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This is an assignment i did before but the reason i did it over again was because i wanted to improve it.This was a lot more difficult that the first one i did before.The assignment is on the DS106 Audio assignment website. It’s to do an Over Dramatic Reading.The purpose of the assignment is to pick your favorite song or poem but here’s the trick you have to read it in the opposite meaning of what it’s actually saying.For example in my last assignment i did Miley Cryus Wreaking Ball and i read it in a very sad tone of voice because it’s a very upbeat song. With this assignment i did the total opposite because i picked a sad song which is Let her go by Passenger. I always loved this song and the message behind it which is the simple  fact of letting the girl you love go. The most difficult part of this assignment for me was to read the lyrics in a very happy tone.I tried recording it over twenty times and the final product of which i’m pleased about is above. Recording always takes practice and i tried to sound hyper and happy when recording this song!let her go

The recorder i choose was my favorite one which is the Zoom H2N Handy Recorder! The  reason i love using this recorder is because it’s really small and its simplicity couldn’t get any better. I love the playback button which is on the right ride so when you finish recording your piece ,you could listen to it over again just to make sure it’s prefect! One fun fact for my fellow DS106 students is to hold the recorder farther away from your mouth because it’s going to sound more clear. When you have it close to your mouth is start to scramble and the final product doesn’t come out that great. I really enjoyed doing this assignment because i put a lot more effort into it because it was a different tone of voice! Hope to see you try it too 🙂


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  1. Way to tell them! Passenger is such a sad song in it’s orginal form, and I persoanlly feel that the song has a very indirect vibe to it. And the way you read it was much more direct and confrontational! A complete contrast to the otherwise very soft spoken and weak willed original. Your project really did a good job in constrasting the difference between the one with the other. I also agree on your review on the Zoom handy H2n, It really is the best recorder one can record in. It is so handy and easy to use. The version you made was already a great contrast with the orginal, I can’t help but imagine you say it with more spunk. As if your telling the person off. In the original version,the singer sounds like they are doing the reminiscing for the person they are singing to. I can see the effort you put to try to sound as strong as possible. Passenger is really a melochanic song, so you had alot to work with. I thought your tone was very fun loving, which was very charming along with the lyrics to the song.

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