alicia Keys. She gives a little clip from her song, “Empire State of Mind” and allows the participants to put their own little mix to it.

Music-Mixer For this activity, I was allowed to choose from a variety of instrument tracks from different genres which included Hip-Hop, Latin and much more! After choosing the genre, we was given the option of how high or low we wanted the range to be. After selecting your new “add on” you simply dragged it out into the song so that you can hear your mix in the song. This was a fun activity because it shows you all of the different ways that people mix music and the many different options they usually have to choose from. When making a song, it includes lots of thinking and creativity just to get the song how you imagined it to sound like.


I really enjoyed this activity because I learned a lot. The most important thing that I learned however was to LISTEN CLOSELY. Sometimes I had problems in the activity because I wasn’t able to listen to what kind of sounds I was making. It made it extra difficult because I wasn’t the only one there. There were 5 other people also making their own twist to the song and adding it into the song. We had to work together as a team in order to make a fantastic mix, however our mix at the end sounded kind of jumbled up. Aside from this situation, the activity was lots of fun and gave me an incite of what it’s like being a music producer and even a DJ! I would love to visit the Sony Wonder Technology Lab again soon!

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  1. Heyyyy there, the goddess of all time :).. I was looking through your post and i really liked what i saw. Our trip to the museum was definitely worth it. There were so many hands on activities that showed us what to do and the activities were really fun. I really enjoyed how you hyper linked everything so for someone who never went to the museum they would have a better understanding of what our trip was really like! I loved your explanation of all the activities we did.Great Job on your blog post but the most memorable part for me was creating new memories with my best friend!!! <3

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